you know the drill

Know how all the stores lay out their fall items in August and it's still a million degrees outside? In Charleston, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk and then take two steps into J. Crew, only to be greeted with the newest line of fall outerwear. It's kind of ridiculous, but that's just the name of the game! So here's my point... Although buying fall items may seem absurd, you kind of have to start a little stockpile at the back of your closet or else all the good stuff will be sold out by the time it's actually time to wear it!

By the way, to all of you Northerners... I will envy you next month when you're wearing boots and sweaters. We go to the Clemson home football games and I personally am dreading the first few games in September/October because I know I'll be completely melted to the stadium seats by halftime. 

Today I'm sharing some new favorites I have from J. Crew Factory. I just noticed the new arrivals online and a couple things—like this amazing red coat—are already backordered. So shop quick before the rest of the world gets it! Everything is up to 50% off right now.

Now if somebody could please get me some cool weather, leggings, this top, and some boots (or these!) ...then I'll be happy!



Did some browsing online yesterday and found some pretty things worth mentioning. While in NYC, I bought this blouse in grey, but I'm loooving that blue shade! Got to love a fun earring, especially when it's under $15. I know summer is winding down, but how great is this cover up dress? I am a firm believer that bathing suit cover ups should not be afterthoughts. I live in them during the summer! And this perfect white blouse? It's on sale now and could go with everything ...like this sweater and this jacket. Which in turn could be paired with these sandals or these amazing flats. There's just a whole lot to love right now. Here are some more loves below!



This past weekend, I headed up to NYC for a girls weekend! Ryan and I caught the early morning flight on Friday and just a couple hours later, we were in NY and ready to see our friend Melissa, who lives there, and their new baby boy, Tristan.

What would 5am at the airport be like without a mirror selfie in the bathroom?

Once we got to Melissa's, we walked along the riverfront right by their place on Long Island City. I LOVED it there! The view of Manhattan was amazing.

Later that night, we headed into the meatpacking district to have dinner at Catch. So good! I got the lobster mac & cheese and never looked back.

On Saturday, we walked around Central Park with Tristan in his stroller. He was a perfect angel until we took him into Bergdorfs! We just figured his daddy told him to cry when mommy went into an expensive store. ;)

We later strolled over to BarBacon on 9th Avenue for lunch. A little backstory of how we ended up here ...and this is the south for you—the same time we were in NYC, my mother in law was at a restaurant in Beaufort, SC called Southern Graces for lunch. The chef came out to say hi and mentioned something about his brother owning a restaurant in NYC. She said her daughter in law was in NYC and he said, "Tell them to go to BarBacon! I will tell my brother to expect them." So we went! And it was so, so good.

Everything in the restaurant involved bacon in the recipe, from the drinks to the dessert. I had the "bacon loves lobster roll" with a side of chips that were dusted in bacon salt seasoning. Would totally recommend trying this place. It's a bar atmosphere with a menu to impress. But the best part... the prices are what things cost in South Carolina! This place was a gem.

Saturday night called for pizza & a movie. We watched Love, Rosie. So cute!

We had brunch at LadurĂ©e Soho on Sunday. This was my first time going and the garden atmosphere where we sat couldn't have been better. We really felt like we were in Paris having tea! I didn't get one of these macarons because I was full from brunch, but now after looking at the photo below, I'm heavily regretting it. 

We shopped around in SoHo afterwards and once we wore our feet slap out, it was time to catch our flight back to SC. It was such a great trip to NYC! Even though it was quick, we crammed in a lot and had the best time. 


our home: another breakfast nook update

So if you've been following along recently, you probably remember when I updated the little breakfast nook opposite our kitchen with new chairs I found on craigslist. They really added the perfect touch to that space, but the overall look was still missing a little somethin' somethin'. And by  a little somethin' somethin', I mean a new light fixture. It was there when we moved in and I'm pretty sure I saw it for $15 at Lowe's one day. Nothing against a $15 light fixture, but this space needed something special ...something that wasn't stuck there just because it was the cheapest one at Lowe's. If you really want, you can see that fixture in this post.

You can also see in that post that I had a vase of hydrangeas as the centerpiece for the table in the more recent photos. Which brings me to my next point. I also needed a permanent something for the center of the table. Because let's be real... I'm so not the kind of person that will always have fresh flowers on my table. (Although I sure would like to be!)

Enter Candelabra and Lyndon Leigh. These two are sister stores full of gorgeous furniture, accessories, lighting, and they are overflowing with design inspiration. If you're local to Charleston, both shops are in Mount Pleasant and totally worth a visit. If you're anywhere else, you might enjoy browsing the website these two share. 

