weekly roundup

I may or may not be doing a little "it's Friday!" dance as I type. This is our third weekend in a row spent in Charleston, which might have to be a record for us. We are always on the go and I have to say, it feels so nice to be home. I'm also doing a happy dance because we finished putting our taxes together. (Ah!!) This weighed on me in particular because, well, I've worn a lot of hats around here throughout the past year. Seriously, between leaving my job at MUSC last spring, starting The Everygirl, doing marketing/social media for a local business, selling real estate, and this blog—and then Brandon leaving his job in Beaufort to work in Charleston again... seriously, there have been 1099/W2's flying around everywhere. If I never saw another receipt or mileage excel sheet, I'd be doing okay. Ok, y'all don't care about my accounting rant. I hope you all are thawing out (except for those of you on the west coast where life is warm & sunny) and have a wonderful weekend! Here are this week's worthy links.

I love this calendar. The whole shop, in fact. You can save 15% off with code myassiscold.

Brandon is obsessed with podcasts. I swear this line comes at me at least once per day, "So I was listening to this podcast today and...," or "I found a new podcast today—let me see if I can find this funny line for you to hear. Hold on..." It's actually become a little joke around here because any sort of trivia he has to tell me comes from a podcast. Now I have the line, "Wait, wait! Let me guess where you heard that. A podcast!" I digress. I am not quite certain when podcasts became a thing, but since they are, maybe I should take some notes and try out these first.

How amazing is this clutch? (...and this tunic, while we're at it.)

Speaking of the Kardashian family... In case you were wondering what Kim puts on her face.

Tons of new spring arrivals at J. Crew Factory and you can save 30% off everything with code hurryspring. I'm sort of partial to these pull on shorts.

Had coffee with the ladies behind Open Door Shop yesterday at St. Alban. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out. Aren't these little gold spoons the best?

This makes me laugh so much because it's painfully true.


coffee table books on my radar

I am absolutely obsessed with coffee table books. I don't think I could ever have enough. Here are some I'd love to add to my collection...

Tory Burch in Color           The New York Dog            Simplicity


what to wear to a spring wedding

It's already time to start thinking of what to wear to spring weddings, so I've rounded up some favorites! Like the dress shown above, for one, which is currently 40% off. I just love the color and it's hard to beat a good maxi.

Here are some others that caught my eye...


charlotte tilbury: a review

So unless you've been hiding under a rock, you've at least heard of Charlotte Tilbury, one of the world's most sought after makeup artists. She has her own collection of makeup and skin care products and I can't tell you how excited I was to get my hands on some of the items to test out for a review. 

Every product was created with Charlotte's 20+ years of artistry tips & tricks in mind and trust me, they all look fantastic. I only wish I had a CT beauty counter nearby to play with everything and didn't have to ooh & awe over everything by just browsing online.

I'll go ahead and start off by saying this was my absolute favorite of the bunch. You've probably seen this cult-favorite product in magazines and maybe even on instagram. It's used all the time on the red carpet and adored by so many. Including me.

The bronzer is the perfect not-too-orange, not-too red shade. It creates the perfect shadow, while warming up the skin. The highlight is a beautiful pearl shade that will flatter any tone. It's not glittery at all, but is able to capture the light in the most luminous of ways using Light Flex Technology, which captures light and radiates it out, giving a super Giselle-esque look. It's by far my favorite highlight I've ever tried. Used together, these products work wonders in giving that sculpted and radiant look we all seem to be after.

You can see in this swatch that the highlight doesn't really look shimmery, but don't be deceived! When it catches the light in real life, it's glowing, stunning, radiant... all of the above.

At $68, yes it's a little pricey. But this product is so pigmented, you need just the tiniest amount. Also, when you think about contour and highlight, those aren't two products that you will need tons of, so plan on this lasting a long time. I've used mine almost every day for the past few weeks and I've barely even made a dent in the pretty design that is etched into the product. It applies perfectly with the Powder & Sculpt Brush, which is ideal for applying contour and highlight due to its tapered end. Having both products in one compact is very convenient and the colors apply so well together. The two combine to create the most gorgeous glow. It's really a lovely product and I don't hesitate one bit to say that this is one luxury product that is absolutely positively worth the price.

I was attracted to these colors because I felt they would take me from day to night pretty easily. There's a warm champagne color on the top left for providing a light base, a minky taupe on the top right for enhancing, a warm bronzey brown on the bottom right for smoking out the look, and finally, a darker golden glitter shade on the bottom left for a subtle pop. 

