oh, just another blonde moment...

I can't believe I did this...
Let me set the scene for you.

Friday afternoon.
I just arrived home, pulled into my parking spot, & was chatting away on my cell phone.
I took the keys out of the ignition & placed them in my lap.
Still chatting away.
I always have to have something to do with my hands while I'm on the phone.
This is where the problem starts.

Hello, bobby pin:
Well, let's just say that this bobby pin ended up in the car ignition.

Not so good.
& no, it wouldn't come out.

As I was chatting away & sitting in the driver's seat still, I was playing with the bobby pin & without thinking, stuck it in the ignition. I never thought it would get stuck! 
Little did I know, there is a clamp in the ignition that attaches to whatever is stuck in there.

I can't believe I did this, but since I did, I figured I may as well share it will all of you for a good laugh!
The locksmith is going to have to fix this, because after Brandon and I tried to remove it, the bobby pin is not budging!

Oh, the things I get myself into!


  1. Sounds like a costly mistake for a little bit of fidgety :( hope you get it fixed!

  2. Best.post.ever! hahaha totally something I would do!



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