Ok, back to the breakfast nook! I picked out this Jamie Young Co. Coco Pedestal for the centerpiece. The handcrafted design totally drew me in, but I especially liked its low profile. I also love that it's beautiful alone, but it's efficient, too! It says online that it can be used to hold water, but I'd say it could be used as a holding dish for a food spread. Wouldn't it be so cute stacked with cupcakes?

See the beautiful texture and details? The designer of this line gains inspiration from world travel and discovery of ancient art forms. All pieces are completely handcrafted.

So the next thing you might notice in the photo below is our new light fixture!

It's the Milly Chandelier by Gabby. I knew I wanted a drum shade and ultimately was going to choose a plain one for above the table. But when I saw this one, I fell completely in love with its geometric outer frame. It's finished in this antique silver, but it has little flecks of gold, too. This is so perfect for our house because I have touches of both metallics everywhere! This chandelier is like the icing on the cake.

I love it so much. And let me just say on the record that if you're looking for lighting, look no further than Candelabra. It's like a light fixture paradise. 

coco pedestal in ocean     |     milly chandelier
...and if you just want to browse the latest and greatest, I'd start here.

thank you to Candelabra/Lyndon Leigh for partnering with me for this post


recent aquisitions: home is where the art is

Over the past year, I've gotten super interested in original art. Brandon has always had a love and appreciation for it and has asked for pieces as Christmas and birthday gifts over the years, but it has just taken quite a while for that same desire to rub off on me. (Which I hate to admit, by the way!) 

I recently added two new pieces to our home, both by Miles Purvis. Miles is a fellow South Carolina native, so that automatically drew me to her work. But when I took a peek at her amazing paintings, I knew my house needed some MP in its life! 

You may have already noticed on Instagram, but here are my two pieces.

I can't imagine these spaces without her artwork now! It's crazy how some brushstrokes on canvas can make all the difference in the world. The first one is from her abstract series and the second is one of her basket weavers. Isn't she precious? Got to share an up close picture of another weaver so that you can see the amazing texture.

There's a whole bunch of those southern gals out there.

You can learn more about Miles Purvis Art through her website or on Instagram.

ps. Totally unrelated, but did you know Ulta is celebrating their 25th birthday today? Check it out here because they are doing 25 hours of 25 beauty steals... and free shipping over $25! 


best of cosmetic bags + a favorite I keep in mine

There's so much to love about a good cosmetic bag. It's something worth investing in, if I do say so myself. Get a good one and you don't need piles of those "free with purchase" cotton ones that take up space in your closet. You know how much I've enjoyed my Cuyana Travel Case set because they are so well made, durable, wipeable, and beautiful! 

Here are some splurge-worthy bags I thought you might like... because I sure do. 

Now, something that my makeup bag will not be without unless a miracle happens and I find something similar. Although I have been on the search for over a year and haven't found anything equivalent.

Chanel le Volume de Chanel Mascara. It's amazing. For those of you, like me, who have pokey little tiny lashes that don't stay curled, this is for YOU.
I bought this last spring and fell in love, but never repurchased it because I had quite a few back ups of drugstore mascara and little samples of other high end ones. Not to mention, it's $32 and mascara is the quickest thing to run empty in my makeup drawer. So yeah, that kind of hurts. But my measly little lashes just recently told me to buy it again and I'm oh so glad I did. 

Let me tell you why I think it's better than other mascaras—why it's worth just trying, at least:
  • It makes my lashes look 3x longer than they actually are.
  • It's not fussy. It only takes one coat, maybe two, and bam. Intense lashes. (For me, other ones require coat after coat in order to get the intensity built up.) I can do my lashes in about 20 seconds flat, rather than 2 minutes with other mascaras.
  • It holds curl like crazy! And I have stick straight, short lashes.
  • Since it requires less build-up to get desired results, I really feel like it lasts longer than other mascaras.
  • It doesn't flake. Other mascaras leave little dustings all over my face by the end of day. It just stays put!
  • Normally mascaras either lengthen OR plump lashes. This one does both. And better than any other I've ever tried. It has allowed me to skip eyeliner all together (coming from a cat-eye flick obsessor) because it gives my eyes enough definition alone.
Totally recommend sticking it in your fancy new makeup bag! ;)


west elm charleston + what i wore

Hi guys! You may have seen on instagram yesterday that I attended a press preview of the new West Elm Charleston store. It is so gorgeous. If you're in town, you've got to stop in to see for yourself! I wore a T by Alexander Wang dress I got from Hampden Clothing with these sandals and these earrings. The purse (although you can't really see it, huh?) is the Chanel "wallet on chain." The bracelets I have on are Lisa Stewart Jewelry. Don't forget you can save 20% off your entire purchase with code HCC20.

Here are some pretty sights I snapped while in the store.

