weekly roundup

Hello, weekend!  We are heading to Beaufort to see two dear friends tie the knot.  The forecast is calling for thunderstorms all weekend and into next week, but I'm packing my bathing suit anyway.  Rain or shine, it will be a nice little getaway and a chance for us to spend time with family back "home."

Here are some bits of my week.

//  Watched this very inspiring talk on the importance of getting uncomfortable and creating a meaningful life.

//  Received this dress in the mail and have wanted to wear it every day.

//  Really, really need two of these.

//  Loved viewing Elle Decor's Most Fashionable Rooms of the Week.

// Discovered this tumblr and am wondering what took me so long.

// Couldn't help but smile at this photo.  When did I turn into a cat lady?


fiddle dee dee

The next thing that will be entering my home is a fiddle leaf fig.  They are big... and although we don't have the most living space you've ever seen, I think I can make it work.  What a great way to brighten up a corner and bring color and freshness to a space.  


chop chop

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I cut off about six inches of hair.  It will definitely take some getting used to again -and more patience in the mornings (in my opinion, short hair seems to require more maintenance than when it's longer).  Anyway, just wanted to share!  If you're not following me on Instagram, you can do so here.


picks of the week

Everyone is allowed to have a want list, right?

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my go to breakfast

This breakfast smoothie honestly makes my mornings more enjoyable.
It's healthy and even better, absolutely delicious.

Here's what goes into the blender.

1 ripe banana
2 handfuls of spinach
1 single serving container of Chobani Greek Yogurt - Coffee with Chocolate Chips flavor
6-8 ice cubes

That's it!  Tastes like a coffee, banana, chocolate treat... but healthy!

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weekly roundup

Really enjoyed this article on the paleo diet.  I honestly don't think I could do it, but would love to ease into it.

Received new goodies from Southern Belle Glitz.  This online shop has the cutest jewelry at pretty awesome prices.

Watched Safe Haven more times than I'd like to admit.  We also saw The Internship last night at the Cinebarre.  It was hilarious!

Swooned over the bones of this kitchen in the works.  Those beams!  I would kill to see the rest of the house.

Pondered a new hair cut, but will probably chicken out.  I see my stylist on Tuesday and am thinking about a cut like this, but just a little longer.  I had it that way 2yrs ago and thought it was a nice change.
Yay or nay?

Enjoyed this SATC Fashion Flashback.

Made roasted tomato bisque.  So, so good.

I made this soup just for two -strictly because I only had four tomatoes on hand and didn't feel like going to the store.  It was a perfect amount, although I wish I would have made more for leftovers.
Here's the recipe.  By the way, when I cook, I don't really go by measurements, so I will share this the best that I can.

Serving size: 2
4 large tomatoes
3/4 of a medium size onion
five cloves of garlic
handful basil leaves
a few tablespoons olive oil
1 cup chicken broth (amount may vary)
1 cup heavy cream (amount may vary)
butter, baby!
lemon juice
2 bay leaves
dried herbs de provence (any yummy herbs will do.)
salt & pepper

Chop up tomatoes, onion, garlic, and basil leaves and lay it all on a baking sheet.  Drizzle olive oil over the top.  Add salt ,pepper, and herbs de provence.

Bake for 25 minutes or so at 325 degrees F.  You want to make sure the tomatoes are shriveled up, but not dry.

After removing from oven, put this mixture in a blender and blend until the soup is at the consistency that you desire. 

Pour the tomato mixture into a pot and put on the stove at low to medium heat.  Add two bay leaves.  Pour in about a half cup of the chicken broth and a half cup of heavy cream.  Stir that in and add more if desired.  You really have to play the tasting game to decide.  I also added in a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon or two of lemon juice.  Add more spices to taste (herbs de provence, seasoned salt, kosher salt, and pepper).  Basically, just add a little at a time, taste, and repeat!  

I'm not much of a tomato soup gal, but I'm telling you... it's GOOD.

We have a friend coming into town to stay with us this weekend.  I foresee a trip to the farmer's market, a couple boat rides (& an afternoon spent at Morris Island), sleeping in just enough, and some shopping on King Street.
Happy weekend, friends!

P.S.  Did you hear that Kimye named their baby North West?  What is happening with the world?



I've been trying to make some room in my closet and figured I'd create my first blog sale!
Shipping is $5 per item, but will reduce shipping for the purchase of more than one item.
Email stylemeswanky@gmail.com if interested.

T-Bags Los Angeles Dress, X-Small
Retailed for $100, Asking $20

Silence + Noise Pink Blazer, Small
Paid $75, Asking $25

 It's in perfect condition, except for one tiny snag on the back left panel.  

5-48 Romper, Small (pictured under blazer above)
-worn maybe three times-
Paid $85, Asking $25

Massimo Top, Small
-worn twice-
Retailed around $25, Asking $7

J. Crew Factory Sweater, Small
Paid $65, Asking $15

BCBG Dress, X-Small
-worn twice-
Paid $150, Asking $50

5-48 Top, X-Small
-worn less than five times-
Paid $60, Asking $15

Shoshanna Dress, Size 2 (click this link)
-worn for four hours at my bridal luncheon!-
Retailed $395, Asking $150

Express Sequin Top, X-Small
-never worn - would look great under a blazer
Paid $30, Asking $10



As a fanatic for all white kitchens, it's quite a step for me to announce my love of blue cabinets.  The look has to be executed just perfectly to retain the high contrast aesthetic that I love.  I'm talking smokey grayish-blue lowers and white uppers.  It's true that I still favor Benjamin Moore Cobblestone for lowers, but this is definitely a close second.

What do you think?

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serve over ice

Oh, Monday ...we meet again.
Hope you all had a happy Father's Day weekend!  It was absolutely gorgeous in the SC Lowcountry, so we took the boat out and laid by the pool.  Soaked up all the pretty sunshine I could and enjoyed the tastiest sangria while doing so.  I'm definitely inspired to make it at home now.  Here's a pretty simple recipe that's definitely worth trying.

1.5 liters red wine
3/4 cup orange juice
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup brandy
1/2 cup triple sec
slices of limes, lemons, oranges -whatever you'd like!

Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher and refrigerate until chilled.  Serve over ice.

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