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Hello, Friday! It's been a busy week but yet I still feel so behind on so many fronts. I definitely don't have it all together right now. Yeesh. My dining room table is completely stacked with empty cardboard boxes because apparently I'm a box hoarder? I had about 15 small boxes in our guest room closet that I cleaned out a few days ago. And by "cleaned out," I mean that I moved them from the closet to the dining room table. And we don't have blinds or shutters right now on the house, so I'm sure our neighbors are peeking in and wondering who the pack rats are that moved in next door. DId I mention we also have a sink and a new range/oven in our dining room. Just sitting there because there's nowhere to put them now. My mind is moving a mile a minute, but my body is moving so slowly! I just can't seem to completely knock things off my list. We are also gearing up to start our kitchen renovation any day now. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I just wish we had more time before the baby was going to be here. I just know we are going to bring the baby home to a kitchen-less house! Stay tuned for those updates... 

But hey, it's Friday! I have one other baby shower this weekend and I can't wait to celebrate this baby again. It's supposed to be pretty and sunny here this weekend. I'm completely loving this weather. I hope all of you have fun things to look forward to, too. Or maybe a weekend of relaxation. Hey! That would be nice, too! Here's this week's worthy links:
Meet Cory McBee. She's a Charleston artist and that's one of her paintings above. It's called Marsh at Folly and I love it just about as much as I love Folly Beach. One of my all time favorite places. Cory sells fun works on Etsy, too! 
For the girl who always worries. (Like me.) 
Love everything about these shoes for spring and summer. 
I gifted these power gemstone bracelets to the hostesses of my baby shower last weekend. They are adorable stacked or worn alone! 
I'm a huge fan of grab and go snacks. I've seen these all over the place, but love this recipe especially
Beautycounter is coming to Canada so soon! (If anyone wants to get involved with this amazing company and to spread our mission, let me know!) 
On the delicate balance of work and life. 
Fun new arrivals for spring are popping up all over the place. Like this linen-blend scarf in the perfect shade of blue (and it's on sale!). And then there's these lace up flats, which I'm obsessing over. Tons of new arrivals at J. Crew, too. And 25% off gowns, bridesmaid dress, + bridal accessories. 
Which decor trends are in and out? Hey, baby boy's crib made #1!  
I swear by so many of these Trader Joe's finds.


34 weeks pregnant! (baby shower + nursery progress)

Holy moly, I am less than six weeks away from this baby boy's due date! The photo above was taken at 33 weeks, by the way. I've definitely grown a bit since then. He's getting so big now that I can feel him under my ribs and on my bladder at the same time. I love, love feeling him move around. The movements are small since he is so big, but powerful and often. No little flutters here anymore.

According to my apps, our baby is about 18 inches long and 5lbs. No wonder I am having to roll over on my side and push up just to get out of bed. Any ab strength has gone clear out the window. I've been feeling great, but I'm having to walk really slowly because of the pressure and my sleep schedule has been a bit off. It's just that I'm having a harder time going to sleep at night, so I'm also having a harder time getting up in the mornings.  It has just created a vicious cycle. I'm trying not to be too hard on myself right now and am allowing myself the extra time in bed on days that I'm able to sleep in a little. I know my sleep is going to be thrown way out of whack soon anyway, so I'll take all the extra zzzz's that I can now.

I've also been getting into nesting mode slowly but surely. I got down on my hands and knees and disinfected our guest room closet today, for goodness sakes. About midway through I thought, "This must be nesting!" I couldn't fathom putting any sort of stored items on the floor of the closet without it being germ free. I'm about to make a big closet purge too, so be on the lookout for a blog sale soon.

Read on for photos from my baby shower!


just in for spring and under $100

1  |  2  |  3  |  4
5  |  6  |   7

Everything above makes for perfect spring transition pieces. And they are each under $100, so that's a nice trade for big style. Ships free, fresh styles, and free returns... just three reasons why I love shopping here.


weekend in 5 photos

1 //
We got a new rug for our front living room. It's been tough because our front door opens right into this room, so it's inevitable that dirt and leaves are going to find their way in. I used to have a little jute rug by the door and then a 5x8 jute rug under the coffee table, but it just looked too choppy. Too many rugs so close together. And I would feel the need to vacuum twice a day to keep everything clean because they showed every speck of uncleanliness. I just needed something thicker that had more color dimensions. Not that I'm trying to hide dirt so that I don't have to vacuum, but maybe now I won't feel the need to do it multiple times a day! (Not that I EVER did, by the way.)

