best of BLACK FRIDAY 2015

I hope you all had very happy Thanksgivings yesterday. Brandon and I spent the holiday with my family. It was low key, but felt pretty perfect to me. But gosh, can you believe Turkey Day has already come and gone? Now it's officially the season of gifting. I always try to knock out a big portion of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, but it's normally a tradition my mom and I do together and she is recovering from surgery ...so online shopping it is! It gets so overwhelming to me (but fun!), so lists like the one I've put together below are crucial to keep it all organized! I hope it helps you. <3 


Anthropologie // 25% off everything // 11.27-11.30 // CODE: SHOPTOIT
Athleta // 20% off entire purchase online // 1.27 – 11.29 // CODE: WORKIT
Banana Republic // Half off sweaters & 40% off the rest // 11.26 – 11.27 // CODE: BRFRIDAY
Club Monaco // 25% off $150+, 30% off $250+, 35% off $400+ // 11/26 only
Design Darling //  20% off // 11.25 – 11.30 // CODE: THANKFUL
Diane Von Furstenberg // 25% off sitewide // 11.30 // CODE: CYBER25
Express // 50% off everything + free shipping // 11.25 – 11.27 at noon
Forever 21 // Cyber Monday 21% off your next purchase + free shipping // 11.30 // CODE: RSTYLE21
Gigi New York // 
  • Spend $100 & receive Embossed Python luggage tag set (value $50.00) 
  • Spend $200 & receive iPhone Wallet Case in Magenta or White (value $115.00)
  • Spend $300 & receive All in One Bag in Purple or Kelly Green (value $125.00)
  • Spend $400 & receive Phone wallet in Taupe or Burgundy (value $180.00)
  • Spend $500 & receive Teddie Tote in Clementine (value $295.00)

J.Crew // 30% your purchase + 40% off select styles // 11.25 – 11.29 // CODE: HOLIDAY


all the sales

Tons of Thanksgiving sales are starting already and I'm here to break down my favorites!

Gigi New York

Spend $100 & receive Embossed Python luggage tag set (value $50.00) 

Spend $200 & receive iPhone Wallet Case in Magenta or White (value $115.00)

Spend $300 & receive All in One Bag in Indigo or Kelly Green (value $125.00)

Spend $400 & receive Phone wallet in Taupe or Burgundy (value $180.00)

Spend $500 & receive Teddie Tote in Clementine (value $295.00)

...and free shipping over $125. This is such a great time to buy a new Gigi NY piece...and they make the best gifts.


1 (I can see this with black tights and a little leather jacket for a night out!) |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7


25% off your entire purchase with code CALMDOWN.


what's on my desk + a promo code you're going to want!

First, thank you to all of you for your sweet outpouring of emails and comments about my switch to safe beauty products. This is something I was a little worried about since beauty has always been a large part of the content of this blog, but I'm so glad so many of you are on board with me and are excited to learn more about the safe products I discover! I can't wait to share makeup tutorials and even more about the skincare.

Oh! If you placed an order with Beautycounter between the time I posted that post on Saturday and now, will you please email me at holycitychic@gmail.com and let me know? The link I gave y'all wasn't set up for my own consultant site, so I don't have a list of everyone who ordered. I want to keep all of my clients in my database so that I can send you all personalized notes, promo codes, and maybe do some giveaways in the future! 

I recently moved my desk out of my office-turned-baby-nursery. It's now in our bedroom. The natural light our room gets makes me happy. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts because we move in a week or two! Before all this stuff gets packed up, I thought I'd share what's on my desk. 

The day Brandon surprised me with that vintage desk was a happy day. The orange leather is all beat up in some areas, but it's still a dream.

A couple special photos, like the one above from our wedding day and one of my favorite pictures of my Memie and Poppop. And below, two essentials sit on my desk: Beautycounter Hydrate (but for real though, best. lotion. ever.) and the Rose Water Spray for a midday refresher.

This little ceramic tray is a huge favorite. It's from White Elephant Designs, an online shop I love that carries anything from jewelry to barware to desktop items. I love how classic this little tray is with the white + black, but having my initials personalized on it definitely doesn't hurt. I use it as a catchall. Sometimes it catches paperclips, sometimes jewelry, sometimes prenatal vitamins so I don't forget to take them. You get the idea. :)

The snakeskin tray came in a set of three that I scooped up here.