Of course I came right home and browsed the website. Here are my favorites!


my workout routine + gym bag essentials

1. lush tea tree toner     |     2. murad clarifying body spray     |     3. TYR sports towel     |     4. nike running shoe     |     5. fitbit flex     |     6. gold earbuds     |     7. monogrammed water bottle     |     8. rebecca minkoff gym bag

Above are some awfully pretty gym bag essentials. It's not exactly what I keep in my gym bag, but pretty close to it. (The ones I included are prettier!) I pretty much keep my gym bag in my trunk at all times. Since my schedule is different every day, I love knowing I'm prepared to drop in at the gym whenever I get a break in the day. I've got to admit, I love having a gym routine more than going at spontaneous times, but I'll take what I can get! 

I like to mix things up in the gym. My brother is a personal trainer and let me know how important it is to not work the same muscle groups two days in a row. So I try to switch it up as often as possible! I go to Pivotal Fitness in Charleston, which I'd fully recommend to any locals. There's a ton of space and workout equipment, plus a ton of classes. 

Again, my schedule isn't exactly the same every week—and I'll admit, lately there's a lot of weeks that I make it to the gym only once or twice. But I don't beat myself up over it. I just try to live an active lifestyle so that it's not a total fail if I don't get as many gym days as I'd like packed into my week. 

On a normal week, I do easy cardio on Mondays. I'll walk or jog in our neighborhood and that's about it. I keep it simple because on Tuesdays, I've been going to a class that combines light weights, cardio, and lots of repetition. It's a total body workout and fun, too! On Wednesdays, I either take the day off or go to barre class. The instructor is pretty mild and incorporates a lot of stretching, which I love. Thursdays is boxing! Our trainer keeps it high intensity and switches up the routine each week. Fridays, my body never steps foot in the gym. Wish I could say that was different! Sometimes I'll take a walk or  I'll jog in the neighborhood if I missed any of gym classes during the week. Then on Saturdays—and this has not happened in a long time—I'll go to cardio barre if I'm feeling extra motivated. No matter what kind of busy week I'm having or if I've just got the lazy bones, I try to get a good workout in at least three times per week. 

What's your favorite workout? 


If you're gonna do it...

...now's the time to buy your favorite Tory Burch pieces because the private sale has begun! Things are selling out quicker than I could even create this post, though. A lot of styles sold out between the time I bookmarked them and tried to add them to this blog post just five minutes later!

This embellished tote is so, so pretty. It was $595 and is on sale for $269. The colors are gorgeous and it's so functional. You could use it for work or play!

And how classic is this emerson tote bag? It's gorgeous!

...as is this color-block tote. I just love how different it is.

Speaking of 'different,' what are your thoughts on this two finger ring? I think it's amazing! Was $175, but you can snag it for $79.

Although it's simple, this Robinson wristlet is what has caught my eye because of how convenient it would be rather than toting around a wallet. It's only $69 right now (was $125).

These ballet flats totally fit the bill when it comes to what I like in flats. The Caroline line is comfortable and plus, I love snakeskin in a shoe because you can wear it with most any color! They were $235, now $149.

Ooh, these sandals! So pretty. They were $250, now $175.

Love this cute cosmetics case. Only 4 left! I love anything pineapple.

This blouse would be so great moving into the cooler months. Wear it with white shorts or jeans now, then wear it with dark denim and booties come fall. It was $350. Snag it now for just $99.

Such a fun iPhone case in an iconic TB color. (It's for the 5 and is now half price!)


you're golden

Today's my birthday! I had the best weekend pre-celebrating. My mom came up and shopped with me on Friday. I got a new macbook pro because goodness knows I needed it! I run so many programs on my computer at a time and my old one just couldn't keep up. Brandon and I went to the beach with some friends on Saturday. We rarely go to Sullivan's Island for beach days and I forgot how beautiful it is. On Sunday, my parents and brother/his girlfriend, as well as Brandon's parents, came to Charleston and we enjoyed church where Brandon and I got married and then the gospel brunch at Hall's Chophouse. Afterwards, we all went back to our home for cupcakes that my mom brought up from a cupcake boutique in Beaufort. It was a great weekend. So great that I feel like my birthday is already over! But Brandon and I have plans tonight to go to dinner, which will be a great treat for a Monday night. Hope you all had happy weekends, too! xoxo


jewelry i love (+ a free month for you!)

I've shared my love of Rocksbox with you before. Basically, it's a monthly subscription service where you are sent three pieces of jewelry to wear as much as you'd like, then you can send it back in at any time to switch out for three new pieces! You can do this as much or as little as you'd like until your subscription ends. The pieces above were in my latest box. All three are amazing! I don't want to send this box back, but I'm definitely looking forward to what's going to be in my next one.

Here's a free month of jewelry for you! Just use code holycitychicxoxo. This also gives you a $10 credit to put towards any jewelry you want to buy and keep for good. :)

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