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So over the weekend, some of Watson's baby shampoo spilled on my iPhone and it immediately stopped working. I still have the 5 and even though I've been due for an upgrade since about February, I've been holding out for the 7 to come out this fall. I was so mad that I was probably going to end up getting the 6 as a replacement since mine stopped working! SO CLOSE to the 7. But I put it in rice for a couple days and now it's working again! Not that well, but it will do. But on the subject of phones... I love this case and probably would have bought it if I had to get a new phone. No one makes cute cases anymore for the 5, ha ha!

Bringing paper plates to a new level one pineapple at a time.

A good piece of stationery makes me so happy. Love these thank you notes.

Next on my coffee table book must-haves.

How perfect would these knobs be in dressing up some furniture?

This book, too! 

Almost bought these curtains for Watson's nursery. I really love them.

Precious cuddly toys for the wee ones. This, too.

A beautiful rattan chair for under $100.

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