The designer of my wedding dress did the sketch for me below and the canvas is by Marquin Designs.

A few things worth pointing out above that are all from White Elephant Designs. My absolute favorite pens. They come in so many pretty colors! And those gold scissors? I just can't not use gold scissors now that I have these. A personalized wine tumbler (comes in a set of four) that sadly is only holding water at the moment. They are shatterproof, so they are good for home or on the go! And this personalized notepad holder—it is great for little notes like the one I've written you below!

You can save 25% your entire order with White Elephant Designs on Black Friday through Cyber Monday. But if you're like me, you can go ahead and fill up your shopping cart in preparation now. All of the items above and the little white and black ceramic tray I used as a jewelry catchall are from this website. It's a great place to go for gifts because they have everything from jewelry to barware to desk accessories and more. Plus, most of it can be personalized and everyone loves something that's personalized, right?

save 25% off your entire order at White Elephant Designs with code Thankful25, black friday through cyber monday


Why I Switched to Safer

I’m about to get real with y’all. This is something I never thought I would be doing, but it’s because I didn’t know any better. I hope this doesn’t come across as “preachy,” but I honestly have energy coming through my fingertips when typing out this message. I am so passionate about it already and have been biting at the bits for a good chance to share it with you. This is also going to be very long. So maybe grab a cup of coffee first. :)

Just recently, I learned about someone whose baby was born with lead poisoning. The cause was traced back to the lipstick the mother wore during pregnancy. Then I heard about someone who had double the amounts of normal estrogen hormones in her body, even though both of her ovaries had been removed, and this was traced back to the perfume she wears each day (D&G “Light Blue”). These are just two little examples of how toxic chemicals in beauty products we use everyday can damage our bodies. Listen y’all, I knew that household cleaners and beauty products probably had bad things in them, but call it being naive—I had NO idea that they were actually this harmful. I thought, surely our country is regulating these chemicals so that I’m not actually absorbing or ingesting anything too terribly harmful, right? I was wrong.

1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Two decades ago, 1 in 20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, that number is 1 in 7 women! The even more shocking part? 90% of these women have no preexisting genetic link to the disease. Ok, that’s scary.

1 in 3 children are born with either ADHD, autism, severe allergies, or asthma.

These numbers were not like this years ago. This is not about increased diagnosis. This is an issue rising at a staggering rate in the US.

Why is this all happening? Well, science has linked this, in large part, to the chemicals we are exposed to. Once I learned about these stories and statistics, I couldn’t ignore the movement towards safe products any longer. I went online and researched for about a week. Here’s what I found out:

America has banned 11 ingredients used in personal care products. Now take Europe, for instance... they have banned over 1,300! …and they have spent the last two decades getting this under control so their citizens are not exposed to unsafe chemicals in their products. America, why are you so behind!!? And why have you not passed a federal law to regulate the use of unsafe ingredients since 1938!?? Over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our personal care products since then—and most of them go by untested for safety at all. Companies are perfectly allowed to use known toxins—like those linked to cancer, reproductive issues, hormone disruption, etc—without getting in trouble. Our country is telling them hey, go for it—it’s ok! They are also letting companies market their products however they want. For example, the word, “natural,” on a product does not have to mean it actually is … check the labels, it’s often times a big marketing scheme! Then there’s companies that won’t even publicize their ingredient lists. And that’s perfectly ok too, according to our government.

So here I am over here using Benefit Hoola bronzer every day, not thinking much about it other than the fact that it makes me look like I’ve been on a sunny vacation after I apply it on my cheeks. I really love that stuff and have for years. Well, I checked the ingredient list and one of the first ingredients I saw was Butylparaben, which I learned is scientifically proven to cause endocrine disruption. A very important part of the endocrine system is the thyroid, a gland I recently had to start taking medicine for every single day to regulate. So wait a second. I’m over here using products on my skin that potentially may be disrupting my thyroid’s ability to work properly? Seems a little twisted, doesn’t it? Of course, this one ingredient also has evidence of developmental/reproductive toxicity, cellular changes, and skin toxicity. And this is just ONE ingredient in this bronzer doing all of this! 13 of this product’s 29 ingredients are proven to be unsafe to our bodies—some of these ingredients have even caused cancerous tumors in animals at very small doses.

