how to clean makeup brushes + my most used brushes

One of the hardest things to remember to do is clean a makeup brush! Am I right? It's just no fun, but I'm telling you—those fuzzy little brushes harbor a lot of bacteria, dirt, and oil, which are all things I want to keep as far away from my skin as possible. Bobbi Brown says to clean foundation brushes once a week, eye brushes every two weeks, and all others once a month. I try to wash all of mine at once every couple of weeks—it's just easier to do them all at the same time.

I'm very simple at cleaning brushes these days. Give me some baby shampoo, some warm water, and a towel. That's all I need. I use the Beautycounter Kids Nice Do Shampoo to clean mine. It smells sooo good and is free of all those nasty harmful chemicals! 

The following pictures are going to be of a groundbreaking tutorial. Get ready for it!

I'm just kidding. This is so easy, but I thought I'd picture it anyway just in case you want to see. By the way, I do not use all of the brushes above, but that's the whole shebang. I used to be real fancy and use a ton of brushes, but now I try to stick to about 4-8 favorites. I'm a mom now. Ain't nobody got time to wash 20 brushes twice a month. At least I don't.

Just wet your bristles with warm water, take a cleanser of some type in the palm of your hand (see the amount I have in my hand above?), and work up a lather in the bristles by swirling them in your hand.

Now, my favorite part. Rinse the bristles real well and squeeze out all the water. You'll see all the yucky water come out first. Then repeat the first step and put some new soap on the bristles. You might need to do this a few times until you rinse the water out and see that it's perfectly clear. That is the most important part of all this - clean until the water you squeeze out at the end is clear!

I roll one end of a towel so that my brushes dry while being tilted downwards. This is because you want to keep the water from running up into the handle of the brush. (That's what makes the glue weaken and the bristles fall out.) 

Now for the brushes I use every day...

Sometimes I leave out #2 and #4, but it really makes a great difference when I use them! 
1. Beautycounter Retractable Foundation Brush: The best foundation brush I've used, especially for applying the Tint Skin Foundation
2. BeautyBlender Pro: I blend my concealer into my foundation with this. Then I use it to apply my RMS Living Luminizer
3. Beautycounter Powder Brush: The perfect density for all over powder, but could also be used for blush or bronzer. 
4. Beautycounter Blush Brush: I have to use a small brush like this to put powder over my under eye concealer or else my mascara will run down under my eyes! The bigger powder brushes just aren't precise enough to get under there well enough. This one is perfect. 
5. Crown Brush: Love this fluffy little brush for applying a light color all over my lid to use as a base and to blend shadows, too. I've had it for only about, ohh 10 years... and it costs about $3. Really great quality.
6. Sigma E 25: Great for applying lid colors and for blending shades. Sort of a "do it all" eye brush.  
7. Sephora Pro Featherweight Powder Brush #91: The softest brush ever and so, so good for bronzer! I wasn't even looking for a new bronzer brush, but tried this recently and had to buy it on the spot. 
8. Bobbi Brown Blush Brush: I know this is pricey, but I've had mine for years and it still looks brand new. It's by far the best blush brush I've ever tried. The size is perfect and the density of the bristles allows it to deposit juuuust the right amount of blush.


  1. Your brushes look amazing. Do you have a lot of Bobbi Brown ones? i would love to try some.

    Abigail Alice x

  2. good info- i have to admit i can't remember the last time i cleaned my makeup brushes (insert hands over face emoji here!)

    i've got our favorite baby/toddler toys rounded up on my blog if you are interested!

  3. I just ordered two of those Beautycounter brushes and the shampoo. Can't wait to give my brushes a good cleaning.

  4. I need to do this more! Thanks for the reminder lady!

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. I admittedly never do this but you've inspired me! :)

  6. The Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat is amazing!! It cuts the time in half to clean brushes and it's pretty inexpensive! You can get it at Nords! :)



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