weekly roundup

Well, it's Friday and thank Heaven for that.  Time to kick off your heels and relax for a couple days.  Here's this week's worthy links...

This Equipment dress is screaming my name.  

After seeing this photo, I'm convinced I need a giganto mirror behind my dining room table.

This shirt is genius and I am heavily considering purchasing.

Sam's Richmond townhouse before and after is amazing!  She did a stellar job.

Brandon and I fell asleep watching hilarious Vine videos last night.  You've got to check some of these out.

This "Sammy Seagull" print would be adorable in a child's room or nursery.

What a classic watch.  Loving it. One can never go wrong with a black leather band.

Would you ever have a bathroom with black walls?  I'm actually kind of obsessed at the moment.  (Check out some inspiration herehere and here -especially loving the black grasscloth...swoon.)

Don't forget about my blog sale.  There are a few things left!

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I spotted supplies for making chocolate chip pancakes in the pantry, so Brandon is undoubtedly on the right track.  We are hitting up O-Ku tonight for our favorite sushi.  My parents are coming to Charleston tomorrow night. Going to be a great weekend!  Y'all enjoy yours!  xx.


  1. happy early birthday! and those black bathrooms are seriously too good. I have a current obsessed with black kitchens that I blogged about yesterday!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with Brandon and family ;)

  3. I think you and I love O-Ku more than any other girls in Charleston, ha! Which rolls do you usually get? I LOVE the salmon & lemon roll (so refreshing) and always have to get the seaweed salad. The ahi poke is awesome bc it comes with tuna, salmon, and yellowtail and comes in a pretty martini glass. Filling and pretty!

  4. Oh so you're a Leo! I knew I liked you! LOL...I'm an Aries and don't think I've ever met a Leo I didn't like. Strange how that is. Happy Birthday! We celebrated my 3yo's yesterday and my dad's is 8/14. Love so many of your links...that room with the mirror behind the dining area is just beautiful.


  5. Have a wonderful birthday weekend! You're giving me inspiration for my new place...I like the black in the bathroom! I may have to test it out...countdown to the move is 1 week!

  6. Hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend Megan! xoxo

  7. Happy early Birthday!! I hope you have a great weekend :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  8. Happy early birthday doll face!!!

  9. Thanks so much for the shout out! I am flattered. :)

  10. Happy Birthday :) love the shoes




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