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Kenroy Home was so kind to ask me to pick out a couple lamps from their beautiful collection. I chose the Tifton Floor Lamp and Tifton Table Lamp. They have a vintage brass finish and a slightly industrial look, which is balanced out by the soft linen drum shades. Plus, the detailed knob you see isn't just for looks - it allows the height to be adjustable. Pretty much obsessed with these. 

So this stuff is a bit of a jack of all trades. It's called "triple remedy" because it brightens, depuffs, and smooths. It's packed with age defying ingredients like Retinyl palmitate and GABA, which support the skin’s natural collagen production to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Licorice root brightens dark circles. Caffeine and coralline extract (a red algae) work together to soothe and enhance blood flow to the eye area to minimize puffiness. 

What the heck does all that mean? Aside from all that goodness above, it makes you look incredibly more awake the moment you put it on because it has a concealing effect. For that reason, I only use it in the mornings. Also, the metal tip is insanely cooling and soothing on tired eyes. It's a definitely fave.

I gotta admit, I bought this stuff because I liked the simplistic label. It was only like $15 from World Market and I thought that even if it wasn't good, at least it would look pretty on the bar. Turns out, it's delicious. We had it with dinner last night. It's light and crisp, with a perfect hint of sweetness. All you riesling fans should definitely check it out.

I've been loving this candle so much. It's different than all other candle scents I normally go for (which are gardenia, sandalwood, jasmine, and other white florals). This one is pine, balsam, fresh thyme, and amazingness. It's not Christmas-y at all, like other pine-scented candles tend to be. It's fresh and rich smelling. It just smells like a beautiful, old southern home that has the doors open with the smell of giant pine trees coming in with the breeze. Is this an odd way to describe it? Because I don't know how else to. When I purchased this, the sales associate said this candle has a cult following and she ships it all over the country. After using it, I can understand why. 


  1. Those lamps are EXACTLY what I've been searching for :) simple, beautiful, and timeless. Thanks for posting.

  2. i love those lamps! great finds. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I love your rug. I am looking for a rug that color. Do you mind sharing the brand and color?

  4. Ahh I'm getting so excited about fall and candles!!! I would love to splurge on that candle, it sounds heavenly!

  5. I've been hearing a lot about First Aid Beauty lately! And riesling is my favorite... yum!



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