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I missed y'all yesterday. My mom is back in the hospital struggling with her Ulcerative Colitis and I just couldn't bring myself to blog. But I do have something fun to share tomorrow, so be sure to check back then because it may or may not involve a pretty big giveaway! 

I wanted to share a few really good finds. Bloomingdale's is in the middle of their friends and family sale! You can save 25% off your total purchase with code FRIENDS at checkout (until 10/4). This Mara Hoffman dress totally got me the very first time I laid eyes on it. 

And, oh! This jumpsuit

I've also had my eye on the Aqua brand, which belongs exclusively to Bloomingdale's, because it's priced oh so right, the styles are on trend, and the quality is great. With the 25% off, this skort is just $51. I can picture it with black tights, black booties, and a chunky sweater. Love it.

From the same line, I'm also loving this top, this amazing sweater jacket, this cute dress (with brown boots!), this jacket, this top, and this amazing cashmere sweater shown below!

In other news, Shopbop started a new sale today and there are so many good things added to it! I swear I found so many cute summer pieces and want them all, even though it makes no sense to me now. As much as I'm ready for fall and winter, I think my heart is always begging for summer. Don't worry, there are plenty of fall/winter clothes in the sale too. Here are my picks:


recent acquisitions

Really only one thing to share today on the subject of acquisitions. I've been on the hunt for a pretty pouf for a long time now but haven't been able to find the perfect one until recently. I wanted one in front of our living room chair and almost went with a white leather one, but decided on this gorgeous rattan pouf instead. It's the perfect size for our space and I looove the texture! Had to share because it's currently almost 50% off!

It's the Jaipar Saba Sangam Pouf from Candelabra, the shop I love in Mount Pleasant and have talked about before!). Even though it's a local shop, you can easily browse their website and I believe you may even be able to track down a promo code if you like them on Facebook, although I'm not sure what the exclusions are. :) 

Jaipur Saba Sangam Pouf - get it almost 50% off!

There are other beautiful options at Candelabra if you're in the market for a pouf yourself. What about this stool? ...and this one, too? LOVE them both! And this pouf is so similar to ours but a different shape. And nothing to do with the subject at all, but I have majorly fallen in love with this pillow

I have to share this photo below. This happens every single time I take photos in our house. Winston is such a curious boy! He just has to look into the lens. We listed our house for sale this past weekend  (more on that later!) and so I sent Winston to be with my parents because we went out of town on Saturday and didn't want him to be here alone just in case we had showings. I got him back late last night ...missed that furry face so much!


weekly roundup

The image above is from Studio McGee. I used to be so anti-color when decorating. White everything, but I slowly am leaning towards color again! This bedroom is perfect. It's fresh and cozy. Pretty much everything in this post is perfection. 

Loving these fall makeup trends.

This article is speaking to me right now. I do not want a ton of baby things just for the sake of having it.

Oh Lululemon, why must you have the prettiest workout pants ever? Also, I snagged these during tax free weekend and have L.I.V.E.D. in them since.

I think you'll like this.

Some recent Etsy things I really like: here and here. I have issues with pillows. #needallthepillows 

This dress with those boots. Yes please.

So, then there's this tiny living situation.

Shared some travel beauty tips on The Everygirl recently.

Got this top and absolutely love it!


things i like (+ a sale alert)

It has been the longest time since I've browsed around on J. Crew's website (or gone in the store, for that matter). I think that when I first found out I was pregnant, I was afraid to buy any clothing because I didn't know how quickly my baby bump would show up and I didn't know if it would be a waste to invest money in clothes I couldn't wear this season. But I've slowly learned the pieces that I think will work for me and yeah, they are mostly all in the stretchy variety. I ordered this maternity set, which should help my normal clothes transition into pregnancy. My hope is to purchase zero maternity clothing other than maybe t-shirts, leggings, and a couple pairs of good jeans (recommendations?). We'll see how that goes. Don't mark my words on that though!

Anyways, the things I'm loving at J. Crew right now aren't all "bump friendly" of course, but there are a lot of things I would pick if I wasn't pregnant and tons of things I think you might like! 

Take 25% off your total purchase with code TIMETOSHOP, but it ends today!


our baby ...coming soon!

So, did you catch our announcement on Instagram yesterday? 