L to R, colors listed as described above: warm champagne, minky taupe, darker golden glitter (see, it's suble and the glitter only appears when catches the light!), and the warm bronzey brown

These shades blend in so well with one another and can provide many different looks. They aren't the most buttery or pigmented shadows I've ever used, but the colors are so unique and beautiful. I've been wearing them everyday and haven't found myself reaching for any other eyeshadow palettes at all. This one gives me everything I need for day to day—and even for a night look. 

Acclaimed to be the holy grail of foundations... let's just say that phrase set my expectations pretty high. This product is described as an air-light formula with wonder powers and according to CT, it illuminates, smoothes, hydrates, minimizes pores and reduces wrinkles for perfect skin.

Do I think it is a beautiful foundation? Yes. Is it my favorite ever? Not at the moment, at least. I'm looking forward to trying this in the summer because my favorite foundations change depending on the season and who knows, it might be my number one then. There really isn't any one thing I can tell you that I didn't like about this foundation—it's a beautiful one, but it didn't blow my socks off like I had hoped. I will let you know if my mind changes!

I have it in shade #4, which was spot on for me. I love foundations that get that golden undertone right. If you need help finding your shade, here's a great guide

This foundation allowed my skin to breath, but yet the coverage wasn't skimping. It was just enough. I would say that it's a light to medium coverage, yet it's buildable. On me, it wasn't very long lasting, but this could be completely different for you because the description claims that it should last for 18 hours. One thing I love about the formulation is that it contains a botanical alternative to retinol that is said to stimulate epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles. Got to love a good multi-tasker.

Have you ever tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? Anything I've just got to try? Tell me, tell me!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the products to test out, but was not required to review. All opinions are my own!


weekly roundup

image/art via
Hello! Happy weekend. I've been nursing a cold and a little fever the past day or so. Hoping to kick it so that I can enjoy the weekend with friends. It's supposed to be 65 tomorrow and that sounds like a dream about now. Anyone have fun plans? 

Here are this week's worthy links...

  • Dying over Emily Clark's curated items on Joss & Main.
  • Sorta kinda obsessed with these pants.
  • This video did me in. So cute!
  • Did you see Jimmy's bit on NYFW? Pretty hilarious.
  • All Graphic Image Datebooks are 50% off, but just for a limited time. (Get. On. That.)
  • If you didn't check out my tutorial on The Evergirl this week and have any interest at all (ha!), you can do that here.
  • Love posts like this. Especially when it has to do with morning routines. 
  • Got to love a good pad for your weekly lists.
  • You may have seen my instagram post about the Temple Spa Skin Truffle. Can you say creme de la creme? Literally. I had my reservations because it's a very thick cream and they don't normally do very well on my skin, but this one is fantastic. If you have dry skin, you will especially love this. I honestly don't know what there is not love about it. My skin feels hydrated and nourished after using it, plus it smells amazing. Definitely my favorite nighttime moisturizer right now.
  • The art pictured above is by Megan Carn. Her work is amazing.


what i wore: leopard is the new neutral

Well, let's start off by saying that it was fah-ree-zing when I took these photos... as you can see in my "I'm frigid cold in this wind, but I'm trying to look pretty and smile" pose below.

 outfit details:
dress  ||  jacket (bb dakota, much like this one) ||  clutch  ||  shoes (nine west, much like these, these, these)  ||  sunglasses  ||  jewelry (borrowed for a guest post on the Vahan blog, coming soon!)  ||  lipstick (in shade vigne)


weekly most wanted

Just a few (ok, more than a few) favorites for the week...
and as always, you can shop all of my favorites here.
Oh! There's a fun outfit post coming up tomorrow—be sure to stop by!


bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Review

So there's a product I've fallen in love with—bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, a brand new hydrating tinted gel cream that has completely changed the way I look at makeup. 

I never thought I'd be okay with wearing such little coverage on my skin until I tried this product, but it truly helps to perfect the skin with the tiniest coverage possible. It's incredible and something I can't explain. My skin is far from perfect, but this totally does the job for me. 

Not only does it perfect, but it also hydrates in the best way possible. I've never been able to use a tinted moisturizer on a regular basis before because, on my combination skin, they aren't moisturizing enough to use without a regular moisturizer underneath, but they are too moisturizing to use when I do apply a moisturizer underneath. Do you feel my struggle? Well, this is the first product I've tried that applies coverage and instant hydration to my skin without the help of any other product! I just wash my face, apply a serum, then apply Complexion Rescue and my skin feels insanely hydrated, but not oily. Of course, if you need more coverage, you can follow up with a second layer or apply your regular foundation just where it's needed. For everyday use, though, I really don't think added foundation is necessary after using this. 

