i'd pick this stuff (shopbop sale)

Some really great pieces were just added to the Shopbop sale and they are up to 50% off! Here are my favorites. Seriously though... these loafers, this draped coat, and this shirt. Those are my big favorites!


new fall/winter trends I don't hate

Sometimes it's kind of hard to get on board with the new trends, but here are a few for FW 2016 that I actually don't hate. 


I love these jeans—they come in a dark wash and white, too!


I love how this fur jacket is layered over a blazer. You could really add a faux fur collar to any jacket to give it an on trend, glam look. Like this one that comes in under $20. I love the navy blue one for something different!


Not too groundbreaking, but I'm loving that this "shades of tan" look is so big right now. This wrap coat is rosy-tan and it is everything. This one is more budget friendly and sort of reminds me of this look.


Ohhh this one really excites me. I love the monochromatic look in this photo below and love how unexpected the metallic skirt and sweater look together. Here's a really pretty metallic midi skirt option—I would style it like this. And then there's always the new BURU Corri Metallic Skirt, too.


Yes please—a chunky, low block heel! There's something so feminine about shorter heels to me. If you love the loafer look, but red isn't your thing, then these heels would be pretty great and very budget friendly.

What are your favorite fall trends?


how to clean makeup brushes + my most used brushes

One of the hardest things to remember to do is clean a makeup brush! Am I right? It's just no fun, but I'm telling you—those fuzzy little brushes harbor a lot of bacteria, dirt, and oil, which are all things I want to keep as far away from my skin as possible. Bobbi Brown says to clean foundation brushes once a week, eye brushes every two weeks, and all others once a month. I try to wash all of mine at once every couple of weeks—it's just easier to do them all at the same time.

I'm very simple at cleaning brushes these days. Give me some baby shampoo, some warm water, and a towel. That's all I need. I use the Beautycounter Kids Nice Do Shampoo to clean mine. It smells sooo good and is free of all those nasty harmful chemicals! 

The following pictures are going to be of a groundbreaking tutorial. Get ready for it!

I'm just kidding. This is so easy, but I thought I'd picture it anyway just in case you want to see. By the way, I do not use all of the brushes above, but that's the whole shebang. I used to be real fancy and use a ton of brushes, but now I try to stick to about 4-8 favorites. I'm a mom now. Ain't nobody got time to wash 20 brushes twice a month. At least I don't.

Just wet your bristles with warm water, take a cleanser of some type in the palm of your hand (see the amount I have in my hand above?), and work up a lather in the bristles by swirling them in your hand.

Now, my favorite part. Rinse the bristles real well and squeeze out all the water. You'll see all the yucky water come out first. Then repeat the first step and put some new soap on the bristles. You might need to do this a few times until you rinse the water out and see that it's perfectly clear. That is the most important part of all this - clean until the water you squeeze out at the end is clear!

I roll one end of a towel so that my brushes dry while being tilted downwards. This is because you want to keep the water from running up into the handle of the brush. (That's what makes the glue weaken and the bristles fall out.) 

Now for the brushes I use every day...

Sometimes I leave out #2 and #4, but it really makes a great difference when I use them! 
1. Beautycounter Retractable Foundation Brush: The best foundation brush I've used, especially for applying the Tint Skin Foundation
2. BeautyBlender Pro: I blend my concealer into my foundation with this. Then I use it to apply my RMS Living Luminizer
3. Beautycounter Powder Brush: The perfect density for all over powder, but could also be used for blush or bronzer. 
4. Beautycounter Blush Brush: I have to use a small brush like this to put powder over my under eye concealer or else my mascara will run down under my eyes! The bigger powder brushes just aren't precise enough to get under there well enough. This one is perfect. 
5. Crown Brush: Love this fluffy little brush for applying a light color all over my lid to use as a base and to blend shadows, too. I've had it for only about, ohh 10 years... and it costs about $3. Really great quality.
6. Sigma E 25: Great for applying lid colors and for blending shades. Sort of a "do it all" eye brush.  
7. Sephora Pro Featherweight Powder Brush #91: The softest brush ever and so, so good for bronzer! I wasn't even looking for a new bronzer brush, but tried this recently and had to buy it on the spot. 
8. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush: I know this is pricey, but I've had mine for years and it still looks brand new. It's by far the best blush brush I've ever tried. The size is perfect and the density of the bristles allows it to deposit juuuust the right amount of blush.



Fell in love with a new face mask. And yes, here I am putting my dark circles and all on display! Sheesh. Do love the mask a lot. Anything that promises to clear out my pores and make my skin all glowy has me at hello. And this was my first time trying a mask brush—I normally just use my fingers. Well, the verdict is in... the brush is where it's at, folks. 

& Skinsorials Mask Essentials (kit comes with brush and a special cloth!)

Weekend treats. We were passing the "hot now" sign and made a u-turn at the next light. I mean, sort of hard to resist!!

I just love this boy. Having him in this Solly wrap just feels so right. And, ya know, it allows me to do the dishes and stuff when he just wants to be held.

Saturday strollin'. I'm wearing The Great Camper dress and it's on sale in a couple different places: here and here. I got these shoes a couple years ago, but a few that are similar are these, these, and these (love those, actually!!). Carrying my old standby bag and this one is really similar.

