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I love shelf styling and always find it so interesting to learn what other people have put on theirs! I got this etagere from Joss & Main and even though I'm not seeing it on one of their sales now, check back often because it pops up a lot! It's such a fun piece to style. I especially love its open sides because our living room is not huge at all and so this way it doesn't appear to take up too much space.

books shown above:    
 chanel     |     ryan korban     |     fashion

I love succulents! I buy one almost any time I'm at TJ Maxx and see a fake one that looks believable. We tried the real thing but ...they died. This is so much easier. There are some really great looking faux succulents here

books above:
island hotel stories     |     gypset living    |     polaroids     |     new york interiors

The acrylic framed pineapple print above is from Open Door Shop!

chairs     |     rug     |     garden stool     |     drapes     |     curtain rods


  1. So crisp and clean, I love it! Your home is stunning. We have very similar taste on many of the coffee table books you posted! :)

  2. Love this! So pretty! My favorites are the pineapple print and the sweet wedding picture!


  3. What a beautiful shelf!

    Her Heartland Soul

  4. I love how minimalist this is it looks great.




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