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Happy Election Day!  Don't worry, no political posts here.  Anyone have any plans for tonight...election parties, etc?  I think tonight sounds like the perfect night for chili and a glass of wine.  It's freezing here today (It's 47 degrees.  To me, below 50 = freezing) and rainy on top of that.  This morning, I pulled out a big comfy poncho sweater for the first time this season, which excites me to no end.

This post is a whole lot of randomness ...photos that have stocked up in my iPhone library.  If you follow me on Instagram (megan_stylemeswanky), you've probably seen some of these.

Talk about a good night relaxing on the couch...

(Sweater: J. Crew Factory, Skirt: Banana Republic [last year], Boots: Banana Republic [three years old]) 

 I was at Sephora the other day and discovered the Stila Smudge Crayon and WOAH, it's awesome.  This one is in "Smoke."  It's such a gorgeous, brownish/greyish color that can be used as a liner, shadow, and eye primer/base.  This stuff doesn't budge. 

Speaking of chili... It was a perfect meal last week, too.

 The upcoming Christmas season is starting to take over the decor of my to-do lists.  I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, but I have promised myself to do better than last year, which was completely last minute.  Side note: It's crazy how quickly time passes.  Can you believe we are in November?  

Essie "Don't Sweater It"


  1. I can't believe it's already November. I agree, it's freezing in Charleston today! I stood out at the polls at 6:15 in the rain and cold! I'm with ya on the wine. My plans tonight = white wine and election coverage. My fave :)


  2. Love your necklace too! I can't believe it's November. Crazy.

  3. I LOVE the Stila Smudge Stick!! I swear by it. I have it in several colors. :-)

  4. Just followed you on instagram :) LOVE that necklace, and I have don't sweater it essie too - it's my go-to fall nail polish!

  5. I feel like this year has gone by way to fast! I love that necklace so cute! I had never tried stila cosmetics but i keep hearing about them, so i might have to


  6. I saw that sweater at J.Crew and loved it!! Looks super cute on you!

  7. I just picked up Essie Fishnet Stockings at Target today ;) Do you get manicures or do them yourself? They always look so good!

    1. I do them myself! I'm so lazy with my nails that it doesn't happen often enough! I swear by the cuticle cream from Lush.

  8. I love Stila products! Don't think I've tried Smoke but might look into that...
    & I love it being cold finally! It's about the same up here in Clemson :)

  9. essie don't sweater it is one of my faves for this fall!
    Fancy {No}Pants

  10. CUUTE! Love, love, love the entire outfit, necklace, nails and room! - my house has similar decor :)



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