And that’s just one little product in my “getting ready” routine. But wait, you only apply a little bit of bronzer. Just a couple spritzes of perfume. Body wash rinses right off in the shower before it has a chance to do any harm. Right?


60% of what we put on our skin is immediately absorbed into our bloodstream—and unlike with what we eat, our skin does not have a digestive system to break down and filter out certain ingredients. Plus, these toxic ingredients that are hormone disruptors can actually be more dangerous in low doses because they mimic the amount of hormones our bodies naturally produce (small amounts at a time). So your body may not be producing the right levels of hormones because these chemicals you’ve put on your skin are tricking your body into thinking it's getting hormones already.

Since that time, I’ve been a mad woman throwing out a huge majority of my personal care products—shampoos, body lotions, makeup, etc. If it has an ingredient in it that is known to be linked to issues like autism, ADHD, infertility, allergies, asthma, cancer, etc. (the list goes on), then I don’t want to use it. Plus, now I have my baby to think about. Surely you mommas out there can agree that it’s sometimes silly to think about all the things we are told to avoid while pregnant—lunch meat, soft cheeses, pumping gas, etc. But yet it’s “okay” to use beauty products known to cause developmental issues? No thank you. My beloved Dior Forever Foundation? It’s a goner. (tear.) My favorite perfume? See ya. I am replacing these products with new favorites that are safe. I realize that we are exposed to chemicals every day in what we eat, breath, in the furniture we sit on, basically everywhere in things we can’t control. But what I put on my skin is something I can control—and so that’s where I’ve decided to start.

I’ve since explored my options on nontoxic personal care products and fell in love with Beautycounter, a company that has a mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone. They have skincare, makeup, body care products, and a wealth of information on their website about toxic products and why they’re dangerous. I was actually first introduced to this company about a year and a half ago and have noticed their products on “celeb favorites” lists in magazines and on the news since then, but I didn’t know the good this company was truly doing until recently. This is not a natural/organic beauty company. I’ve tried those and honestly haven’t been impressed with the way they work. I just can’t sacrifice performance in products! Beautycounter has ingredients in their products that you won’t be able to pronounce, but they are all SAFE! In fact, they have the strictest ingredient selection process in the industry, banning over 1,500 chemicals, all while ensuring their products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil on the market. Their Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, is a famed makeup artist and no product is added to the line without her loving it just as much or MORE than any other product she has ever tried. After all, she is using these products on her celebrity clients and can’t have them falling off their faces in a matter of hours. That’s why the line doesn’t certain products in it yet, like a mascara. Even after hundreds of takes, Christy won’t sign off on one until she absolutely positively loves it. This is important for someone who loves makeup and beauty products like me, because I need my products to WORK! I want to love the performance of my safe products just as much as I loved the way my former toxic products worked.

So that’s why I started this journey. I’ve been testing out the Beautycounter skincare and makeup line and wanted to make sure I was totally on board with the products before bringing it up to y’all. And turns out, I love them.

In fact, I am so drawn to their mission and products that I’ve decided to become a consultant for Beautycounter. I am not doing this to “sell.” I SWORE up and down that I would never become a consultant of any sort of product line because goodness knows I am not one to have “parties” that go along with selling things and I definitely don’t need to take anything else on, but I just HAVE to join this mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone! That’s the reason I am signing on for this. I know there are so many people out there who are like I was and have no idea about the dangers of personal care products. If I can just get one person to “switch to safe,” then I know I made a difference.

What does this mean for me and my blog? Well, for so long I ignored the fact that my products are unsafe for a few reasons. First, I really didn’t know any better. Second, I just couldn’t “lock” myself into one brand or one way of life when it comes to beauty because it’s such a big part of what I do between posting on this blog and my work as the beauty editor for The Everygirl. I thought, how on Earth could I promote “safe” beauty when I am in love with so many high end makeup products that I don’t want to get rid of and have to sample new products all the time for my job? So I chose to ignore it and play dumb. But now that I know all that I know, there is no way I couldn’t get on board with this company. Now that I know all of these statistics and facts about these toxic chemicals, there is no way I could possibly go on promoting unsafe beauty products to all of you. And there's no way I could continue using them.