Turns out, my Marquin Designs painting was the perfect little piece to fill in that blank space in our dining room. 

Look at this big boy! We got the 4Moms High Chair and finally put it together this weekend. In my opinion, it was a little pricey for something that's just going to get covered in sweet potatoes, but we love the clip-off tray cover, the magnetic tray, and the sleek design of the whole thing. We figured that a high chair is just as important as any other furniture in our house because it's going to be out in plain sight for the next 5+ years if we bring other kiddos into the family. So, we went for it. We haven't started Watson on solids yet, but he's ready!

Capped the weekend at Jeni's with my in-laws. The Atlantic Beach Pie was awesome.

Oh, something fun! My friend from middle/high school started a blog and youtube channel where she posts really amazing, fun makeup tutorials. I discovered it last night and watched all three of the videos she has up so far. It makes me laugh to just picture myself doing bold makeup like this. I think I would have eyeshadow and glitter falling down on my cheeks, but she definitely makes it look easy. Anyway, she is super talented, so check it out here!


Dining Room Reveal // Before & After

Our dining room is finished! Close enough, at least. Overall, there was nothing really terrible about the space, but it was in desperate need of a refresh. I mean, the dirty popcorn ceilings, yellowish beige outlet covers (seriously, why did anyone ever think this was a good look?), and the light fixture that was falling apart...they weren't the greatest of sights. So, we scraped the popcorn, painted the walls and trim, replaced the outlet covers, added a new light fixture, and changed up the furniture. Boom! 

Here are some pictures from when we were moving in—and then the afters. :)

:: AFTER ::

These pillows above are Suite 33 and are a nod to Charleston—the same ones I talked about here

This chandelier is from Lamps Plus, my go-to website for freshening up lighting because they have so many options and really awesome service. (Remember how we used this company in our bedroom and in Watson's nursery, too?) 

Anyway, I spent about two weeks deciding which route to take with the new light fixture because they have so many chandelier options (seriously, all the heart eyes), but ultimately decided on this Kichler Alden Brass 6-Light Chandelier. I love how it's linear—the long table really needed a light like this and it keeps the eye moving forward through the room, which is nice since this room is also a walk way from the living room to the kitchen. Having the dining room also serve as a pass-through has always been so awkward for me, but for some reason, now it doesn't feel weird to me! The room is light and airy, so I don't feel like I'm dodging furniture to get to another space in our house. 

If you're interested in seeing, here are the other chandeliers I was considering. See how it was a struggle!?

Speaking of wasting a couple weeks trying to pick out the perfect thing.... The two framed photographs you see there on the wall are from Minted. I'm in love with their marketplace because it features independent designers from all over the world. I stay pretty local in my choices, though—the "Daydream" print of the dunes reminds me of our beaches and the "Boneyard Beach" print is of Bulls Island in Charleston! I really love how the pieces are the same height but different widths. 

One of my favorite possessions, this Lulie Wallace painting. 

If you have a question about the photo above, it's probably in this bar styling post. :)

Now, maybe my favorite part—the table and slipcovered chairs. They are from Celadon. I've got to give it to my peeps over there because they really are incredible. I'll skip a really long story about this, but basically, they went above and beyond to help me find the perfect table and I couldn't be happier. I loved our old table and it's traditional bones (gave some charm/old vibes to our brand new house we used to own). But with this 1940s house, I really wanted a fresher take—and this reclaimed wood table with crisp, white slipcovered chairs was exactly what I envisioned. 

I picked out the chairs and table at the Celadon Warehouse/Outlet, where they keep the majority of the bigger pieces of furniture. I think they got tired of seeing my face over there (kidding, but not really) because I showed up like twice a week to see if they had gotten anything new in stock. I kept finding gorgeous pieces that would work, but I knew if I waited a bit, I might find something perfect. The buyers at Celadon scour the globe in search of really unique pieces...and because of that, sometimes there may only be one of something in stock! So I didn't want to miss out on something good. I picked out this table the day it came off the container. If you're in Charleston, do yourself a favor and stop in the retail store in Mount Pleasant, or hit up the outlet/warehouse if you're around on a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, or the last Sunday of every month. SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF.

I first talked about the pedestal above in this breakfast nook update!

I think I'll eventually put another piece of artwork on the right wall that is opposite the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, but I just haven't found the perfect thing yet. That's the great thing about simple spaces—you can add. That's a lot easier than taking away. And my eyes never, ever get tired of a white canvas!

table: Celadon
chairs: Celadon
light fixture: Kichler via Lamps Plus
pedestal stand on table: Jamie Young Coco Pedestal via Candelabra
brass sea urchin: Waiting on Martha
flower artwork: Lulie Wallace
framed photograph art prints: "Daydream" print and "Boneyard Beach" print via Minted
pillows: Suite 33
tree: Fiddle Leaf Fig via Hyams Garden Center
basket: Joss & Main (these are similar!)
rug: Rugs USA
curtains: West Elm
curtain rods: Revel via Bed Bath Beyond
paint color: custom shade we created at Sherwin Williams (we used Zurich White as a base and made it more gray)


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