Oh, there you are!

Oops, I seemed to have forgotten I had started a blog! So sorry for my "MIA" status, not that I have any followers showing any disappointment about it (Or any followers at all for that matter).
But I still want to keep this thing going, so let me tell you about my past few days.

This has been a very easy going week. Monday night I watched "The Bachelorette," my weekly ritual. My favorites are Roberto and Chris. Roberto is from my city, Charleston! Chris is a sweetheart & I can tell he'd make a wonderful husband.  They say "You can always tell how your husband will treat you by the way he treats his mom." Chris' family's love for their deceased mom is overflowing.

Usually I don't watch very much TV, but it just so happened that "The Hills" series finale was on the very next night ... so you know where I was, glued to the TV again. Actually, it was a rather pointless TV show but it surely was my guilty pleasure. I'm very sad to see it off the air forever, even though it had the worst ending in the history of worst-endings.

Last night (Wednesday) I decided to stop being such a couch potato and went downtown for a bit. Fun night, all in all. Dave Seitz & The King Street Band played at Midtown Bar & Grill. They are awesome & end up playing a bit of everything.  The climax of the night is when we were walking back to the car and a bunch of "hoodlems," as I call them, were causing a scene near the vehicle. Next thing we knew, here comes a police officer on one of those Segway scooters (funny enough) and pulled out his taser gun! He had the gun's laser pointed on the guys, but never ended up shooting it.  My night would have been so much better if I could have seen someone get tased! I'm terrible, I know.

Just so you all know, BCBG is having a great sale! I went in the store yesterday and bought a great summer dress for $109 (It was originally $218)!  In fact, all of their sale items are 50% off.  Here's a picture of the dress I bought, although I think it looks better on me ... just sayin'!

I'm heading to the gym now ... trying to get back in the habit. I swear I feel so much better after I go, so why is it so hard for me to work out?

Y'all have a great Thursday, loves.

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  1. #1 believe it or not the DEPOT is my favorite store and #2 seeing someone get tased would make my night too!!!!


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