Farmer's Market + Juanita Greenbergs

Today, I visited the Farmer's Market here in Charleston. 
I love going to the market because there are so many things to do! 
People watching, great food, live entertainment, handmade pottery/jewelry/etc.
 ...and did I mention that there are pony rides? 
Oh, if only I were a child once again!

This is the kind of photo Brandon is looking at in the previous photo. This artwork is made up of about 15 or so 4x6 photos.  So cool!

Handmade Charleston soaps!
Later, Brandon and I went to a Mexican Restaurant called, "Juanita Greenberg's" to watch the SEC Championship game.  

The Auburn Tigers and the University of South Carolina Gamecocks were playing.
Brandon and I are both Clemson fans (USC's rival), but we had to cheer for the SC team, especially since his parents are big USC fans and were at the game in Atlanta!

Unfortunately, USC lost 56-17. 

Before I go, look at the cute new shoes Brandon picked out and bought me today!
 I. Love. Them.

Love y'all too! 


  1. CUtte shoes! I love New Balances! And I love your black hat! Too cute! I took a tour of Charleston, SC this summer - BEAUTIFUL!! Esp downtown where you can walk to evvverything

  2. I watched the game too- how awful for USC! I felt bad for them, didnt think that Auburn needed to run the score up that much!

    and that quesadilla(?) looks so yummy!

  3. oh my word..those NB shoes are so cute!


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