our living room: before and after

This is our living room. It's not our lay-around-and-watch-tv room, but it's the room we use when we have visitors pop by for a chat. It's also my escape on lazy weekend mornings. I love to cuddle up on that sofa with a warm cup of coffee and a book. Or my iPad with the Pinterest app loaded, if I'm being real. So ya know, it's a pretty important room. It's also the first thing you see when you walk into the house. 

I think it's only fair to share a few before photos first. I grabbed them from this post, which I put up about a month after we moved into this "new old house." That was about 13 months ago. You know, sometimes I forget where our house started off, but then I look at pictures from the day we moved in. Little improvements here and there might feel slow and not impactful, but lots of small changes add up to big results!

Refreshing this room was a process over the last year. Let's face it, we had bigger fish to fry in the house, so we made little changes here and there when we had the time. We added a couple rugs and changed out the pillows for a fresher look for the time being.

Later on, we painted the walls with our custom mix from Sherwin Williams and scraped the ceilings. Added curtain panels and rods, too. Better? Yes, but the room still lacked texture, weight, contrast, and a cozy feel...all while remaining crisp and airy. (Got all that?) I knew I needed a few new pieces of furniture to achieve that. Something heavy-looking to go in the spot where the tall gold shelf was and we also needed a new coffee table. Ours was a craigslist score my parents got me on my 19th birthday for my college apartment! Since then, it has seen two condo living rooms, one townhouse, two storage units, and the two homes we've owned. It has seen some days, let me tell you. Safe to say my parents got their $100 worth! (It also came with two side tables!)

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago....

Remember how I posted recently about my shopping trip at Lyndon Leigh and Candelabra? (These are sister stores that are both located in Mount Pleasant, SC, but they share a website that you can shop here!) Well I was able to find a coffee table that I love inside Candelabra, as well as something else you'll see a few photos down from the Lyndon Leigh store.

The coffee table is available on Candelabra's website here. I love the narrow design—it works really well for this space. The gold gives a little bit of pizazz to our neutral color palette and I also love the gorgeous marble surface. 

The jute pouf under the table is also from Candelabra! (Remember it from our last house?)

So here's your first peak at the other piece we added to the room. I found this black chest at Lyndon Leigh, took about 10 seconds worth of stares at it, and boom! Done.

I think my favorite thing about it might be the acrylic and brass handles.

I think it's the perfect piece for that corner that used to feel forgotten. It will also give us some storage space inside the drawers... so double win! Always a perk when you live in a house with minuscule 1940s closets.

Below is our favorite wedding picture and a box we got on our honeymoon in St. Lucia. I also have a little bowl of shells that I've collected from beach trips over the years. I just bring one shell home at a time so that the collection doesn't get crazy.

I made a collage with various old photos from my family and Brandon's. This one here with my memie and poppop has to be my favorite. They look so beautiful and handsome. I'm told that it was taken on the beach in North Myrtle Beach, although it's guaranteed that my Poppop would tell you the exact section of North Myrtle. The man has a memory.

You didn't think I could forget Winston, did you? This is his favorite room.

I think the new coffee table and chest from Candelabra really pulled it all together. I'd highly recommend checking them out. It's easy to spend hours on their website, but if you're local or have plans to be in Charleston anytime soon, definitely check out their stores! Lyndon Leigh and Candelabra are both in Mount Pleasant. 


cane club chairs: estate sale find

rugs + linens:

decorative accents:


25 spring wants

Why is it that insomnia and online shopping seem to go hand in hand? I had something else planned for y'all this morning, but once I couldn't go to sleep and then spent two hours at 3am shopping online... I just had to share more spring finds I discovered. Loving everything! What are your favorite pieces? Here are just 25 spring wants, but catch the whole list here.

(ps. Look for a fun beautycounter giveaway coming real soon!)
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video diary: asheville, nc

Finally getting around to sharing the video from our trip to Asheville last month. Enjoy!

...and if you missed our trip recap post, catch that here


weekly roundup

These lunch recipes make the whole 30 look totally doable.

If you're going on a long flight and want to catch some zzzz's.

The perfect dress for spring.

OMG. This bathroom. So perfectly simple and luxurious.

Love these classic sunglasses and the price is right.

Blush is the new black—and here's how to wear it.

Look at this precious little grass tote that's under $30.

Navy is always a good idea. Loving these benches.

Well, Target is knocking off Valentino. So is Betsey. I'm not a fan of imposters at all, but the price of these is sooo good! I'm tempted to buy because I just bought the real thing the other day and am curious about the quality difference!

In case you missed it...

An evening of shopping and styling at Candelabra and Lyndon Leigh.

Beauty products I can't get enough of lately.

My spring wish list!

Sales to shop...

Everything is up to 40% off at Gap this weekend. Check out the new Icon Shop. It's full of reinvented styles and tons of basics. Need this blue shirt and this one, too.

30% off sitewide at J. Crew. Just use code WEEKEND.

Lots of new stuff added to the Shopbop sale. Vince does the best basic tops—and this one is 30% off. Also, my favorite Jeffrey Campbell sandals are 20% off.

Save 25% off all clothes and accessories at Target with code STYLE. I love these sandals and these.

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loving lately: beauty

Lots of new skincare and beauty things I've been loving. 

I stumbled upon Leahlani Skincare in November and absolutely fell in love with the line. Leah creates her natural, organic skincare products on the north shore of Kauai. She struggled with cystic acne ten years ago and decided to live a more holistic life during her quest to heal her skin... which then led to the start of Leahlani Skincare. She sells her products at farmer's markets in Hawaii as well. The whole story just really appealed to me. I love businesses that start this way because you can tell the creator's heart and soul is really into it.

The products are amazing too. I've absolutely fallen in love with her Champagne Serum. It's packed with antioxidants like vitamin c, teas, and omega rich oils. What do all of these organic ingredients do? They brighten, tighten, reduce inflammation, soothe, and balance. I've seen great results from this and I'm telling you, the natural scent is to die for. I use it morning and night in addition to my Beautycounter skincare regimen.

Before using the Champagne Serum, I spray on the Leahlani Bohemian Ruby Balancing Toner and I love it just the same. This toning mist is a blend of pure Hawaiian spring water, aloe, calendula, and essential oils. It's refreshing, preps the skin for further skincare and makeup application, reduces redness, and adds lots of hydration. 

I've found my new favorite lip gloss shade. It's called Coralbell by Beautycounter. Brand new for spring and limited edition, so get it while you can. Their lip glosses are my favorite favorite because they are pigmented, but hydrating and never ever sticky. And of course, free of harmful ingredients, which is not want I want to eat all day as I lick my lips!

I've talked about this one before, but Beautycounter's Brow Pencil is my favorite of all time. I use the shade medium.

So this next one seemed to me like the most gimmicky product ever. Ever. But I tried it and I kind of love it. It's the Nip + Fab Bust Fix and it's supposed to do just what it sounds like—visibly plump + firm the appearance of skin around the bust + décolleté using ingredients like mangosteen extract. But for me, I put this all over my belly to try to firm up the skin that hasn't quite gone back to normal. I pretty much put it anywhere that my skin doesn't have the greatest elasticity. Chest, butt, thighs. I mean, I load it on. And I really don't think it's my imagination, but I swear it's working! The skin looks so much softer but tighter. Feels really great and hydrated, too. 

Any new beauty favorites that you've been loving lately?
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