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We all love Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. It's a great time to stock up on current season's styles, nice boots and handbags, as well as high priced coats. But one thing I haven't heard as much about are the BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES! The sales are good, y'all. Just take a look at my faves. 

(This is a clickable image! Just click each item (or click the + sign, if it appears!) to be directed to product page.)


  1. I'm going to charlotte on friday and my first stop is Nordys! Hoping they still have some of the things I have my eye on, on-line, in the store!

  2. I ran across your wedding on SMP today. So beautiful! I love your taste and am planning a classic, elegant wedding in the same vein as yours.

  3. I blew my WAD on this sale, as I usually do each year. I am a cardholder so I was up shopping like a lunatic at 1:30 am on the day presale opened...I have a partial list on my blog, but I need to do a total inventory. I dare not look at my card statement.


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