Obsessed: Sunglasses

One thing I've realized is that I am not a lover of wire-framed sunglasses. Love the way they look on other people, but they just don't hug my face the right way.  I feel like I always have to push them up.  
I like my glasses chunky and oversized.  My favorite shades are my black Prada cat eyes, but I would love to invest in a tortoise shell pair.  Here is some eye candy ... no pun intended.  ;)



  1. I'm not a lover of wire framed sunglasses either. I really like the Gucci ones.

  2. Those are all super cute! I like the first pair the best tough.

  3. I can't wear wire-frame glasses either. They slide down my nose and when I put them on top of my head they get stuck in my hair. Pizzes me off! I stick to the plastic glasses, too!

  4. tortoise shell is my favorite - I have a great ray ban tortoise pair, love the second pair you showed!


  5. All great choices! I love the second pair the most. Hope you have a great Thursday!


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