on my wish list

It's kind of fun to keep a personal wish list. It sort of allows you to keep your "eye on the prize" and gives you something exciting to work towards. I personally think it's always a good idea to save up so that you can reward yourself every once in a while—like if you've accomplished a goal or maybe are feeling a little down in the dumps and need something to cheer you up. Anyway, thought I'd share what I have my eyes on right now.

chanel chance eau de parfum // I've been spraying this on my arm every time I pass a Chanel counter.
mason pearson hair brush // Heard this is a game changer and worth every last cent.
apple macbook // I need a new computer SO badly and I kinda like this space gray color!
ikea mirror // A statement-maker and the price is right. I have the perfect spot for it in our living room.
a trip to NYC // because I'm dying to go back
two linen pillow covers // to go with our green velvet sofa pillows
india hicks: island style // been eyeing this coffee table book!
prada credit card case // because I'm over carrying a big wallet!


putting thoughts to paper

I get kind of crazy obsessed with office supplies. Not much gets me as excited as a new agenda or the crisp feeling of a beautiful journal. The problem is that I never want to use my new journals for list making, etc. because I don't want to ruin that brand new look! Here are a few things I love when it comes to stationery. Like (1) this vintage hermes agenda. I can only imagine how buttery soft that leather must be. And (2) these gorgeous notecards. Perfect to keep on hand for any occasion worth noting (pun intended). Are these (3) cat postcards cute or impossibly weird? Probably the latter, but that's kind of why I like them! Every gal needs a set of (4) monogrammed stationery—and that's just a fact. Love the text on front of this (5) rose gold journal. The striped envelope lining of (6) this notecard set just gets me. As does the "hello darling" quote on (7) these. A good planner is always a must and I swear no one seems to do it better than graphic image, who makes (8) this date book. I think going into the office would be more fun while carrying (9) this leather portfolio. I can only imagine it with a gold monogram! It also comes in black crocodile, which is gorgeous. I own similar notebooks to (10) these adorable ones and think they are the sweetest desk accessory. And (11) gold pens? Always a must.

Oh, new items were just added to my blog sale


current beauty favorites vlog (& a Winston appearance!)

Hey y'all! I just uploaded a new video on my current beauty favorites. Check it out below! Product links are listed below the video. xoxo

products mentioned:
it cosmetics powder brush #225 

p.s. I hope to add more things to the blog sale later tonight. I'm starting to get into those things that I really hate to part with, so check back soon for first dibs!

p.p.s. Only a few more days of the Nordstrom sale. Don't miss out!


well, I fell in love...

...with a home—in a major way—while out previewing property. I literally am moved by this one! 

View more after the jump below!


recent purchases (nordstrom anniversary sale + urban outfitters)

these sneakers  // regularly $85, now $62
good to work out in or to wear with a casual outfit

these wedges // regularly $129, now $85
these are so comfortable & I love them, although I'm considering returning them for the taupe ones... can't decide!

this faux leather jacket // regularly $98, now $63

 this nike top (regularly $30, now $18) and these running capris (regularly $52, now $33)

They have a fun mesh design on the legs—so similar to some Lululemon ones I have that are triple the price. 

this top ($29), worn with this bra ($19)

not pictured //
Ordered this watch and it's gorgeous, but I'm going to return it because it's so similar to another one I have. Also got these earrings and I love them. (Such a good price, too!) These socks are amazing. 


mixed bag: 4 things on my mind

Brandon and I have been hooked on those "Tiny House Hunters' type of tv shows on HGTV. Part of me thinks I could totally do it, then the rest of me snaps back to reality. But seriously, how cute are they? 

We saw Trainwreck last night. It was hilarious! I totally think these two should date in real life. Although, he might be married (?), so nevermind. Anyway, I definitely recommend seeing this one if you don't mind some crude humor. 

By the way, I kept thinking, "Man, that woman has great hair!" all throughout the movie. Had no idea it was Tilda Swinton and the hair is a wig! (Lemme get that wig.)

So loving this song:

I know it's been beat like a dead horse, but have you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I bought these pillows and they came in yesterday. So pretty! 
I just realized how much I hate that quote, "beat like a dead horse." Sorry!


recent acquisitions: new chairs (+ sale picks)

Good morning! You may have seen on snapchat (meg.stokes) or on Instagram last week that I took a little trek to Columbia to purchase some chairs I found on Craigslist. I've been searching for years (literally) for chairs like these, but have only been able to find one here or there. And I was not about to pay $300 each for them brand new, which is the least I was able to find them. So when I found four all together as a set on Craigslist,  I was on it. Those are the chairs above. Don't they look happy in their new home? 