We couldn't be more thrilled to share this news with you! I am 12 weeks along and my due date is April 4th! Although I've been enjoying every moment of this journey so far and thankful to God for this incredible blessing, I've got to admit that I am so ready for this first trimester to be behind me. I found out I was pregnant very early on and it was almost as if my symptoms kicked in the very next day. I got so tired immediately—like could not even function kind of tired! I can't express how thankful I have been for a job that allows me to be home because I've fully taken advantage of long naps basically every day. I have got to hand it to all of you mamas who have worked full time jobs during pregnancy—and those who have other babies to take care of at home while pregnant! As of the past week or so, I've finally felt a little energy coming back, which has been so nice. I'm hoping to start working out again because I've honestly probably been to the gym about 5 times this trimester. Just been too tired and weak feeling, sadly. I really want to start prenatal yoga! Other than the exhaustion, I've been feeling pretty normal other than terrible headaches once or twice a week (probably a mix caffeine withdrawal and hormones—I used to get migraines during my puberty years and this feels so similar). I thankfully haven't experienced morning sickness, other than a little mild nausea here and there.

Cravings and aversions? I've absolutely detested the taste of coffee in the mornings! An afternoon coffee shop treat is okay from time to time (especially iced ones!), but in the mornings, I just want ice cold water or orange juice—nothing hot. I'm hoping this changes because I miss the comforts of a warm cup of coffee in the mornings. I've also cringed at the thought of a salad up until this past week when I started wanting salads like something crazy. As for other cravings, I want fruit! Pineapples, grapes, oranges... yum, I cannot get enough. Up until last week, I also wanted all the junk food, but I think I ate too many Trader Joe's white cheddar cheese puffs because now the thought of snacking on chips seems gross to me. Now I want salads and cheeseburgers! As you can see, my cravings/aversions have changed a bit since the beginning of my first trimester. But no odd cravings yet! I've also lost a little bit of my major sweet tooth. (Just a little bit.)

Thank you all for the sweet comments on Instagram yesterday. I'm very excited to bring this new element of fun to Holy City Chic. I'll try hard not to let this become a pregnancy/mama blog, but I do plan on sharing my experiences with you each week! Thanks in advance for following along! :)


what i wore: i blacked out

So I spotted this Vince leather panel dress at Nordstrom Rack the other week and loved how different it is than everything in my closet. The lines are feminine but it definitely has that edgy look. Since Nordstrom Rack's prices are so slashed, I figured I would scoop it up since it was such a great deal—54% off! It's still a pricier piece even with the discount, but it's made of really fine fabrics and Vince always does it right in the quality department. This one is going to last a long time and go with so many different outfit combinations. (I always say a dress is worth the money if it's something I could wear to work, out to dinner, and to church. This one fits the bill!) 

I paired the dress with a Daniel Rainn long vest. It's almost 60% off, bringing the price down to just under $33!

dress    |    vest
SIMILAR: necklace (here and here, too!), heels (70% off! These would look so great with this outfit, too), and sunglasses

thanks to nordstrom rack for partnering with me for this post


favorite nail polishes #throwbackthursday

Time for another Throwback Thursday post! This one is all about my favorite nail polish colors. I originally posted this about spring polishes, but after looking back—these remain my favorite colors all year round. I would add a few to this list for fall/winter... especially since it's been well over a year since I put up the original post and updates are always nice. I would add Formula X 'Pyrotechnic"—it's the perfect red, Essie 'Sand Tropez' for a beautiful neutral, and Essie 'Wicked' for a super vampy dark red. Also have to mention how much I've been loving this cuticle oil. It's amazing!

I have a love hate relationship with nail polish. I absolutely love having a bright, cheery color on my nails, but I hate doing them myself, don't have the luxury of going to get a weekly mani done by the pros, and really only enjoy the color for a couple of days. Not only do I have color ADD, but I just can't stand having chips. I'd rather have no polish on at all than have a beat up mani. So often you'll find me with nothing at all on my nails. But when I do decide it's time for some color on the tips, these are the polishes I usually turn to.

1. REVLON COLORSTAY GEL-SHINE TOP COAT // This stuff really does make your nails look like gel. It smooths the color (minimizes any goofs), dries extremely quick, and is very shiny. I've tried many - Essie, OPI, Seche Vite, etc. and this is by far my favorite.
2. ESSIE "SUGAR DADDY" // It's actually drastically more sheer than how it appears in the bottle. It's almost a clear polish, but it gives your nails the most beautiful and natural pink tone. If I'm just wanting a clear shine, this is always what I go for because it does just that, while making my nails look healthier than ever before.  
3. ESSIE "CALIFORNIA CORAL" // Just a perfect peachy tone that's not too pink and not too orange. 
4. ESSIE "LADYLIKE" // Just as the name entails, this is truly the most feminine polish I own. It's a beautiful mauve tone that has the magical power of making your fingers look twice as long. 
5. OPI "BUBBLE BATH" // Absolute favorite neutral. It's just good.
6. ESSIE "SPLASH OF GRENADINE" // I LOVE this color. It's different enough, while not being too far out there. It just makes me happy every time I wear it.


