I really don't have much to show for the weekend because we didn't do a whole lot, but that was what was so great about it. We spent the weekend at Edisto Beach with some of our best friends. It was a great retreat, even though we couldn't exactly get tanned on the beach like we wanted to. Still, the weather was warmer than it has been, so we took full advantage of being outside as much as possible. 

We had coffee and sat in the rocking chairs on the porch in the mornings. 

...and took walks on the beach during the day. My Fitbit was happy. (I love it, by the way. Such a great way to stay conscious of your activity. The one I have is on sale ($12 off) at Target.)

The weather was super hazy in the late afternoon on Saturday. This was taken on my iPhone and it's not edited. I thought the colors and intensity looked so awesome. 

Then an hour later, we were left with this amazing view. Hope you all had a happy weekend! I'll be back tomorrow with the makeup I pack for a weekend away.


  1. The last photo is beautiful. Sunsets are always so wonderful, no matter how times we see them.


  2. looks like a wonderful weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. beautiful weekend! we took in the beach at IOP for a while on Sunday!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! So jealous that you are so close to the ocean ;)
    xx Em beauty blether


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