our trip to Asheville, NC

I took a ton of video footage during our trip to Asheville, so I really don't have all that many photos. But I thought I'd share the ones I do have! That sounds like my parents when I ask them why my older brother has five baby photo albums and I have half of one. "Oh Meg, video cameras came out when you were a baby!" Suuuure. ;)

Our little cabin was actually in Weaverville, NC, but it was just about 10 minutes away from Asheville. We heard there was going to be snow, so we booked it on a whim using VRBO—here's the link if you're interested in staying there. It was perfect for us because we wanted something small and cozy, rustic but with all the conveniences we needed for a baby, and nothing too remote. There were other homes around, so it felt safe. Plus, Weaverville was actually a precious little town! We loved Blue Mountain Pizza for lunch and Well Bred Bakery for treats. Both were just down the street from the cabin.

This was the view we woke up to on Saturday morning! It was neat because we drove up with no snow, then saw it start falling when we arrived, and then woke up to this. By the way, all of you that get snow all the time are probably like, "Yes, and??" We never ever see snow in Charleston, so this was a big thing for us!

Yep, that was Brandon crashing into the trees.

On Saturday, we drove into town to visit the Grove Park Inn. It was my first time there and all I could think about was going back to stay there (without Watson!) and spending all day at the spa.

Judging by Watson's face, cheerios < a chocolate croissant and mocha frappe.

Maybe I'll get crafty and merge all my video footage into a vlog to share with you guys! It was such a relaxing, perfect weekend getaway. Quiet and peaceful. The kind of trip that recharges your batteries and we hope to go back to this little cabin each year.

If you missed my two outfit posts from this trip, they are here and here!


spotted: J.K. Kling Interior Design (+ are we moving?)

I'll get to the pretty eye candy soon, but here's a little home update for you. We are at a big decision making point with our house where we can't decide whether to do some bigger renovations to make us want to stick around for a while (which would ultimately price us out of our neighborhood since we have one of the larger homes—and I say "larger home" lightly because most in our hood are around 900 - 1200sq ft., whereas ours is about 1800 or so.) 

Or.... we want to hit the road and move on to the next house. 

We've been looking at homes here and there over the past six months. We've met with a home builder and walked across home sites thick of bugs and brush. We've looked at some new builds and some major fixer uppers. And then we keep coming back to our old brick bungalow and remember the reason we fell in love with it—the location. And it's sweet little charm. It's such a walkable area and less than a mile from downtown. Close to Brandon's work, too. Oh, and we have great neighbors! 

But the kicker is that if we do some more renovations, we're at a point where anything else we put into the house will not be money we recoup when we sell. That's okay with us if we feel like we'll stay here for a handful of years at least. So we met with a contractor last week and are waiting to hear back on the estimate and extent of the work. 

Meanwhile, I've been going crazy on Pinterest envisioning design plans and assessing our overall interiors style. I'm always always searching for inspiration and I found a bunch of it in J. K. Kling Associates. Woah! So many pretty things I've had on my pin boards were from this mother-daughter design team duo and I didn't even know it. Today I'm sharing some major lust-worthy images of work they've done. 

all images via


best of big neiman marcus sale!

Cute cute things have been added to the Neiman Marcus sale. Plus take an extra 20% off the sale price! I loaded up on a few of these Nest Holiday candles, which I do every year after Christmas because you can get them about half off. These are the best smelling candles ever and I'll often burn them all throughout the year because they aren't overly Christmas-y.
I also love this Parker Azalea Dress. It was $400 and is now $160.

Wouldn't these strappy Joie Aria heels look so good with the dress above? They were $350 and now $97.
I'm also loving this Rag & Bone Wide Brim Hat. It was almost $200 and is now $46.
Here are some other steals! All of it is already on sale with an extra 20% off!


what i wore: black bow at the aquarium

Aren't these croissant earrings below from Candy Shop Vintage so fun? 

dress / earrings / similar shoes / chanel woc bag

We spent New Year's day at the South Carolina Aquarium because it was so dreary, we just couldn't stand to be outside for long. Watson loved looking at all the fishies! He even touched a shark for the first time! We can't wait to go back on rainy days and in the heat of the summer. I'm sure he'll love it more and more with each visit. 

I feel so bad for even sharing these photos just on the off chance that one of you would like to buy a dress like the one I'm wearing! It's from Zara and went on sale a few days after I bought it, then sold out like hot cakes. My shoes are by Karl Lagerfeld and no longer available (I'm really striking out), but these are similar and on big sale. Bag is a Chanel Wallet-On-Chain and only sold in stores. This one is very close to it! Oh, side note though... have you seen this gorgeous YSL wallet on chain? By the way, moment of reality here: this look only works when toting a stroller around too. This little bag can hold nothing more than a phone, cards, and lipstick. So if I'm using it or any other small bag, I've got to have my diaper bag or a tote full of baby stuff in the stroller nearby. 

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