weekly roundup

Don't have much for you this Friday in the form of worthy links, but I wanted to pop in anyway. We are hitting the road to stand by our friends' sides as they tie the knot. It's going to be an awesome weekend all around so be sure to follow me on instagram for updates. xo!

Love this quote.

These hammered rings are the perfect everyday accessories.

I made these this week and they are good.

This dress came in this week and it's THE maxi of summer. In love.

A good t-shirt dress is a summer must have and this one is looking pretty on point.

I got my hair done this week and I'm so glad I read these tips beforehand. 


peplum and bows

outfit details //
pants: (similar: herehere, and here)
heels: Kate Spade
sunglasses: Prada
necklace: J. Crew
small right hand ring: Kay Jewelers
bracelets and e-ring: Bay Street Jewelers 


picks of the week

This week's sale to shop is at Shopbop. Why? They've marked down literally thousands of designer items and it's all so good. Nothing is less than 30% off and as always, you can count on me to bring you my picks. 

clothing picks //

shoes & accessories picks //

Everything above is 30-50% off! Shop the sale here

image via


beach necessities

I really should have titled this, "what's in my boat bag," because that's where this bag went with me... not to the beach. (Otherwise, it would have been filled with lots of magazines & ipod speakers, which are my two main beach essentials.) When you're out on the boat or at the beach/pool or wherever, the last thing you want is to be unprepared and to wish you had something that's not in your bag. At the same time, you don't want to be overloaded with stuff and feel unorganized. I think I've narrowed it down pretty well...

Ok, admittedly, some of these things weren't as much beach bag contents as they are pre-sun necessities. Like number one, for example - Pureology Essential Repair Colour Max .  I always put this stuff in my hair before going out in the sun. It nourishes dry, color treated hair (me ...me again), but it also provides UV protection. I put it on wet or dry hair, from the scalp to the ends. The second product is the Coola Sunscreen Spray, which is full of good-for-your-skin organic ingredients like cucumber, algae & strawberry extracts, and red raspberry seed oil. The third pre-sun necessity is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50, which is - wait for it - a daily anti aging primer with SPF 50. It's amazing and the absolute perfect product to put on your face, especially on a day you're going to primarily spend outside. Following that, I apply the BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. It's lightweight, natural, and has the added benefit of SPF 20. I wear shade 09, by the way. I don't normally promote wearing makeup to the beach, but this stuff is so light that you can't see or feel it. And finally, something that stays in my bag all day is The Wet Brush. In a word... if you haven't tried it, do. It's like $8 and makes the biggest difference in detangling wet hair. I take it in my beach/boat bag because it tremendously helps in untangling wind-blown, salty hair.

Can't forget the sunglasses! These Gucci shades are my absolute favorites (and they're the ones I'm wearing in this Instagram pic)


weekly roundup (and sales to shop)

This video has made my week.

I've absolutely become obsessed with Gray Malin's photography. His work just puts me in a happy place. This print is so necessary.

The statement necklace of all statement necklaces.

Will be trying out this easy snack recipe this weekend. I've had them before and their so delicious! (and dangerous!)

Wonder if this hair trick would actually work?

16 questions every girl asks herself when deciding whether to wash her hair or not. #sotrue #busted

I love this quote.

Sales to shop this weekend...

Neiman Marcus Last Call is offering 60% off sale items and 40% off everything else on the site!

Bloomingdale's is having their Big Brown Sale, where you can save 20-65% off through May 26th. Save an extra 20% off with code EXTRA20.

Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale is continuing. Don't wait too long because things are selling out quick!

BCBG is having a 30% off ENTIRE SITE sale! No code required.

J. Crew is offering 25% off items in this section (with code PACKME).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! Oh, if you happen to get a second today, I would thoroughly appreciate if you'd vote "Bay Street Jewelers" as "Best Jewelry Store" on this website. Thank you, thank you!

image via anthropologie


another day, another...

...sale. And this one's not to miss because there are some major savings taking place. Nordstrom's Half-Yearly sale is going on now and I definitely took advantage of it to stock up on some things like these great flats and this cashmere sweater. As usual, here are my picks.


Quick Summer Hair and Makeup Tutorial (vlog)

Let's face it... some days you just don't feel like doing your hair and makeup. Yesterday was one of those days for me. But when you've got places to be, it's important to put forth at least a little effort to looking presentable. 

For makeup, I used a very natural serum foundation, concealer, a tiny bit of eyeshadow and mascara, bronzer, blush, and a fun lipstick. I used a very light hand with everything to ensure that it would stay put no matter where my day took me.

As for hair, after my hair completely air dried, I added in a texturizing spray and used a 1" curling iron to do very quick and messy waves.

Makeup products used:
MAC Eyeshadow (Blanc Type and Omega)

Hair products used:
Conair Curling Iron (1")


shopbop sale picks

Shopbop has added hundreds of items to their sale and of course, I had to pick out my favorites to share with you. Honestly, I couldn't even get through the bulk of the sale because there are so many items, but this is what stuck out to me in the first ohh... 15 pages or so of browsing the sale.