I'm not being paid to say this—I swear my skin looks better after using this product for a week or so. It truly combines makeup and skincare like nothing I've ever tried before. You can buy Complexion Rescue for $29 at Sephora (The Smoothing Face Brush, that was made to be used with it, is available there, too!). By the way, I'm wearing shade 03 Buttercream.


don't miss out - today only!

Save 25% off orders of $125+ at J. Crew with code TODAYONLY ...and as the code implies, this sale ain't happenin' tomorrow! So don't miss out. I've included my favorites above, all of which are new arrivals for spring!

weekend (and a home update!)

It truly was a great weekend. I'm not sure where it went, but I'd like to do it again, that's for sure. We got a lot done in the house—a few lingering projects that have been on the list. Another little update is the mirror in our powder bath downstairs. 

This is how it used to look.

...and after we replaced the standard mirror with this one from Ballard Designs. This mirror is rarely in stock, so I'd jump on it while the gettin's good.

Saturday was spent working on my office walls. That's the last (and only) room we haven't touched with a paint brush since moving in. That reveal will come soon! That took up most of the day, but we still decided to head downtown for SEWE, meet up with some friends for a drink, grab a casual dinner at our favorite mexican spot, and then have dessert and a movie at home. We aren't much into the stereotypical Valentine's festivities, so our casual day was perfect. 

On Sunday, we went to church where we got married and followed up with the gospel brunch at Halls Chophouse. If you haven't already, check out this video on my instagram!

I got the crab cake egg benedict and it was goooood.

Here's what I wore. It's hard to see, but the skirt I'm wearing is on major sale (it's like $20 right now!).

Afterwards, we walked down to the SEWE festivities (again), got too cold, then turned around and went home.

Baby tigers!

Random side note, but isn't this pillow amazing?


review: mary kay beauty products

So today I'm reviewing these three little wonders pictured above—all by Mary Kay. They were given to me by Elizabeth from Carolina Mrs., who also happens to be a MK consultant! (You can check out her website here.) I've used these products for a couple weeks now and feel like I've formed enough of an opinion to share with you. Moving from the left to the right in the photo above, we have the Makeup Finishing Spray, then the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover, and finally the Lash Love Lengthening Mascara. 

Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinävia
I was so pumped to try this stuff because I've heard amazing things about makeup setting sprays, but it's been years since I've tried one. I used to own one by Skindinavia and I actually loved it, but I'm not quite sure where it went. So when I heard that Mary Kay's was formulated by the same company (but it's sold for half the price), I was all on board. 

This spray can be used for two purposes. First, as the final step in your makeup routine to "set" everything in place for all day wear of up to 16 hours. Second, it can be used as a refresher at any time during the day when your skin needs a little perking up.

To be honest, I don't feel like I notice 16 hours of wear when I spritz this on my skin after my makeup has been applied. Of course, who wants to wear makeup for 16 hours anyway? (Removing it is the first thing I do when I get home in the evening!) I still think it's an amazing final step in a makeup routine. Here's why... Even though it doesn't seem to extend the life of my makeup, it definitely makes it look more natural, giving me a fresh-faced look. It basically makes any powders on your face have a skin-like, smooth appearance. I would definitely say it's worth the $18 just for that reason alone. Plus, it's going to last forever since only a couple of pumps are needed.

Removing my eye makeup is something I take very seriously. You absolutely have to be delicate with this area because it's the thinnest skin on the face and excessive tugging can cause premature wrinkles. After trying this, I will say that I still prefer removing my eye makeup by pre-cleansing my face with a gel or oil cleanser, then following up with my main cleanse. But, I love this for going in with a cotton ball afterwards and removing any pesky mascara that just didn't get fully removed. That said, if you are someone that likes to use a makeup remover like this—one that is applied on a cotton pad—then this would be your best friend. It removes makeup like a dream and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy afterwards. It's super gentle and doesn't irritate the eyes. It blows makeup wipes (like those Neutrogena ones) out of the water and performs better than any other remover of this kind that I've tried. (Probably on par with Bioderma, but that's hard to find in the US!)

Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara
Elizabeth sent me this in the brown shade and I love it! I've only ever used black mascara, but the brown gives such a great natural, soft look. This mascara is just awesome. The curved brush perfectly fits my lashes and allows me to coat them so much better and easier than a standard straight mascara brush. Lengthening? ...yes, it definitely lengthens and provides a ton of lift to the lashes, too. I swear it makes my lashes look like I spent a ton of time curling them with a lash curler, even if I skipped that step. The curl and length lasts all day and doesn't flake all over my face. (Isn't that the most annoying thing in the world when mascara flakes below your eyes and accentuates dark circles? ugh!) A little tip: For a more dramatic look, I've been doing one coat of this mascara in brown, then following up with one coat of a different mascara in a black shade. Layering the brown and black shades gives an awesome effect! 

You can check out Elizabeth's Facebook page and her website to view new products or check out your old favorites. She is offering 10% off and free shipping to anyone who mentions my blog when ordering!


spring, under $75!

We've had some warm days here recently (sorry to admit it for those of you who are snowed in!), which have left me craving spring more than ever. (Of course it's getting colder again today, agh!) I've raided my favorite websites for fun spring styles and I'm about ready to clear out some clothes in my closet to make room for some fresh new fashions. Here are some excellent choices for spring—all under $75! 
white tissue tee  | floral skirt

Also, not pictured, but I love this bracelet, this necklace, these distressed shorts, these earrings, and although it (lightly) breaks the $75 budget here, I do love this top!


weekly roundup

image via
Hello! We've made it through the week. Cue the choir. 

I never thanked you all for the sweet emails and comments after my post earlier this week about my thyroidectomy scar. (I've finally responded to each of your comments, by the way!) I only posted that to show the scar progression for others going through similar procedures and to share the products I used to help heal it. I couldn't be more happy that the post somehow helped others in ways even more deeply than that! I definitely don't say it enough, but I really appreciate your support all the time—not just when I post things a little more deep and personal. Your comments honestly make my day and I value the time you guys take out of your day to read this blog. 

Ok! The nitty gritty. This week's worthy links...
Oh hey, the new shelf we have in our living room is on sale right now. You know, this shelf.
Tell me that this isn't the cutest skirt ever.
Valentine's gift ideas for him.
I have a pack of orzo I need to use and this recipe sounds delicious.
These sunglasses are high on my list. I love everything about them.
Obsessed with Kendra Scott's new rings.
Lo Bosworth is just too cute.
I'm taking notes...
Still have my eye on this necklace. This one is pretty good too.
A great article on Charleston's new charm.


recent acquisitions

On our quest to make this house a home, Brandon and I have been picking up a few things here and there—whenever anything jumps out at us. We haven't been in a rush to add decor to this house, just letting the pieces find us. Since we've basically fulfilled all of our furniture needs by now, we've had fun finding smaller touches to add to our space. So here are the things we've scooped up over the past couple of months. Some were gifts, some amazing steals, and some we just couldn't resist...

I ordered these Natural Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers and thought they'd be perfect in a mint julep cup on our bar. Brandon said I was making the bar too feminine and, yeah, I can see that. So I thought these would add masculinity, but that lowcountry style we both love at the same time. Can't beat the $2 price for the impact they give.

You've probably caught this on Instagram already, but this persian rug came from Fletcher's Finds in Yemassee, just two miles off of I-95 Exit 38 in South Carolina. I'm obsessed with it. It made our kitchen so much more welcoming.

Side note: This next one doesn't belong to us, but Paula (owner of Fletcher's Finds) allows you take out rugs on approval, so this beautiful runner came home with us, too. It's going back since we ultimately decided on the one shown above, but look how pretty this rug is! The details are stellar. If you're interested, it will be back at Fletcher's Finds soon, along with tons and tons of other beautiful persians.

I don't think I've shared this yet, but my parents got me this print for Christmas. This went in our kitchen, also. 

...and my mom found this beautiful milk glass cake stand for us at a yard sale. I love it! I may need to make a cake now, huh?

Brandon and I were in desperate need of a piece of furniture in our foyer. Since it opens up to the dining room, where we have a lot of darker wood, I knew I wanted a painted piece, but nothing white since our walls are so bright. I knew this grey/green wash console would be beyond perfect in this space—and the price was pretty great, too. I searched all over the internet for it and found it priced best at Target, plus you can save an additional 15% off right now. 

Ok, lastly! Here are some wall pieces I've scooped up at random places. The dark wood frame and the unframed art came from Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1 each. The antique ceramic cherubs came from Charleston Revisions.

These two vintage framed prints were just $15 each at Mount Pleasant Mall. I'm a little obsessed.

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