25 things you might not know about me

Hi friends! It has been years since I've done one of these "random things about me" tags. I thought it would be fun to share. After you read through, please answer some of these questions yourself in the comment section! I would love to learn more about you. 

1. What is your eye colour? Hazel.
2. Favorite Color?: White... and yes, it's a color.
3. What's the furthest you've ever been from home? St. Lucia for our honeymoon.

4. Where were you born? Myrtle Beach, SC
5. Favorite movie? Have a few: It's Complicated, Devil Wears Prada, Sex & the City, Something Borrowed... basically chick flicks.
6. What is your middle name?: Marie

7. What is your favorite food?: Sushi & She Crab Soup
8. What is the last thing you bought?: Two packs of the No7 Lift & Luminate Sheet Masks.
9. Favorite smells? Love the smell of the marsh—the mix of salt water, fresh air, and pluff mud. Although I bet those of you who aren't from the southeastern coast would think pluff mud smells disgusting!

10. When was the last time you cried?: I cry a lot. Last week I cried when I got the bill for visiting a doctor not in my insurance network. Happens. I just hate making silly mistakes that end up wasting money and/or time. I swear it makes you feel better just to have a quick cry!
11. What phone do you have?: iPhone 5s. I dropped it last week and cracked it, but just realized yesterday that it was the glass protector on top that cracked and not the actual glass on the phone. Yes!
12. How tall are you?: 5'7" on a good day.

My family. That is my brother in the pink and his girlfriend on the end.
13. Can you cook?: I can but I don't especially love it. I don't like pulling a bunch of ingredients out and it making a mess in my kitchen. Although I am thankful for a sweet husband who cleans the kitchen when I cook. 
14. What color is your car? White
15. Favorite item at Trader Joe's?: Their Reduced Guilt Gaucamole. Y'all it's amazing. We also love their Arancini Bites. I ate a whole box for dinner last week when Brandon was out with one of his buddies who was visiting.

16. Favorite way to travel: If traveling long distance, I would say by plane, although my last few experiences on a plane have not been good. I am not afraid to fly, but I get the most nervous stomach when up in the air! My absolute favorite way of travel, though? By boat. There are a lot of places here on the coast here where it's quicker to go by boat! So sometimes in the summer we will do little day trips to nearby islands to get lunch and spend the afternoon.
17. What can't you sleep without? Air circulation... got to have a fan. One time, right before signing a condo rental in college, I asked the owner if there was a fan in the bedroom and she said no. After she refused to add one or let me put one in there, I didn't sign the lease. I will always remember that woman telling me, "You're not renting my home because there isn't a fan in the bedroom? That's crazy!!" No woman, you are cray.
18. Do you collect anything? Aside from my vast collection of Beanie Babies that I still have from childhood, no... I don't think so. Well, maybe coffee table books. I have quite a collection and always need more.

19. If you were given 1 million dollars and you could only spend it on yourself, what would you do with it? I would build a home overlooking the river! 
20. Have any magazine subscriptions? Garden & Gun, Charleston Magazine, and Vogue
21. What were you doing at 12am last night? Sleeping with the windows open, letting the amazing 65 degree air roll in!

22. Any tattoos? No.
23. Favorite restaurant in Charleston? Indaco, O-Ku, Halls Chophouse, Zia Taqueria
24.  Dream job? This changes daily. Being a doctor, owning a graphic design/branding company, being a TV host... I have lots of dream jobs, but honestly, I really enjoy what I do now (I might do a "day in the life" type of post soon to share more about my job). 
25. Biggest guilty pleasure? I know how bad diet coke is, but I normally allow myself about one per day. Also love reality TV so much... and sweets! 


that's pretty (how i shop + a discount code)

I love shopping online at ASOS because the selection is huge, prices are reasonable, and shipping + returns are free. Oh, and it's tax free, so that's pretty awesome. I get questions a lot from readers wondering how I shop online.... my favorites stores, keywords I type in, etc. For ASOS, I always look under the "women" tab and find the link that says, "new in: back in stock." These are items that sell out quickly, which to me says that the fit is good and in general it's a popular item. I use this to search for basics like t-shirts because there are a million options on their website and the quality/fit is so questionable. I then like to look in the "new in: clothing" and "new in: shoes & accs" tab to see what has just been added to the website. This is when you can normally get something you love in the size you need... because if you wait too long, you'll see that sizes sell out fast! Finally, I like to type in the keyword, "t shirt dress" into the search bar because I love their shirt dresses! 