All items shown below are brand new to the sale and are all 30% off! Shop quickly, my friends, before they sell out!

this just in.

Where to begin, where to begin? Can we talk about this skirt first? My favorite pieces are classic ones, but that also have a modern/fun twist (like this Ronny Kobo skirt). This Tularosa romper might be the perfect summer staple. You could wear it as a swim coverup, out for the day, or dress it up for night. I pretty much love scalloped anything, so this Marysia suit is a must. I love how the scallops give it a cute look, but the black color keeps it adult. Oh, and this Assali Borgia dress? It's what fancy summer nights are made of.

Moving along to the accessories department. These cat eye Ray-Bans are pretty fantastic - and have a great price point!  The Steve Madden sandals are pretty similar to the Valentino Rockstuds, but a tiny fraction of the price. This Gorjana lariat necklace could be layered with so many different necklaces. It's delicate, but makes a statement and I'm in love with it. And finally, my absolute favorite color of the season mixed with a pretty perfect tote bag

Good stuff, right? I want it all.



Our weekend was filled with lots of sunshine, golf, and strawberry daiquiris. I really don't have any complaints about that combination at all.  You regulars around here might recall that every year in May we go to Fripp Island for the Beaufort Charities Invitational. I believe this was my 10th Charities with Brandon (should have been 11th, but I missed one year) and it's something we look forward to all throughout the year. Brandon plays in the tournament and I... well I just sit and chat with the ladies over fruity drinks. #iwin

Oh, and the best part this year? Our rental house came with a yellow hummer golf cart. 

(my outfit details: top / shorts)

...and before we left on Sunday, we saw two baby deer on the beach! Here's one. Made my weekend.



I'm positively, without a doubt, a multi-masker. One of my favorite ways to relax is to soak in the tub and let my mask of the night do its job. Over the years, I've tried a lot of masks, but the ones shown above are by far my favorites. And when I've got something this good, you know I've just got to share.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay // I got sucked right into this one. It's known as "the world's most powerful facial" and because of that claim, has created quite the buzz. I noticed the cult following this mask has, so I had to try it. My verdict? Yes, it's freaking powerful. As in... there's no way to leave this on your face for longer than 15 minutes or you feel like your skin is going to pulsate clear off of your face. I don't know if that makes sense... but the ultimate conclusion is that this mask will dry up any acne blemishes with no problem. It will clear out your pores like nobody's business.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment // This one hurt a little to purchase. It's a pretty penny for such a small container, but after using it, I can understand how they can mark up the price so high. It has a six-acid blend that decongests, brightens, and softens the skin. After leaving it on for the prescribed amount of time, you can see little dots all over your face where the mask is working extra hard to draw out impurities. This will be repurchased!

Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask // Well I completely dropped the ball on this one and forgot it is discontinued. Sorry guys! I bought a ton of these as back ups when I first got word. But really, all this is is a clay-based mask. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is a great alternative - also one of my favorites (I just ran out of it a couple weeks ago!).

So as you can see, I love deep cleansing masks. But I also love a good specialty mask. If I'm feeling extra skincare obsessed, I'll use one of these two immediately after a cleansing mask.

29 by Lydia Mondavi Replenishing and Restoring Mask // This mask is good good. It's packed with antioxidants and good-for-you ingredients like pomegranate, white tea, olive, and rose water. I've especially been loving this on days when I've been in the sun a little too long. With our vacation in Florida and quite a few boat days already, I've unfortunately been feeling some sun damage on my skin, even though I religiously apply SPF. So after the long days in the sun, I have come home and applied this mask and let it sit all evening. You can even sleep in it! It has made an instant change for the better in my skin. Using this mask makes my skin feel nourished, balanced, and healthy in general.

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask // This is holy grail material for me. I've used it for years and have mentioned it many times on this blog. It has a four-fruit acid complex that creates a gentle exfoliation that leaves the skin glowing and healthy. My favorite use for this mask is to reduce dark spots/hyperpigmentation. It drastically helps with that. It also helps with fine lines! I just love it.

Are you a multi-masker, too? What are your favorite masks?



Let's start with Thursday night since I missed you on Friday. I was kindly asked to be the guest speaker at my high school alma mater at their Academic Awards Banquet. So honored. (I laugh because I look pretty distressed in this photo, but I think I was just driving a point home!)

We ate at The Old Bull Tavern on Friday night. One of our favorites. If you're visiting Beaufort, I highly recommend it. I wore an oldie but goodie dress from Asos. (My shoes are BCBG)

Bright and early on Saturday, we took Brandon's parents on a kayak tour in the May River for his mom's birthday. Safe to say we got our arm workouts in!

