25% off at shopbop

Pardon the brief interruption, but everything on sale at Shopbop is now an extra 25% off with code 25EXTRA! Here's what caught my eye...

BURU Tastemaker

I am a huge, huge fan of Morgan Hutchinson and her shop, BURU, where high fashion pieces are hand selected for breastfeeding mommas. The great part about it is that everything she curates would be loved by any woman, not just nursing moms. I actually loved BURU before I was even pregnant because Morgan has such an inspiring style and I love everything she stocks! I mean, have you seen her Instagram?

So I was a little giddy to be honest when I was asked to be a BURU Tastemaker. They interviewed me and I got to pick out some of my favorites pieces from the website for a "tastemaker sale" that you all can shop! Pieces like these pants that feel like pajamas, but look high style. And then there's this top—perfect classic that can be worn alone or for layering.

Shop the sale + catch the Q&A here


pretty monday things

So over the weekend, some of Watson's baby shampoo spilled on my iPhone and it immediately stopped working. I still have the 5 and even though I've been due for an upgrade since about February, I've been holding out for the 7 to come out this fall. I was so mad that I was probably going to end up getting the 6 as a replacement since mine stopped working! SO CLOSE to the 7. But I put it in rice for a couple days and now it's working again! Not that well, but it will do. But on the subject of phones... I love this case and probably would have bought it if I had to get a new phone. No one makes cute cases anymore for the 5, ha ha!

Bringing paper plates to a new level one pineapple at a time.

A good piece of stationery makes me so happy. Love these thank you notes.

Next on my coffee table book must-haves.

How perfect would these knobs be in dressing up some furniture?

This book, too! 

Almost bought these curtains for Watson's nursery. I really love them.

Precious cuddly toys for the wee ones. This, too.

A beautiful rattan chair for under $100.


new & on my radar

capri tote   statement earrings    espadrille wedges  (<---on big sale!)

I haven't had much interest in shopping since having Watson, but I'm finally starting to miss it! I think it's just getting easier and easier every day with him, so I'm having more time to flip through my stack of magazines and browse my favorite online shops.

Today I'm sharing some new things that I'm really loving. A lot of things in the slideshow below are under $60! Like these cat eye sunglasses for $59. And these earrings for $50? That's a steal. And of course there are some things that are more splurge-worthy, but I'd wear this bracelet every day! 


beach day

We took Watson to the beach for the first time this past weekend. Well, he has seen Surfside Beach from atop the pier twice before, but we headed out to Folly Beach on Sunday to actually stick those little feet in the water.

Except he really didn't see it happen! The sun was so bright that he kept his eyes closed pretty much the whole time we were outside the tent.

We got this tent as a gift and it is so awesome. Seriously, give this as a baby gift to anyone who loves the beach and has a baby! Brandon was able to pop it open in about 3 seconds and it's very sturdy. It collapses just as easily. And I've been using this tote bag as a diaper bag lately with my ToteSavvy—it's great for the beach because the sand just wipes right off!

my bathing suit  & sunglasses // watson's bathing suit, shirt, hat  // sunscreen

Finally, although most importantly, my prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the tragic massacre in Orlando. It hurts my heart. I'm praying for peace in our country and government leaders who will urge us in that direction—leaders who won't stand for repeated tragedies like this without taking some sort of action. And for my Watson and all of your children, I hope and pray they grow up in a country that doesn't grow accustomed to shootings and hate crime, but that they live in a country based on equality, peace, and a love of God—fundamentals in which our country was founded.


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