I’m still sifting through my products—reading labels and tossing most of it. I have switched most all of my products to safe ones, but I will be up front with you. There are some things that I am still using that have fragrance (bad! more on that below) in them. I just haven’t found safe equivalents yet. I'm talking about hairspray and dry shampoo. You know I love my Batiste Dry Shampoo and I am unsure of what to get in it’s place. But I want to put that out there in the open because I want you to know that I am not going to be promoting products unless I love it just as much as my other toxic ones. If you see me using it or talking about it in a good way, it’s because I honestly would rather use it than my old products. The transition does not have to be overnight. Whatever you can do to switch to safer is a great start!

So, what now?

You can learn more about this mission (or look over the amazing product line) at my website: beautycounter.com/meganstokes. Also on this website is our fully transparent ingredient list, as well as a list of ingredients that we will NEVER put in our products. Or, start by seeing how safe your own products are at www.ewg.org/skindeep/. This website is an amazing database where you can research products and specific ingredients to learn whether they are safe like I did. If your product isn’t in the database, then just google the ingredients of that particular product and type individual ingredients into the EWG search bar.

For me, something harmful I noticed most often in the lists of ingredients was Fragrance—it’s in almost everything. It sounds so harmless, but it’s actually one word used to describe thousands of harmful ingredients that are hormone disruptors, allergens, toxic to our organs, and also to the endocrine system. The law does not require companies to disclose what makes up their own “fragrance,” so they are getting away with packing in tons of terrible chemicals that are doing major damage to our bodies and calling it just one simple word, like fragrance, parfum, or flavor. What’s scary is that fragrance was in almost every single one of my former products—from hair styling products to face moisturizer to makeup.

I’ll share details about my new skincare routine soon, but I’ve been using the Essentials Line from Beautycounter. The packaging is gorgeous, isn’t it? It makes me excited to see it on my bathroom counter. I love the cream cleanser so much. It smells fresh (and not because of synthetic fragrance!) and it’s so creamy. I’ve also been loving the exfoliator. It’s super gentle, but helps slough off little pieces of dead skin. The every day hydrating cream is the perfect daytime moisturizer. I don't think my skin has ever felt so balanced. It lays perfectly under makeup. Then just add a few drops of lustro oil in with it for night. You can buy the whole essentials face collection if you want to go all in and buy a set to save some bucks.

As for makeup, thought you might like to know that Lauren Conrad's favorite foundation is the tint skin applied with the complexion brush. I'm a big fan of the lip sheers, too. The color twig is perfect for every day. Oh, and there's a deal going on right now with the eyeshadow duos where if you buy one, you can get a second for 50% off (through 11/23).

I would love for y’all to go on this journey with me. It’s amazing knowing that I’m using products that are safe for me and for my baby. The Founder & Ceo of Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew, said it so well, “Do it in the name of all of those we’ve loved and lost. Do this in the name of our children who deserve better.” Do it for you! You can watch the video below of Gregg talking about what all of this means to her. Worth the watch, I promise! :) And please let me know if you have questions! You can email me at holycitychic (at) gmail.com. #switchtosafer #betterbeauty


20 week pregnancy update

How far along? 20 weeks + 4 days, but he is measuring at 20 weeks + 6 days!

Baby’s size? The size of a banana! About 10 inches long.

Total weight gain/loss: About 10 pounds. 

Maternity clothes? Well, I ripped a pair of jeans yesterday. Think it's time I stop trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! 

Sleep: Normal sleep, but I now have to go to the bathroom all the time, so I'm waking up about six hours into the nigh. My bladder is not as strong as it used to be.

Best moment since the last update: We got to see our baby boy at our anatomy ultrasound appointment and he is growing just as healthy as could be! Such an amazing relief.

Movement: I felt my first flutters the night before our 20 week appointment, which is actually when I was 20 weeks and 1 day. I was laying in bed and had just finished rubbing body butter all on my belly. Brandon put his hand on my tummy and sure enough, I felt a little tickle under the skin. It's nothing Brandon could have possibly felt, but it's so neat that it happened for the first time right when he put his hand there. This sweet boy loves his daddy.