...and Saturday's date night. Let's just say it ended in Lowe's (I don't hate it.). We were going to see "The Other Woman" in theaters, but our dinner ran a little too late. (Has anyone seen that movie? - thoughts?) I'm not complaining though because, thanks to the trip to Lowe's instead, my fiddle leaf figs were FINALLY re-potted. #betterlatethannever

For Mother's Day yesterday, we cruised in the boat to Hilton Head to have lunch at Skull Creek Boathouse. Delicious... as usual. It was great for Brandon and I both to have our moms with us. I love living close to both of our families.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends - and Happy Mother's Day (a little late!) to all of my blogger mommas out there. Here's to another week! I'll be finished with my real estate classes on Thursday... then off to Fripp Island for a long weekend. Can't. come. quick. enough. 


what i wore: print and pattern

I can throw on a bright tunic and a pair of white denim and instantly feel ready for the Hamptons. (If only I were actually going there!) No, but really - an outfit like this could take you anywhere. And it's comfy to boot!

Outfit details:
Tunic: J. Crew (Similar - 30% off with code SALE30)
Denim: J. Crew - 30% off with code SALE30
Loafers: Gap (Similar - 20% off!)
Necklace: Lisi Lerch


mixed bag

Since we never got around to weekend shenanigans yesterday, I thought I'd chat about it today. We saw two of our good friends tie the knot on Saturday at Wadmalaw Island, just outside of Charleston. Brandon was one of the groomsmen ...I loved their attire! It fit the overall theme so well. The wedding was beautiful! 

A lot of you asked what dress I am wearing... it's Club Monaco! The same style also comes in white. I've seriously been obsessed with CM's clothes this season. I bought these shorts and these shorts - loving both!

In other news, Piperlime is having a buy more, save more event. Save 20% off $150+, 25% off $300+, 30% off $450+ with code SIZZLE. Girls, that's a good deal. Here are my picks! 

Ok. On the career front. I honestly can't remember what all I've shared on here about my quest for a new job. Know how they say "good things come to those who wait?" (Well, my dad always said that to me growing up. Try saying that to the most impatient child in the universe.) Anyway, I'm believing more and more that that's true. A few amazing opportunities have been presented to me and, now that they are official, I figured I'd clue y'all in. I am doing marketing part time for two companies I'm very passionate about - Bay Street Jewelers, which many of you know is my in-law's store, and Habersham, our new neighborhood that I fall more and more in love with everyday. In addition, I've also enrolled in real estate classes and, assuming I can cram all of this knowledge into my head in just a few weeks, will proceed with working at Habersham Properties! This is something I've considered since I was a little girl and I just needed an extra push to make it a reality. That might explain this photo on instagram:

Notice the tumbler with the coffee is empty? 

That's all I've got for you today. Bear with me the next two weeks! 


exciting news from thredUP!

Hello and happy Cinco de Mayo! Today brings much more than margaritas and queso. It brings a new launch that I know will leave you all taking an extra long lunch break to peruse. thredUP, the largest online resale shop for women and children's clothing, is launching their collection of high-end, gently used handbags today - and for prices 70% below retail!

thredUP’s handbag launch includes nearly two thousand pieces in a range of styles from brands like Kate Spade New York, Coach, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Prada, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Herm├Ęs and Louis Vuitton. And don't worry, thredUP has added experienced authenticity and pricing specialists to its merchandising team to protect us from counterfeit pieces.

What's super exciting is that whenever we're dealing with resale, there is, of course, always another end of the spectrum. What does this mean for you? You can sell your handbags to thredUP and receive payouts of up to 80 percent of its resale value. This is great news for me because, as y'all know from my blog sale, I don't like to hold on to pieces I'm not using very long.

Here are some bags from today's launch. So you tell me... which is your favorite? 


weekly roundup

Don't you want to just wash your hands in that sink? I've been staring at this photo for the longest time and feel calm whenever I look at it. For that reason alone, I should probably print it out and put it somewhere I see it all the time. We've been a little crazy busy lately, but all good crazy and all good busy. May is going to be a packed month. Between the two of us, we will be in three weddings, have an annual trip planned at Fripp Island for the Beaufort Charities Golf Tournament, I've started three (yes three) jobs this week and will be in classes all day for the next two weeks straight, and I have been asked to do a speaking engagement next week (and I am so incredibly honored). For whatever reason, May always seems to be this way for us, though, and I love it. Anyway, here are this week's worthy links.

- Pineapple ice cubes... get in my cup! 
- Loving this nailhead pinboard tutorial so much that I might just tackle this project this      weekend.  
- Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, here are ten amazing margarita recipes you need to try. I'll take the strawberry one, please. 
- This bathroom remodel is so, so good. 
- Dear Perfect Flats for Summer, You're on my list.

- Just the sweetest
- I really do think I've become a crazy cat lady. I need this artwork
- Going to try this recipe soon - sounds so yummy!
- And just like that, you have it. Jessica's "Daisy Duke" fitness plan


desk decor du jour

Now that I have a new desk and will be working from home, the main lusts on my radar are office decor related. Even when I was a little girl, I was always a "school supplies" nerd and stocked up on as many pens and post-its that I could possibly convince my mom to buy me. Since I'll be spending a lot of time sitting at my desk, I definitely see the importance of having pretty things on it (like the items above!). Let me know if you have any chic desk decor favorites!

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