Who Says You Can't...

...wear black and brown together?

I LOVE to mix brown boots with a black dress ...or a brown belt with a black dress, etc. 
The "fashion rule" that says you can't is a thing of the past!

Also, don't be afraid to...


...wear white after Labor Day!
(especially if you live in a seasonless climate)

Sure, put away your linens & lightweight cottons, then pull out white clothing in heavier fabrics.
It's completely a fashion "do!"


all photos via pinterest.


  1. I think brown and black can look great together!
    And with how hot it is in Charleston after Labor Day, I think we get a pass on the white rule.

  2. I love both of these! I wear white all year round. That rule is just silly!

  3. could not agree more. I adore black and brown together and love a winter white outfit in the fall.

  4. Oo I am loving those...especially that second black and brown picture!

  5. I've always loved the way brown & black look! To me they are both neutrals and can be worn together!!! And I love all of these scarves the girls are wearing! So awesome! :-)

  6. Yeah....in FL...we always wear white. It's a must.

  7. Super cute!

    Btw.. the first model looks like Alex from Real Housewives of NY! Weird! :)

  8. I totally agree - I love mixing a few brown accessories with a black outfit!

  9. Loving the white after labor day!! Yayy!

  10. I LOVE it! Esp the winter white. You go girl :) Why have color if they're rules? No thank you. xoxo

  11. I've always loved the look of black and brown together - who ever decided that it was wrong in the first place?! Shame on them!

  12. i love brown and black together.. getting so excited about fall trends!

  13. I'm a new subscriber who is very obsessed with your blog! I'm about to write a post on these two rules tomorrow!

    Can't wait to keep up with your blog!


  14. I love brown+black! It's one of my favorite combo's ...So is black+white, I will definitely be wearing it this Fall/Winter :)



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