Food cravings: Nothing really!

Feeling? Like I could conquer the world. And thank goodness. I have had a tough and busy couple of weeks with my mom being in the hospital and selling our house/buying a new one. I don't know what I would have possibly done if I weren't feeling well.

Baby Goodies Acquired: 
I went to the Pixie Lilly studio and met the lovely Leda, who is the designer of this tiny couture line. I  cannot tell you how awesome it is in person. The craftsmanship just got me. All the crochet work is hand-done by local artisans. 

I've been on a swaddle testing spree and these are by far the softest, most luxurious feeling swaddles I've felt. Plus, look at that adorable print! I love that one little black sheep. There are tons of different designs on their website.

Isn't this precious? I feel like he will mostly be in monogrammed or plain white bibs, but I couldn't resist this one. Save 40% off with code BUNDLE.

Previous updates:  pregnancy announcement  |  14 weeks  |  16 weeks  |  18 weeks (and crib reveal)


what i wore: from workout to dressed up


This jacket is one of those that can go from workout to dressed up so easily. I love versatile pieces like this! Picked it up from Nordstrom recently because I love their selection of casual clothing. This one is called The North Face 'Ruka' Parka. Another thing I like about it? It's soft and lightweight, but so warm and toasty. 

I have it in a small, just so you know for size reference. I wasn't sure what to do since it said it runs about a size smaller than usual. I'm glad I got the size I did, but I knew that I could return it back to Nordstrom for free if needed. Y'all may have also seen that I got a silver one one last week, too (different style, though). Safe to say that I am all set on outdoorsy jackets for a while! I really had none like this, so it's nice having two fun and classic colors/styles. 

Oh, ps. that's my 20 week baby bump up there in the first pic! Reminds me that I've got to work on that update post. We had our anatomy ultrasound done yesterday and I was relieved to know there is still a baby boy in there! More details coming soon—I've been adding to his wardrobe and can't wait to share!

Shop this post: 

jacket  |  dress  |  similar booties  |  bag (save!)  |  similar chunky necklace (under $50!)  |  similar thin necklace

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 


nursery inspiration for our baby

My vision for our baby's nursery is sweet but not baby-ish, masculine but not boyish, and simple but not too plain. There are a few key elements I've known I wanted to incorporate—artwork by way way allen, the bratt decor joy canopy crib, lots of texture, and a couple modern details. Since the crib is going to be the focal point of the room, I basically started there and built off of that. Here's what I have so far!

sources //

artwork: way way allen (this one can be purchased here)
flush mount light: cb2
dresser: ikea
mirror: ballard designs (atoll mirror, no longer available)
sheepskin rug: amazon
area rug: rugs usa
baskets: serena & lilly
stuffed animals: bla bla  |  jellycat
pouf: amazon


what i bought from sephora

The Sephora VIB sale is happening now through the 16th! Save 20% off anything (no brand exclusions!) with code VIB20. This is such a great sale and awesome opportunity to stock up on your favorite products or some new things you've been dying to try. Here's what I bought and what I plan to purchase before the sale ends!

tata harper resurfacing mask // Well, it's pricey, but I had a gift card and thought why not? It's made with safe products and has seriously good reviews. 

lavanila healthy deodorant // Anti-persperants scare the daylights out of me. I've heard such good things about this deodorant and the price is pretty darn good for a high end product! 

tarte smooth operator pressed powder // y'all know how much I love the loose version of this, so I thought the pressed was worth a shot!

mustela stretch marks double action // because I will do anything to prevent marks from baby!

nest holiday candle // because it's the best of all, I think. :)

what I'll be going back for...

tarte bling it on blush palette: tarte blushes are so good. The pigmentation is awesome and the last power is even better, plus they are safe for your body.

tarte amazonian clay 12 hour foundation: I've only heard great things about this foundation and can't wait to try! 

