Missoni, Makeup, Robots ...the usual!

Last night, I finally made a Target run to try and score some Missoni goods!
I went on the first day of the launch at 6pm and should've known better than to think I'd find something. 

To my surprise, the Mount Pleasant Target didn't disappoint me last night!

I got these cosmetic bags:

and this jumper...

(which obviously needs to be paired with a long-sleeved undershirt, tights, & boots!)

I also visited the MAC counter & purchased...

...a paint pot in "Indianwood"
(loved by Gwyneth Paltrow)

A paint pot is a primer, a base, and a cream eyeshadow, all rolled into one.
I wear "Painterly" almost every day, as it's a nude color with no shimmer.  In my opinion, it works better than Urban Decay's Primer Potion in terms of keeping your eyeshadow "put" all day!

Indianwood is a metallic, golden bronze.
I'm wearing it today -- applied it all over the lid (up to the crease), then I blended it in with a clean, fluffy brush, then added in a white highlight to further blend & accentuate the brow bone & inner corner.

...I also bought a new satin blush, "Well Dressed"

To me, this blush looks lighter in real life than it does in this picture.
It's a very light pink with cool undertones, which is sometimes hard to find in a pink blush.

This blush gives you a natural glow!

This morning, I got to simulate a real surgery on the Da Vinci Robot.  It really is the future in laporascopic surgery because the robot (controlled by the surgeon) has a wrist-like, full range of motion once inside the patient.  (Regular laporascopy can only go up, down, side to side.)

I may or may not have beaten a surgeon in the efficiency test on the Da Vinci Robot.
Not trying to brag but, ...okay, yes I am.

We were also fed a breakfast from one of the chefs on Iron Chef America

...just a couple perks of my job!

Hope Tuesday has been a happy one for all of you so far!
I'm anxiously awaiting the release date for the iPhone 5...  my cracked Droid is just not cutting it.


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  1. I work with the DaVinci Robot everyday! We use if for minimally invasive mitral valve procedures!! It never stops amazing me!

  2. Such a cute blog! Love your eye for style!

  3. I'm not a fan of the Missoni line, but I do love that dress! It's perfect for the Fall if paired with a long sleeved shirt and boots, like you said! & I've been looking for a good blush, I'm going to have to check that kind out! Thank you for posting that :)

  4. Loving that jumper and I love Mac products, especially their mascara! xo

  5. I think that MAC's paint pots are one of their best products. Obsessed. I use bare study and love it. That blush looks really similar to mine too. I use fleur power.

  6. I am going to have to check out those MAC paint pots!

  7. I absolutely love your blog! I wear painterly EVERY day under all my eyeshadows too! Those paint pots are the best make-up invention! I want to try out a new one, I might just have to go stop by the Mac counter today!


  8. I love your blog! I also wear Painterly every day, the paint pots are the best make up invention. I think I may have to try out indianwood as well!


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I love painterly!!! its amazing!

  11. Can't believe that the Mount Pleasant Target still has Missoni stuff!! Which chef from Iron Chef America?!?! I love that show! :)

  12. Great Missoni finds! I think I'm going to have to try the paint pots, the Indianwood looks like the perfect gold/bronze color.

  13. I love your Missoni picks! Sadly I didn't get any clothing but I did manage to walk away with the bedding set! Love your blog, I always look forward to your pots!


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