My DIY Project!

When my brother was a little boy (that little boy is now almost 26), he had a toy chest to hold all of his toy tractors & GI Joe soldiers.

In 2006, I decided to save this chest from the heat of the attic and give it a face lift. I changed it from a solid cherry wood color to white. I painted my initials and the quote, "Be young, be foolish, be happy," on it. 

From then on, it sat in my room at Mom & Dad's and held all of my high school keepsakes.

When I was home with the parents last week, I decided it was time for another makeover for this trusty chest.

I painted it espresso brown, which is the same color as my bedroom furniture at my place in Charleston.
After it dried, I sprayed it with a paint sealer.

I brought it back to Charleston with me & now use it to hold all of my purses.

Here are the final results!

While I was in my DIY-mode, I decided to organize all of my jewelry. My fashion jewelry had found its way into my fine jewelry box, so I needed to do something about that.
In the office-supply section of a dollar store, I found a wire/mesh pencil holder.
This is how I used it to organize my fashion jewelry:

Problem ... solved!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


  1. nice job! color me impressed! i feel so lazy when i read posts like this! haha :)


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