Then there's also those awesome kits (like this one) that feature a bunch of best sellers for a super reduced price. As always, know that my "beauty" category tab is up there at the top of the screen and is full of other suggestions. :)


what i wore: workout or hang out

Well, let's just put it right out there. I'm wearing workout clothes more than ever before and most of the time, I really don't end up working out. One reason why is because, being pregnant, stretchy clothes are kind of my new favorite. The other reason why is because I've recently come across some extra cute workout gear that definitely spices up the whole deal and feels respectable if I happen to run a few a whole day of errands in them. :)

Y'all know I shop online at Nordstrom for about 85% of my clothing. I just like the brands offered—high end stuff, mid-range goods like the workout gear I just picked up, and then things for the whole family and for the home, too.

The beanie, pants, and jacket are all by The North Face. I wore their jackets all the time in high school and college because that was the "thing" to wear, but I honestly haven't paid much attention to the brand since then. But when I spotted these fun workout pants, I started looking around at their other offerings. It has changed a lot throughout the years! The jacket–now that just feels like a cloud. No really, I swear it does. And finally the hat caught my eye because it's reversible and offers a fun pink color when you flip it around.

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post! All opinions and North Face outfit choices were my own.

shop this look:


what's been up (moving update + new house!)

can't find original source, but found image here
Our house is under contract. The house we live in is ....and so is the one we are buying. I'm our Realtor on both sides, so I've been swamped with negotiations, paperwork, scheduling, you name it. It's really an exciting, but scary time. We've lived in our current house for just about a year and we've loved it. A lot. We needed something newer because that's when we were just moving back to Charleston and we couldn't take on much of a project with the transition. But now, I've fixed up our house the way I wanted it and we've slapped paint on every single wall (which is all it truly needed and frankly, all we were willing to invest in it) ... and I'm now satisfied and ready for a change. 

If all goes smoothly (and I've been afraid to say this just in case I would jinx something) then we will be in the new house in less than a month! It's going to be a project, but this house is right in the heart of town and walking distance to coffee shops, restaurants, my barre studio, etc. We will be doing kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom renovations—just to name the big things. There's going to be a lot of love and sweat that will go into it, but we love this house so much (it gave us warm fuzzies, you know?) and are excited to make it our own. We're having it inspected today, so prayers please! It was built in 1944, so there's no telling. (insert anxious, scared, excited emoticon here) 

If you follow me on Pinterest, then you've probably noticed that I've been pinning some random things on the "our new home" board, so that's what that's all about. As for the actual house, I will share photos as soon as I know for sure we are closing on it. :)

Thanks for following along on our next adventure! I swear, I mention it all the time whenever something big happens, but I feel like this blog has traveled with me through so much.... college, a wedding, a move, another move back 10 months later, the purchase of our first home, a baby arriving soon, and now our second home! And I don't say it enough (I'm sorry!), but I really can't express how thankful I am for your sweet comments and emails all along the way. Thank you. 


what i wore: a sunday stroll

This past weekend was our first weekend in Charleston (without having to leave town once!) since the beginning of August. It was much anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. I love being on the go, but there really is no place like being home. Our list of "to-do's" consisted of sleeping in, making cinnamon rolls, cleaning up the house (the best way to enjoy a weekend at home is with a clean house in my opinion), watching football, eating at our favorite restaurant, and basically doing whatever we wanted. Oh, and what I was craving so much was a day of walking around downtown, so that's what we did on Sunday. 

I wore a few new favorite things: a Bishop + Young sweater, which I hate to say might be sold out, but it may be worth contacting the company about because it's awesome! I also wore my first maternity item, these J. Brand jeans. I l-o-v-e them and will be purchasing the non-maternity ones as soon as I can fit back into them next year. My bag is the large Philip Lim Pashli bag in Taupe. I've had it for a couple years now and never grow tired of it.

I was recently introduced to a new jewelry line called Alexys Ryan. It's a New England-based company that is gearing up to launch soon. I will keep y'all updated on that! Their pieces are special because each one has a carefully coordinated word and phrase to empower the wearer. 

The necklace above symbolizes "Endurance–You're Stronger Than You Think." It's plated in all gold and really is special. I'm wearing the coordinating bangle below. Each side of the bangle has that same text inscribed on it. 

outfit details:
 other gold bangles : cuff and bangles (save 20% with code HCC20)
nail color, foundation, hat (similar), loafers are c. wonder but I bought these on sunday!

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