Thursday Loves

Spill it...  what do you think about the antler trend in home decor?  Sounds crazy coming from me, but I'm obsessed.  My walls will remain incomplete until one gets some antler action.  I'm from a town where antlers on a wall are FAR from uncommon (I'm talking full on deer head -fur and all)... and I've always detested that, thinking it's gross, tacky, etc. etc.  But white antlers... that I love.  Faux white antlers = jackpot.

I love this Gold Leaf Deer Antler from Etsy.

...and these faux antlers from West Elm.

How glamorous is this bathroom?
I love it all.  The prints, the apothecary jars, the displayed perfumes on the counter, the tile, and THAT tub.  Swoon.  

I caught the Tory Burch segment on Today this morning and heard about her ex-husband's company, 
C. Wonder.  How did I just learn about this store?  

....and one last thing about the antlers.
This oil on canvas by Sally King Benedict.

Happy Thursday.  Almost Friday peeps! 


  1. I love the antlers in these pictures! What I don't like are the antlers that deer hunters have mounted to the large oval dark stained wood pieces with the plaque telling about the deer. I think THAT is tacky.

    1. YES! That is exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned gross & tacky.

  2. I love deer sheds! they come off naturally, no? I'm not a fan of the entire head on the wall, real or fake.. but love the sheds!

  3. I'm a huge C. Wonder fan. They make bags that are similar to the Longchamp totes but thicker, better, have more pockets and a thicker strap. My fave! Watch out -- they have killer 50% off sales.

  4. Love C.Wonder and had no idea that was TB's ex! Interesting.

  5. I LOVE those room inspirations! My Dad has a ton of old antlers from hunting. You gave me good ideas, thanks! Tacky is right, my Dad has not one, but 3 deer heads (that's right the whole head mounted).. my Mom banished them to the garage! haha :)

  6. I love the gold antlers from Etsy, and also the idea of having one (a fake one!) as a coffee table prop! At the end of the day, way less scary than a deer head or moose head hanging off the living room wall :-)

  7. I'm loving the antler look! I think it can be so chic. I wish I could incorporate it with my current decor. Love those gold antlers from Etsy... great find!

  8. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)




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