Where to begin?

ok, ok... I know it has been a while.  I don't think I've ever neglected my blog this long.  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Last week, my office prepared for a luncheon during Charleston Fashion Week, which kept us all very busy.  On top of that, I only had a three day work week...so trying to get ahead of the game before leaving was a little more trying than it usually would have been.  The fashion show was a huge success and all money raised benefitted MUSC Children's Hospital.  
We had some of our patients walk the runway with their "Champions" (their hero/doctor).  
It was a very special moment!

After cleaning up, I had two hours to get back to my house, throw everything in the car and get to the airport.  Then it was off to Key West for my bachelorette party...
 My bachelorette and Brandon's bachelor party overlapped by one day, so we were able to sneak away and see the Southernmost Point.
Key West is such a fun place & I'm so very blessed to have these amazing ladies treat me to a long weekend away!  The weather was absolutely perfect ...we went from 85 degrees in Key West, to 45 degrees back in Charleston.  Talk about a shock when I got off the airplane back at home.  

I've also been really, really sick since I've been back.  I have some sort of virus and my upper respiratory system is shot.  I guess only getting four hours of sleep each night in Key West might have had a few things to do with my immune system breaking down.  I missed work on Wednesday, pushed through it yesterday, and am out again today.  I hope I'll be back in commission by Easter.

Speaking of it being Easter...  there is less than a month until our wedding!  I have a million things on my list and the stress has officially set in.  I'll be sharing more about this next week when posts resume to normal.  Also, look out for my review on the Lo & Sons O.G. Bag and a post about my opinion on competing in pageants.


Count your blessings...

Instead of the usual weekend post, I wanted to share some devastating news.  I'm sorry to be gloom & doom on the blog ...that's normally not the theme around these parts.

My brother's home for the last 10 years was burned to the ground on Saturday evening, along with about 110 other homes in his condominium complex.  Miraculously, no injuries were reported.  Everyone was able to escape to safety, except many precious pets.  
 Here is a photo from a nearby road.
 The next day.  110 homes in 26 buildings ...nothing but ashes.

Please join me in keeping the residents of these homes in your prayers as they begin their long road to recovery!


Friday Five

// New Books //
I recently burned through an Amazon credit and purchased some of the books you see below.
Little makes my coffee table happier than a stack of new reads.

The photos above came from an estate sale.  I was especially happy to score Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Volumes One and Two for $20!  

// Lo & Sons O.G. Bag //
Probably the best thing to ever grace the shoulders of an organized-obsessed girl like me.  It literally has pockets for everything.  Be on the lookout for a "What's in My Carry-On" post soon.  I'm hopping on a plane next Wednesday and this will be by my side and full of goodies.  

// Metallic Grasscloth Wallpaper //

I have a huge soft spot for grasscloth.  These metallic options are such a neat way to modernize the standard, classic look.

// Making Work More Fun //
I'm in love with this eclectic work space.

// Weekend //
My mom's teacher friends are hosting a bridal shower for me this weekend.  We've had a tailgate shower, a bridesmaids shower, another bridal shower, a couples shower... and now this one, the last bridal shower.
I feel blessed.

In preparation for the shower and for my bachelorette party next week... BLONDE!



lola lola

I recently discovered a new shop on Etsy.  I could spend all day on Etsy.  Really.  
Anyway, there was a featured shop on my home page and it was at that very moment that I was introduced to Lola Donoghue.  Don't you kind of wish your name was Lola?  
This Irish teacher, turned full-time artist, uses whatever media she has on hand... markers, chalk, ink, neons, paint, etc.  And she paints whatever comes to mind.  
I never do posts about my favorite Etsy shops.  I don't know why, so I thought I'd start now.

Photography by Fotissima.


Wedding Wednesday: Couples Shower

Brandon's cousins hosted a couples shower oyster roast for us this past weekend.  The weather, food, and amount of guests were all perfect.  It was lawn and garden themed, so let's just say that Brandon was in Heaven.  
 (No filter... the sunset lighting was this gorgeous!)

Us with Brandon's cousin, Will, and his wife, Shelly.

...with some of our guests after opening gifts inside.

In other news... after two evenings of stuffing and licking, the wedding invitations are OUT! (Thanks Mom and Brandon!!)

Wedding in 45 days ...Key West in 7! 
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