there's always ebay

It's amazing the things you can find on Ebay.  One of my favorite segments of the Jay Leno show has always been the one where he features random Ebay goods and the audience guesses whether it sold and for how much.  
I've found some treasures, y'all.  If only it weren't for outrageous shipping costs.  Someone buy these.

I can't describe how bad I want a Thomasville bamboo dresser ($399).  I'd paint this baby coral and call it a day.

How about a lucite bar cart?  Yes, please.  (Starting bid is $50!)

Crazy over this mid-century octagonal mirror ($295).

Or maybe an antique ginger jar?  I've decided to work on expanding my collection.  
One can never have too much blue & white.

Oh, Ebay... the land of anything and everything you could ever imagine.


  1. I would kill for those first two chairs and the lucite bar cart. But shipping costs will totally get ya! I actually find alot of clothes on there too!

  2. ur not alone..i live on ebay!! always check there first before i buy it anywhere else...!

    XO Meghan

  3. I just got an identical ginger jar from a recent estate sale here in Charleston! I always say if you're looking for something always check EBay, chances are they'll have it

  4. I have blue and white pieces and I love them... so classic!

  5. I love all of these items! You're right about the shipping costs..yikes!!

  6. I love Ebay, but shipping can be BANANAS! Of course, craigslist is great, but I don't have a truck to pick things up. IS THERE NO WINNING!?


  7. Love all your picks! I'm an eBay addict - constantly searching and watching items just to see what kind of steal I can get. I wish shipping wasn't so much on home decor, there's always so many good finds!

  8. If you're ever in the Greenville area, go to The Christmas Tree Shop. They've got a ton of blue & white serving dishes, bowls, etc. Cute stuff too!!

  9. Those chairs are swoon worthy - but I'm with the other girls, I almost bought a headboard, and would've been KILLED by the shipping cost.

  10. I have always shopped ebay for clothes but never furniture. Looks like I may have to check it out!

  11. Such great finds! Wish all shipping was free! I especially LOVE the chairs and the bar cart! Great finds and have a great week!


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