watson's nursery, then and now

So here's the deal with the way Watson's nursery was originally set up. I really loved the arrangement, but I always had a little issue with the fact that his crib was right in front of the window. Then when he started sleeping in his room all throughout the night, the sun would shine in his eyes every morning and wake him up, even with the curtains shut. So we really didn't have a choice but to move the crib, which then called for a rearrangement of the rest of the room. I mean, I guess we could have gotten blackout shades, but... we didn't. Really love the way it feels now, so I thought I'd share the little changes! 

So, what else needed to be changed over the course of the last seven months? Other than the crib placement, the plant had to go. I know, sad day in our house because I loved that thing! But going a couple weeks without watering it isn't a good look. Let's just say it's on our porch now.

A big note! There's going to be a big difference in these "then" and "now" photos because the "then" ones were taken by our talented friend and photographer, Marni Rothschild. HOWEVER, the "now" photos were taken by me and my trusty old iPhone. But you'll get the idea.



Sorry, no more pretty photos from Marni! The rest are from my phone. I'm not saying this arrangement looks better, but this one definitely works better for us now! It's a little more lived in. A little more cozy. And just right for us.

Still loving our amazing glider from Celadon Home. It's been the best thing and I love that we will be able to use it elsewhere in our house once we don't need it for a nursery. I'd recommend to all pregnant mommas—if you're going to invest in one thing, get a good glider! Especially if it's one that you can use somewhere else in your house later. 

I painted this table the other day— you may have caught that on Snapchat. It belonged to my great great grandmother!

Here's a closer look.

And somehow, the paint looks almost identical to the inside of this bookcase, which is also from Celadon. Lucked out there! Side note: I just got pictures in these frames like last week. Poor baby had no pictures in our house until then.


crib: Bratt Decor
artwork over crib: Way Way Allen
with framing by: Framebridge (HOLYCITYCHIC to save 10%)
changing table: Ikea
hardware pulls: Anthropologie
bookshelf: Celadon
"beach baby" sign: mud-pie
glider: Celadon
fish wall hanging: Celadon
gold floor lamp: Lamps Plus
jute rug: Rugs USA
sheepskin rug: Rugs USA
rug pad under bigger rug (It's the best!): Rug Pad USA
basket: Cynthia Rowley
curtain panels: West Elm
gold curtain rods: Bed Bath & Beyond
floor pouf: Amazon


  1. What a gorgeous nursery!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Love love love that Beach baby print. Can't see that they have it available anymore, so may just make my own! www.morgan-jennifer.com

  3. Such a great room- it's beautiful both ways. I will say that black out shades are ugly but SO practical, especially as they get older. We have one that rolls down and you can't even see it when it is up. Totally worth it.

  4. Did you add that slipcover over your glider? If so where did you get it? I have to find a slipcover somewhere (any suggestions?) or make one myself!

    1. Hey Melissa! Nope, it came with it on there. Wish I had a good suggestion for you!! :(

  5. I am working on a nursury right now and love that jute rug you have- but how soft is it on the feet? a lot of them are tougher and I am trying to think ahead for once the baby is crawling. THanks!

    1. Hey! I know what you mean. We have jute and sisal rugs all throughout our house that are very uncomfortable, but this one is much much softer! Watson is fine rolling around on it. :) The rug pad we have under it is almost vital though! It gives it extra cushion and keeps it in place. See the source links I posted to see which one. :)

    2. so good to know- thanks for the feedback!

  6. What are the colors of the wall in this nursery? I'm sorry... I'm sure it's on your blog somewhere but I can't find it :)


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