You can see in the photo below how it used to look. I never had chairs to go with this table because I have been holding out for these bamboo chippendale chairs, so the ones we had were mismatched. After we painted, added drapes, and fixed up the rest of our space the way we wanted it, I didn't hate the way the mismatched chairs looked, which is why it was pretty easy for me to hold out for what I really wanted. That's what I'm learning these days—it's normally always best to wait for what you really want! 

So yeah, here's the before before. As in, when we first moved in and hadn't painted or anything. 

Somehow I do not have one single before photo of these chairs with how this space looked most recently—before the new chairs. The big fiddle leaf fig tree was moved and replaced with a smaller one, we added drapes, etc. But here it is before those things were done. The only difference in the photo above and this one below is the paint, so that just shows how big of a difference paint can make! 

(Ignore the huge pumpkin on the table. This photo was taken last October right when we moved in, and I was painting it to reuse for Thanksgiving (remember?). I don't normally keep pumpkins on the table, haha.)

...and here we are now. 

The fiddle leaf fig is no longer there because we thought it was too big for this space, so we moved it to the dining room and replaced it with a smaller one. Then all of our figs had a bit of an unfortunate turn for the worse (without getting into details because it's a sensitive subject for Brandon, haha!) and  they are currently trying to regrow leaves outside. Anyway, I'm loving this palm here. It kind of sits up on a this gold/marble bench I have in the corner that matches the mirror I always take "selfies" in. 

In other news, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going on! I've picked out a few more of my favorites. What makes this sale so great is it's new stuff for fall, not old things that are about to be last season. That's what makes this sale unique and so popular. 


on my wish list

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially started! I've been adding things to my online "wish list" like a crazy person all during the early access period and now that everyone can shop the sale, thought I'd share what's on it.

This top in white and black.
This leather jacket because sometimes black seems a little too hardcore for me.
This top because I love A.L.C. I ordered a 6 because I feel their sizing for tops runs a little small.
These socks. And these, too.
These jeans because this is my favorite denim brand and I love this silhouette.
These denim shorts.
This watch because I've eyed it for years.
These sneakers to wear with jeans this fall, and these booties.
This tank to wear while working out or just running around town in boyfriend jeans.
These leggings because I heard they are awesome.
These workout leggings and these, too.
These earrings.
This faux leather jacket because of the amazing price—worth a shot!


Chicago Recap // #tbt

Hi loves! I am starting a new thing I may do every once in a while and that is to share some throwback posts. I realized the other day that my new blog followers may be missing out on some previous posts that I loved blogging about! So on Thursdays, you may start seeing a #tbt style blog post. Today, I'm throwing it back to my trip to Chicago last year. Enjoy!

Where to begin... where to begin? Chicago was beautiful. If you're new around here, you may not know that I am a beauty editor for The Everygirl, a website set to inspire career-driven women in all facets of life - travel, living, fashion, food, career & finance, wellness, and of course, beauty. I started this position in January (or was it February?) and since that time, haven't had the opportunity to meet any of my teammates ...until this past week. 

Being able to fly to Chicago for the first time and to meet ten amazing and talented women was incredible. Not only was I experiencing a new city (that I absolutely fell in love with, by the way), but I was able to do it with women who inspire me. It was a quick trip and grrr... such a tease! I can't wait to go back for a longer period of time and enjoy more restaurants and do the things all of you recommended.

Let's start with the hotel. We stayed at the W Lakeshore which was perfect because it gave this first-timer a perfect view of Lake Michigan and the cityscapes. The hotel was recently renovated and trust me, the end result is stunning. I took snaps of my room as soon as I got there because well, somehow tiny bags of luggage have the ability to expand five times their size and that's not pretty in photos. These are iPhone photos, by the way. My DSLR just didn't make the Chicago cut since I only traveled with a carry on (tips on how I pack light on the blog tomorrow!).

Nice toiletries make me happy.
 This was the view from my room -the window was the whole length of the back wall!

...and this is the view from the other side of the hotel. Ok, I had no idea the water was going to be so BLUE! It was gorgeous.

I wasted literally no time at all before running out of the hotel and straight to Michigan Avenue. I was only a few blocks away, so it was perfect for me. I've heard that Chicago is such a great city because of how clean it is. That rumor was definitely true. Everything looked so well maintained. I do realize I was only in one part of the city, but I was impressed. I especially loved all of the landscaping within the sidewalks -tons of little parks, beautiful trees, and lots of flower beds.
The architecture was gorgeous! 

And then there was shopping. I found something I really, really love.

