what i wore: i blacked out

So I spotted this Vince leather panel dress at Nordstrom Rack the other week and loved how different it is than everything in my closet. The lines are feminine but it definitely has that edgy look. Since Nordstrom Rack's prices are so slashed, I figured I would scoop it up since it was such a great deal—54% off! It's still a pricier piece even with the discount, but it's made of really fine fabrics and Vince always does it right in the quality department. This one is going to last a long time and go with so many different outfit combinations. (I always say a dress is worth the money if it's something I could wear to work, out to dinner, and to church. This one fits the bill!) 

I paired the dress with a Daniel Rainn long vest. It's almost 60% off, bringing the price down to just under $33!

dress    |    vest
SIMILAR: necklace (here and here, too!), heels (70% off! These would look so great with this outfit, too), and sunglasses

thanks to nordstrom rack for partnering with me for this post


  1. Love the outfit and your hair! They both look so pretty! Also, can we please have a post of the new exciting news you posted on instagram today?! I've been following your blog for the past year and im so excited for your new upcoming future posts!

  2. Pretty!

    Her Heartland Soul

  3. I love this dress!! What a great find at Nordstrom Rack! And congrats on your exciting news!!



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