Currently wanting:
I think this emerald green skirt needs to be in my closet as of, well... yesterday. 

Currently eating:
I made this baked potato soup last week and it was a pretty darn good first effort. We ate every last bit.  I kind of changed the recipe some, but here's the main recipe I followed.

Currently thinking:
This quote has more and more meaning to me every time I see it.

Currently loving:
In love with the beautiful simplicity of hydrangeas.

Currently painting: 
Perfect Christmas color.

Currently wearing:
 The best black dress you could possible imagine for work.  Structured, yet incredibly comfortable.  It's from Banana Republic and can be found on sale here!  I paired it with a Banana Republic scarf from last season and boots from last year.

Currently spying:
Actually... nothing.  
I don't see anything unusual, do you? 


  1. I love that girl skirt, her bracelet, the whole look!

    How would you like to follow each other on GFC? I'm already a follower :)


  2. I agree with you and that skirt I also LOVE your black dress, so cute!!!

    XO, Adropofbliss.Blogspot.Com

  3. The emerald green is gorgeous!! Your bakes potato soup looks yummy! I love hydrangeas as well, especially when put with peonies.


  4. hehe my kitty loves boxes and bags too! love that picture :) also love the black dress and made homemade potato soup myself this week too :)

    $50 TJMAXX Giveaway on the blog!

  5. Teeheehee little kitty head poking out. I need to find me some solid black nail polish. I have yet to do black and this has been on trend for what like five years now?

  6. that is the cutest picture ever of your cat!! I love him!!!

    Great little black dress, it looks so cute with the pop of color!!

  7. Hi! I'm looking for mutual followers.

  8. Such a cute little cat! :) Your blog is absolutely fabulous-just became a member/follower of your blog. I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. Happy Blogging!!! 

    ♥ Elle
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  9. I just love when the weather gets cooler I could eat soup everyday!

  10. Sooo cute! That kitty pic reminds me of my own baby girl. She likes to find cozy little spots to hide in. :) They're just so fun!

  11. What a lovely post, with a selection of lovely things! The Essie nail polish is jut divine and I am also in love with white hydrangeas! Gorgeous flowers and so elegant! I really like your dress, too - so chic!

  12. I spy a cutie pie! Ah that baked potato soup looks A-Mazing I die! K just had a Rachel Zoe moment or maybe it was for that green skirt! Love how you wrapped your gifts that is giving me ideas for next year!

    Ali of:


  13. This is kind of random but I've been on the hunt for a really great white lightweight comforter and the white comforter in your pictures caught my eye...is that a down comforter? Can you share the brand/where you got it? Thanks!



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