we moved!

If you follow me on instagram, you probably know by now that there's news on the home front. After looking at countless homes, property sites, and house plans, we've decided to put all of that on pause and rent for a year. We feel good about this choice since it will allow us to step back and really take our time with such a big decision.

Last Friday, we looked at a rental in Habersham and just took the plunge. We moved in the very next day! It's been five days and there are still boxes everywhere and furniture still in the storage unit. I'll feel so much better when pictures get on the walls ...and when every last cardboard box is out of sight. 

I'll be honest. It kind of stings a little unpacking everything, knowing we probably will be buying or building our own home within the year. I don't want to move any more!

Our new space has quite the different vibe than anywhere else we've lived. Stained concrete floors, along with exposed wood beams and air/water ducts make for an industrial feel. But I'm honestly kind of loving it. Our furniture is really cozy, so it's starting to warm up the space nicely. We do have beautiful wood floors upstairs which gives a neat contrast between the two floors. Winston, on the other hand, just isn't sure. He's been almost permanently hiding under the comforter we keep folded on the end of our bed. That kitty boy.

Our neighborhood might be my favorite place ever. I'll never tire of the trees and waterfront views. Looking forward to many evening strolls this summer.

Below are photos of the marketplace area - full of cute little shops and restaurants.

So yeah - that's where I've been! If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it very well could be because I'm buried under cardboard boxes. Or bubble wrap. There's a lot of that around here, too.


  1. This looks so perfect! What a gorgeous area to live in -- I'm definitely in love and a bit jealous!

  2. How lovely!


  3. I love your new place!! What an awesome style :) I really love modern / industrial homes...and your new neighborhood looks amazing - how beautiful! Can't wait to see pictures when you have unpacked and decorated! xx

  4. Glad you found something to settle in until you find a new house! Looks like a lovely little spot and I love the industrial look of it!


  5. I love love love the look of the apartment!!! We have some warehouse style places in Chicago, but not with that backyard ;)

  6. What a fun space to live in for a year! I'm in the same boat as you, our lease was up in January and we couldn't commit to buying yet so we signed a 6 month lease. I would have rather moved somewhere cheaper to save money, but it is what it is!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  7. so jealous of your beautiful neighborhood. and smart move to wait and rent…. our lease is up this summer and I'm thinking we should renew for another year. can't wait to see it decorated.


  8. Habersham looks so cute!! My boyfriend's parents live in Beaufort so we escape there on the weekends a lot and I love the small town charm of it. I feel ya though on the whole moving thing... I moved to a new apartment in Mt Pleasant 2 weeks ago and can't wait to get things on the wall and finish decorating and make it really feel like home... well, for now at least!

  9. I am DYING over those trees!! I think this is a smart move for you, despite the whole possibly moving again in a year thing. It gives you time, and you are under so much less pressure.

  10. Congrats on the move love, everything looks amazing! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

  11. That scenery is amazing! so beautiful.

  12. Ah, Habersham! I found your blog through #habersham on Instagram. I lived in one of the lofts at Habersham, too, for a year. Unfortunately, I had to move last August. It was so hard to leave the area. I lived in Bluffton/HHI for seven years, and I thought the move to Beaufort would be hard, but I ended up falling in love with Beaufort. If I ever move back, it will be to there (versus Bluffton/HHI). Those evening walks are magical - the light through the trees is just fantastic. I hope you settle in and can enjoy your time there!


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