style finds for the 4th

Not just for the 4th of July, though. These finds would be great all summer long. Red, white, and blue are some of my favorite colors to wear anytime. Really thinking this dress might be my favorite. But I'm partial to this dress too because it reminds me of this one, which is one of my all time favorite dresses I've ever owned because the color is so fun. Plus, there's a lot to love about a ruffle hem. Which piece below is your favorite?

top: dress  /  dress  /  dress  /  bag  /  top  /  shirtdress
middle: sandals  /  tote  /  sunglasses
bottom: dress  /  dress  /  wedges  /  dress  /  dress 

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  1. I love these finds and wish I was spending the 4th July in the USA!

    Abigail Alice x



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