Using those methods above, here are things I found that I love at ASOS. Plus, you can save $30 off of a purchase of $150 or more with code 30WOOHOO or $50 off of $200+ with code 50WOOHOO. This ends on September 18th. 


what i wore: feeling fall-ish

Nordstrom Rack is now in Charleston, y'all! I had the pleasure of attending the store pre-opening the other week and got to peek around at all the goods. It's so nice to have a store that has designer labels at discounted prices in town. I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time in there! 

While there, I bought this dress for just $31 and this fringe vest for $32! I love the fall vibe this outfit gives and appropriately so—the weather felt so crisp yesterday. I was in Heaven.

dress: lily white prairie dress (I'm wearing an xs) 
vest: pleione fringe vest     
bag: similar and I love this one!
similar booties: here, here, here, here, here
sunglasses: amazing similar glasses here

Thank you, Nordstrom Rack, for sponsoring this post! 


never forget

“The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom.” 
– Rudolph W. Giuliani


life lately

Hello! Hope y'all had happy labor day weekends. Ours was pretty great—a nice mix of relaxation and fun. We went up to Greenville to stay with our friends, Drew & Cody, for the Clemson football season opener! The game was so hot, but it was a win and it felt great to be back in Tiger Town. On Sunday we cruised around on Lake Hartwell. I forgot how much I enjoy being on the lake! It's so pretty and you don't get that sticky, salty feeling that you get here on the coast—not that I'm complaining about a good river day! I don't have too much to blog about today, so I thought I'd just share a few photos I have on my phone from life lately. :)

my sweet kitty boy being all cute

the view for dinner at Tavern & Table last week did not disappoint

been living in this workout top

saw this post on instagram and fell in love with the final product

we spent last Sunday on Lake Hartwell with our friends, Drew & Cody. so pretty!

here are drew & cody, by the way :)

we all went to the Clemson game and by the time this picture was taken, we had survived 95 degree temps, rain, and about 12 hours of walking around town. can't wait to go back for the other home games!


weekly roundup

If you love Olivia Palermo and you love beauty products, this article is for you.

Obsessed with these sneakers! (ok, and this dress)

Shopbop just marked down tons of new items—like this perfect t-shirt dress, these fun espadrilles, this great basic top, and these sandals

I LOVE this hair—the color and the style.

For anyone that gets headaches like I do, this article may come in handy.

What to wear when it's so humid outside.

Really love this interview with Blair Eadie and her other half.

Oh! Banana Republic is giving you 40% to 50% off almost everything on their website with code BRFALL until 9/8. Here are my picks:


making dinners fun + a discount code for you!

I really used to enjoy cooking, but truthfully, now I absolutely dread it. I don't know when the switch happened, but I miss the love I used to have for experimenting in the kitchen! So I am all about anything that makes dinners easier. Enter: Plated, one of those websites where you choose your meal and all the ingredients are shipped right to your door, along with simple directions of how to prepare it. The best part is that all ingredients are fresh and seasonal, plus they are already pre-portioned! Measuring is my least favorite part of cooking, so the fact that everything is ready to be thrown into the recipe makes the preparation so much easier. (Stay tuned until the end, because I have a discount for you to get two plated meals free!)

We recently picked out two meals to try. First up were the Hawaiian Style Chicken Fajitas with Caramelized Pineapple Salsa.

The directions are laid out so simply.

Then we made the Balsamic Steak Sandwiches with Heirloom Tomato, Creamy Horseradish, and Cucumbers.

Here's a photo of my preparation. I can assure you that my after photo was a far cry from the stock image, so let's just leave it at this.

Plated meals are going to run you about $12 per plate (that's per person - some of the fancier dishes are a little more). I found the portions to be large enough that we had leftovers with each meal. We loved it! I think this is by far most beneficial for someone who is single and finds it a waste to go out and buy a bunch of ingredients for every single recipe they want to make—there's so much waste in that! Take the steak sandwiches above for example, I loved that they only came with two buns... I didn't have to go out and buy a pack of six or more. This would also be great for someone too busy to hit up the grocery store for specific ingredients or someone who is lacking motivation in the kitchen, like me!

You can get two plates FREE with your first purchase of four places by using this link

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