Gift Guide: What's on MY list?

So, y'all know that I post lust lists and gift guides all the time. All of the things I mention are things I really love, but still, those lists are a little different than things I would really ask for myself. 

I've missed a few days of posting within the past couple of weeks because my mom has been really sick. I went home to be with my parents for a little while. My mom is by far the most selfless person I know, and that's not me being biased. Even though she has been incredibly weak, she is still begging me to put together a Christmas list. That's the last thing she should worry about! 

Honestly, this is the first year I can ever remember when there's not one single material thing I really want. I think when you are reminded how precious life is, you're also reminded what's actually important, so I just haven't been thinking about things like shoes and bags lately. If I could have just one thing for Christmas, it would just be to have my Mom all better (I think we are on a road to recovery, by the way!).

But, there are still elves out there that are asking me over and over to make a list. So I've put together a little something to give them a few ideas. You know, just things that would look awfully nice under the Christmas tree. ;)

Cuyana Travel Bag Set // $95 (red, personalized with MSS)    |     Soft Sea Giclee Print // $30

Plum Pretty Sugar Robe // $65 (small - I love this set, too!)     |     Stud Earrings // $18


  1. I think the Cuyana Travel bag set it such a great choice - I have been lusting after the Cuyana tote bags, which are currently on my personal list.

    I hope that your Mom gets better, soon. Family is really the most important thing and I'm sure your Mom appreciates the time that you spent with her recently.

    ~ Christina

  2. Hoping your Momma is all better before Christmas! I am sure she is thankful to have you come home and see she is on the mend. Looks like you have put together a great list for Santa ;)

  3. Love those earrings and the price is on point! Sure hope your mom gets better soon - Cadence had it for an entire week and is just now finally getting over the fever and cough! Tis the season for colds I suppose. Prayers for your mom!

  4. Sorry to hear your Mom has been sick. Hopefully the road to recovery she is on is a short road and she will be better very soon! :)

  5. Prayers for your momma! Putting together a gift guide can be so hard once you realize you don't "need" anything...really realized that this year after I have been out on my own & working as a nurse. Have a great weekend!


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