target wins again

Know how everyone says you can't go into Target without spending $100? I agree with that, by the way. They really got me with all of the marked down decorations after Christmas. I bought a ton of ornaments for the baby's tree that will be in his nursery next year, a new tree skirt, wrapping paper, and just a ton of stuff I really didn't need to buy, but the Target curse was upon me and I couldn't help it.

I feel the same way about their website. There are so many things online that I never have seen in the store. I pretty much fell in love with everything below. Ever since getting India Hicks: Island Life for Christmas and looking at it cover to cover about 30 times, I have been even more obsessed with that bohemian/island glam look than I was before. I love mixing in pieces like these with classic and traditional furniture. 

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