After a lot (I repeat, a LOT) of walking, I was starving. Suddenly, it was as if the Heavens opened up and I smelled the most amazing smell in the world... Garrett Popcorn Shop

I got a (huge) bag of Chicago mix, went back to my room and naturally, put on their cozy white robe, sat by the window, and chowed down.

I got ready for dinner, where I met about half of The Everygirl team (those who came in on Wednesday vs. Thursday) at Current, the restaurant at the hotel. Their executive chef, Gregory Elliott, prepared a tasting of wines and amazing food for us. We definitely had over ten items from the menu on the table for us all to sample and by the end, I almost needed to be wheeled out! It was all so, so good.
At the end of our meal, we were able to see the fireworks at the Navy Pier. That was exciting for me since I didn't have time to see the Pier up close and personal. Made me feel like I experienced at least part of it.

I don't have photos of the actual restaurant, but it's right inside the lobby of the hotel, pictured below.
The next one was taken on Friday afternoon. This bar area had a "trendy, upscale diner" vibe.

That was all just one day's worth! Now, moving on to Thursday, which was spent solely with TEG team. Lots and lots of planning went on at this table.

...and with all good meetings, there's good food. For lunch, we had deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's and woahh- obsessed doesn't even cut it. Naturally, there was local beer and it, too, was delish.

Later that night, we headed out to Beatrix, a restaurant where the philosophy is "a healthier take on comfort food." That philosophy basically defines my life and general goal when preparing foods at home, by the way. The open-air atmosphere was great and the food, seriously out of this world.

Here's a few of us before dinner.

On Friday, I got to spend the morning walking around this amazing city, trying to take in every last bit I could before my flight. 


a few beauty products worth a look...

All of these products are part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale. These deals are amazing, y'all! Mostly because so many of these brands hardly ever go on sale, so this is a perfect time to stock up on jumbo sizes of your old favorites or to experiment with new hot products. Remember, if you are a rewards member, you can shop the sale now, but for the rest of us, just build your "wish list" on the website and wait for the sale to go live on the 17th! 

beautyblender 'must have' trio // a $56 value for $37
Have you ever applied foundation with a beauty blender? Let me just say: #gamechanger. It gives base makeup a natural, airbrushed finish. I have been using mine all spring and summer and can't seem to go back to a brush now. Remember, the trick is to wet the sponge until it doubles in size! Then kind of dry it off by squeezing it in a towel. Then use it to apply makeup! 

personal microderm device kit // a $179 value for $106
I did a review of this a few years ago (see it here) and I still love it. It's your best bet, as far as I know, for a microdermabrasion session you can easily do at home—pain free. It gives super radiant skin!

SK-II bestsellers set // a $287 value for $205
I've heard nothing but amazing things about SK-II products and this seems like the best way to try them, since it includes all the bestsellers. Each product in this set contains something called Pitera, which is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It's supposed to help give firmer, clearer, more radiant skin!

Morrocan Oil products work so well on my fine, flat hair. It's surprising—you would think they would weigh down my type of hair, but it actually doesn't at all for me. Their products are expensive, but last forever since they are so concentrated. This set includes shampoo, conditioner, the oil treatment, and that cute bag.

st. tropez self tan bronzing mousse set // an $87.50 value for $49
My favorite self-tanner! This set includes the regular 13.5oz bottle, as well as a travel sized one, and two mitts—one for face and one for body. Trust me, the mitt makes all the difference! 

I've mentioned a million times on here how much I love this cleanser. It would take a long, long time to run out of this giant bottle. Plus, it comes with a smaller one that's perfect for travel or for keeping next to your sink! 

lorac the skinny eyeshadow palette // a $153 value for $15
Yeah I know, when I saw that value vs. price, I had to read it over again, too! I haven't tried this exact palette, but I've used Lorac's shadows before and loved them. Don't see how you could ever need much more than this one palette! $15?!

DL nail polishes are free of the five harmful chemicals often found in nail polish; Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor or DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate). Plus she never tests on animals. These polishes are formulated with Biotin and Green Tea Extract!

A few other things that caught my eye in the sale are the Clarisonic Mia (if you don't have one, what are you waiting for!?), the Evian facial spray set (I use this to finish off my makeup make it "melt" into my skin or for a mid-day refresher!), and the Dr. Lancer "The Method" Set (he is that famous dermatologist for tons of celebrities in hollywood!). Oh, also! This Murad set is worth a look. I've tried all the products and they are so good. 

You can shop all the beauty items in the Nordstrom sale here! There are SO MANY good deals. (Tell me in the comments if you plan to get any beauty products from the sale!)

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