Hardware Princess

I came back to Ridgeland late last night to be home for the Beaufort Water Festival.  It's an event I've been going to since I was six, when my family moved to Beaufort.  It always takes place in the middle of July and lasts over a week. Every day and night there are different events, fun concerts, and contests. During the weekends, tons of people head to a sandbar on the Beaufort River.  That's where I spend most of my time.
This is a picture of the sandbar during a regular weekend in the summer. During the Water Festival, multiply this crowd by 500.

Since I was home today, Mom and I decided to get creative. 
Meet Mom (well, and Dad):
 We decided to do a little bit of painting & accessorizing upstairs.  So we spent a substantial amount of time in Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Marshalls, etc.  Imagine two blondes looking for handyman items in Home Depot. An hour Two hours later, we successfully matched a paint color and purchased two gallons of paint, four cans of spray paint, one can of light fixture paint and 14 light bulbs. Not too shabby!

I love home improvement items! I'll probably eat my words soon, but wouldn't it be fun to work at Home Depot? Maybe for a week? Ya know, I had plenty of time to think about this while we were in the store today. I think it would be fun to be surrounded by people making improvements to their house. I love all the plants, patio furniture, paint samples, home improvement magazines, the smell of lumber ...oh my gosh, I'll stop now.

I can see it now....

Well this is the time I close the laptop, get a good night of sleep, and never mention any of this ever again.


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