weekly roundup

Well... the cold found us warm-blooded Charlestonians.  I've got my jeans & booties already picked out for a relaxing weekend in town with Brandon.  We are celebrating six months of marriage this weekend, so dinner at O-Ku is obviously on the agenda (any reason to celebrate, right?).  Watching Clemson play at Red's is probably going to happen too.  I'm in major need of an outdoor meal by the water.
I've got a bit more on the link list this week since I had to skip my roundup last Friday.  There is still a lot I didn't link this week ...like the Ohio State band routine that happened last weekend?  Awesomeness.
Enjoy your weekend, loves!  Any fun plans?

// Talk. About. Nostalgia.

// Kelly Wearstler always does it right ...even on paper.

// Still need Halloween costume ideas?  Check out some celebrity styles here.

// Bookmarked for life.  Five best vitamins for beautiful skin.

// Made this for dinner last night and it was ON. POINT.

// Best used car ad ever.

// Love this spotlight on my home town.

// Great blogger tutorial on full coverage makeup!  Perfect for a night out or a big event.

// This cardigan and these leggings.  Yes and yes.

// I belong in Tennessee.  What about you?
P.S. If you are interested in purchasing pageant wardrobe pieces, I have some of my old goods for sale here!



  1. I have always wanted to visit Beaufort... looks gorgeous!

  2. My Goodness that first link!
    Nostalgia indeed! And much laughter :)
    Life with Baby Sophia

  3. Can't wait to check out these links!! :)
    Have a great weekend girl...

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  4. That car ad is hilarious - I'm trying so hard not to laugh in class!

  5. that JEEP cherokee Ad is hilarious!

  6. Thank you so much for linking me!! :)

    Great post!

  7. I love this entire look. Who is the envelope clutch by? It's gorgeous and looks so soft.

  8. Love this look. Who made the envelope clutch?


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