Saturday re-cap & healthy eating!

It's been so long since I've posted a blog! 
Sorry about that.

I've been such a busy bee -at least I've felt like I've been busy, but when I think back to this past week, I can't think of what was so time-consuming.

On Saturday, Brandon and I went to Columbia to the USC vs. Furman game.
I was supposed to have gone to Auburn to watch the Clemson vs. AU game (I was raised a big Clemson fan), but plans fell through. I was so disappointed, but definitely had a great time in Columbia. Brandon is a Clemson fan, too, & graduated from there this past May.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend!
It was SO hot...95+ degrees. Whew!
(I was planning on wearing Khaki shorts, but when Brandon came to pick me up, I realized we would be dressed exactly alike! So I had to pull out some white shorts at the last minute, despite it being after Labor Day.)

Even though we were at the USC/Furman game, I had on a sticker that said "Beat Auburn"
We stuck a "Beat Auburn" sticker on Brittany, too. She didn't like it!

Today, I realized that my healthy eating habits have recently been non-existent.
This morning, I read my favorite healthy-living blog & got some fitness/healthy food motivation.
I went to the grocery store & grabbed some fresh eats!
Rotisserie Chicken, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, jalapeno, cucumber, onion, mushrooms, grapes, cantaloupe
After I got these items home, it hit me that I have no idea what on Earth I'm going to cook with these items.

Tonight, I used the mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, cilantro, and a few cucumbers & sauteed them in olive oil. Then added in some garlic & egg whites.

Here's my egg-white omelet. I'm really a terrible cook, so I burned it a little.
A little crispiness never hurt anyone!
Egg-white omelet, salsa, rotisserie chicken, & some tomatoes on the side.
I'm also planning on working out a lot more this week, too. I usually go to the gym or walk outside twice a week and do yoga twice a week.  I'm going to amp it up a little! I'll let you know how that goes.

Oh! Here's another item I picked up:

I loooove to eat edamame at sushi restaurants, but I've never tried it dry roasted. I also loooove wasabi & can't fully enjoy my sushi rolls without it.
I tried these babies in the car while I was running errands today & all I can say is WOAH! Thank goodness I had a my water bottle with me!!
The flavor says "Wasabi", but what it should say is "Burn your lips off, make your nose run, & cry like a baby Wasabi"

This is all for tonight. I'm going to try & do a little pilates before my E! shows come on at 10pm.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. I love your turquoise necklace you wore with your black ensemble!!! Where ever did you get it from??

  2. Thank you! I purchased it from Belk about a year ago, but unfortunately I don't remember the name of the manufacturer. It doesn't say on the actual necklace either.

    I did see a lot of turquoise jewelry in Belk the last time I was in there. It may be worth a visit to see if they have anything similar!

    Sorry I can't be more help!


  3. Hi! New follower..also named Megan..also from Charleston! :)

  4. Hi Meg - thank you so much for the shout out! We lived in Charleston for a year after college and were married there - I LOVE it and miss it so much.



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