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Anytime Serena & Lily has a discount code, my mind starts wondering off into Never Ever Land ...the Land of Interior Dreams. No, but seriously, I start daydreaming about my future home and how each room could be so expertly decorated. If only I had unlimited funds to really splurge! But hey, that's what discount codes are for, right? Save up to $250 off with code SUNNYDAYS, now through July 8th. Here's what I have my eye on...

Oh yeah, this graphic is clickable! Just hover your mouse over each item and click the black box to be directed to the product page.


  1. I need that umbrella and that black and white striped rug!!! I'm ready to make my outdoor space chic and comfy!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog. So cute! I am loving it.

  3. I'm loving that bar cart and the umbrella! Great picks!

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    xx Nika

    Nika's Beauty Land



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