mixed bag: 4 things on my mind

Brandon and I have been hooked on those "Tiny House Hunters' type of tv shows on HGTV. Part of me thinks I could totally do it, then the rest of me snaps back to reality. But seriously, how cute are they? 

We saw Trainwreck last night. It was hilarious! I totally think these two should date in real life. Although, he might be married (?), so nevermind. Anyway, I definitely recommend seeing this one if you don't mind some crude humor. 

By the way, I kept thinking, "Man, that woman has great hair!" all throughout the movie. Had no idea it was Tilda Swinton and the hair is a wig! (Lemme get that wig.)

So loving this song:

I know it's been beat like a dead horse, but have you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I bought these pillows and they came in yesterday. So pretty! 
I just realized how much I hate that quote, "beat like a dead horse." Sorry!


  1. WOAH did not realize the Tilda Swinton thing – that is so interesting!!! Also, I fell in love with Bill Hader's character...too good. Have a great Wednesday!!

    Annie Reeves

  2. That tiny house is so damn cute! Great post.

    Check out my latest post <3


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