Recent Purchases!

Chanel Rouge Coco in Chintz

This is the perfect "my lips but better" shade.  Plus, I really can't help but love the glamorous feeling of pulling it out of my purse.  
Keira Knightley is wearing the shade here.
(Access Bloomingdales online through Ebates for 6% cash back!  It adds up, trust me!)

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

I just ordered this. I pray it fits well because I've been dying for a bright blazer!
Urban Outfitters, $78 (Free Shipping!)

Bath and Body Works candles in

Beach Grass

One smells like sand and sun, the other smells like... gosh, I don't know... Heaven?
(Get 20% online using code "BATHBODYJUNE12" plus 3% cash back using Ebates.)

This watercolor artwork from SpunSugarPaperie on Etsy
Isn't it adorable?  I can't wait to frame her in a gold, oversized vintage frame.
At only $12.00, you really can't beat the price.
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Wedding Wednesday: My Inspiration

I'm awake with computer in lap during the last 30 minutes of Wednesday so that I can officially get a wedding post up for the day!  It's been a long one, but I'm determined to not skip my Wednesday post.

Next week, I've got an exciting wedding post for you, but here's something a bit more simple.

As I was thinking about what to post for this week, I realized I haven't shared my inspiration with you.  When I close my eyes and picture my wedding day, these photos are what I imagine (& can only hope to make a reality!).  I'm aiming for timeless, romantic and classic.

All images from Pinterest.



scenes from my weekend

Brandon and I joined some of our best friends at Edisto this Memorial Day weekend.  His buddy, Drew, welcomed us into his family's beach house, which made for the most stress-free, relaxing time.

Here are some photos I took on the good 'ol iPhone!

The best dinner of the weekend...  baked mahi mahi, sauteed shrimp, french green beans, creamy grits, and a spicy cilantro sauce.  I spent at least a half hour eating this plate because I tried to savor every last bite.  Seriously amazing.

Cody on the hammock!

birthday cake ice cream cone

 The sun wore us out!

I thought this picture was cool because Brandon is there in the center!  We loved us some watermelon this weekend.

 No internet, no TV... just enjoying living in the moment.

Drew and Cody

cornhole from the deck

 Tess - me - Cody

Grant and Brandon

We had such a great escape from reality.  Our weekend consisted of a lot of sunscreen, Apples to Apples, great food, and really awesome company. 
Hope you all had a happy weekend celebrating Memorial Day!


The Friday Five

two healthy snacks for the week
I've been on a yogurt + granola kick these past couple of weeks.  Strawberries were half off at the grocery store, which made it so much better!
I've also been loving this icky green drink. 
...but it tastes so good!  Kind of like a jolly rancher.
This is what it is
Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness
One of my friends drinks this, and although I hadn't tasted it, I thought I'd give it a whirl when I saw it at the grocery store. 
It sounded good...
Bolthouse Farms® Green Goodness® starts with wheat grass, spirulina, spinach and blue-green algae. We add apples, kiwis, mangos, bananas, pineapples and dragon fruit to make it a good source of iron and Vitamin B6, naturally rich in Vitamins A, C, and B12, and packed with powerful phytonutrients found in nature's most nutritious greens.
I especially love that each bottle (the bigger bottles) contains 4.5 apples, 3/4 of a pinneaple, 1.5 mangos, 1.5 bananas, and 1.5 kiwis. 

The best part is that it's fantastic and only 140 calories per serving!  This is great for someone like me who doesn't take in near the amount of fruits and veggies as I should.

Brandon and I went to the best concert with some of our friends on Tuesday night. I rarely do anything out late on a weeknight, but going to see Michael Franti at the Music Farm was a large exception. He is an AMAZING performer!
Rylee & Quinn maxi dress (purchased at Saks Off Fifth last summer)
I laugh (but really love) the middle picture on the right column. My purse got so darn heavy (and who wants to carry a purse at a standing-room only concert, anyway?) So Brandon, being the pleaser that he is, strapped my purse on his belt. Lifesaver.

Check out this video that I recorded on my cell phone. I love how he jumps around in the crowd. No one in the building stopped dancing the entire night!
That's Michael Franti below ...super close to us!

two OOTDs from today and yesterday.

Zara Dress, Banana Republic necklace and bracelet, Michael Kors watch, BCBG wedges, Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Express dress, J. Crew necklace, Aerosoles wedges
...and because someone asked about my watch, it's a Bulova 96R138.

At 5pm today, I'll be on the road to Edisto with Brandon and some of our favorite people!
a relaxing weekend spent at the beach house + great friends + toes in the sand ...I think yes!

I may have posted this before, but I am just in love with this foyer and staircase.

Happy Weekend!
See you again on Monday :)


Wedding Wednesday (Dress Update) + Giveaway Winner!

I knew this would happen to me.  I knew making my wedding gown decision was too easy.  I'm an indecisive person and I walked right in there, well... making decisions.  And quickly, at that.

When my mom came to Charleston for Mother's Day weekend, we ate lunch and rushed downtown to catch the end of the farmer's market.  By the time we got to the top of the parking garage and made our way to Marion Square, we realized they had already packed up the market!  Since we were already downtown, we figured it would be nice to look around in some stores.  We were near my wedding gown shop, Modern Trousseau, so Mom suggested we should walk in there (Earlier, I had questioned whether or not I should add a certain detail to my dress.  Remember, I custom designed my dress.  I knew the questioning would come sooner or later.). 

As we walked into the store -which, by the way, is a beautiful place

As I was saying...
Right when we walked into the store, I saw a girl wearing the most beautiful gown I've ever laid my eyes on. The dress was definitely not in the store when I shopped for a wedding gown with my parents. I complimented her about three times before whispering to my mom, "I know I've already ordered my dress, but I have to try that one on."

And that's just what I did. 
I immediately asked Jen, the sweetest girl that works in MT, if my dress had already been put into production.  She told me that it hadn't, but would very soon, so I still had a little time to change my mind.
Mom and I fell in love with this new dress.  Brandon's parents were shopping downtown, so I had his mom come into the shop, too.  She loved the new dress more, as did we.  To put it simply, we all agreed it was "special" and had the "it factor" that I soon realized my first dress lacked.

I slept on it for over a week and went back to the store yesterday to try the dress on again.  I also tried on a dress VERY similar to the dress I designed (same exact shape as my dress). 
It was the easiest decision ever.
I changed my wedding gown!

I credit it to fate, really.  Had Mom not come to Charleston (last minute plan), had the farmer's market not been closed, had we not decided to go into the shop to look at the hem of my previous dress, had that girl not been wearing that dress right when we walked into the door... I would have never met my perfect wedding gown! 

Now, on to the giveaway winner!

...drumroll please...

Congrats, sSe!!
Please email me at stylemeswanky@gmail.com with your contact information!

Thank you all for entering the giveaway.  Hopefully I'll have another one soon!

Happy Humpday, loves.

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