This new rug is from a Joss & Main event that has since ended, but you can find the same one here, too. It's great because it's big, thick, and has a beautiful texture/dimension to it. I'm in love with it! 

2 //
My best friends threw the sweetest baby shower for me on Saturday. Here's some of the crew that came. I'll share more photos and details later this week! My heart is very full. I wore this dress (not maternity, but sized up to a medium for reference) and hey! 50% off. Plus, these earrings.

3 //
Wandered into Peyton William on King Street on Sunday and scooped up these earrings. There is so much good stuff in there—all handmade by the same designer. I've been having a lot of fun with jewelry since being pregnant since my wardrobe is pretty limited. Couldn't resist these. I love turquoise. 

4 //
I thought about saving this for my 34 week pregnancy update this week, but I'll have plenty to share there as it is. My Great Aunt Carolyn sent me the sweetest package for our W. She joined a knitting club at her church and learned to make these adorable hats, baby blanket, and scarf. Handmade gifts are so special—especially when they come with a note to save forever!  

5 //
Sunday and 70 degrees.
In my new Twine and Twig shell necklace and neutral layers

P.S. //
It's Beautycounter's Makeup Monday again, y'all. This is just happening during February, by the way.

Today only, receive a free $35 angled blush brush with the purchase of any of our powder blushes! They are amazing blushes without the unsafe and harsh sourcing of the ingredient, "mica" in them. I'm taking this from my team leader, Christi:

Did you know that mica (the sparkles in makeup) mining is one of the top child slaveries in the world? Children (as young as 5 years old) are sent into the mines under harsh conditions for up to 12 hours each day so that you can have glittery blush and eyeshadow. Even if you are using a safe mineral-based makeup, chances are they may be getting their mica from a child labor source.

The great thing about Beautycounter, we are a B Corp. This means we have to meet extremely strict standards in regards to the sustainability and ethical practices of the ingredients we use. Our blush duos not only come with a Certificate of Purity (no heavy metals), but peace of mind knowing that the mica comes from ethically extracted sources.

Here's how our expert makeup artist uses the brush and the blush duo to create a natural contour. Watch below ...get your FREE brush here!


blush // what i wore (at 33 weeks pregnant)

After I featured this Rebecca Taylor Magnolia Clip Top in my spring fashion feature last week, I just couldn't resist ordering it. I think I will really love it a lot more when I'm not pregnant, but I was able to make it work. For reference, I ordered a size 4 if you're trying to figure out what size to order for yourself. I tried to stick pretty close to my pre-pregnancy size so that I'll be able to wear it after—it's very forgiving! I can't wait to pair it with white denim and tan wedges this summer. Perfect spring/summer uniform, along with some fun jewelry. 

The maternity pants are incredibly comfortable. They feel and look like sweatpants, but the tailoring and zipper detail just screams, "Dress me up!" So I threw on some heels and although they didn't last too long (I can assure you!), I really think they made the outfit. 

outfit details:
top (here and here, too)  |  pants (non maternity option - both on BIG sale right now!)
citizen watch (I changed the band)  |  jennifer zeuner romy necklace


what's new

It's sunny and almost 70 degrees here today, which automatically has me thinking about a spring wardrobe. I am so excited to be able to wear things like this again! Here's what's new and what I love.


makeup monday freebie

Good monday morning! Maybe you're lucky enough today to have Presidents' Day off and you're still in your pajamas. I woke up this morning to an email announcement from Beautycounter and I've just got to share it with y'all because, freebies. A really good freebie. 
Today only, if you purchase the Tint Skin Foundation, you get a free Retractable Complexion Brush, which in itself is a $35 value. This is a super good time to scoop up this foundation if you've been thinking about it. It's what Lauren Conrad uses on the daily and so do I (I am shade Sand for the post part, but Linen on a paler day. I'm literally right in between those shades! See links below for videos where I demonstrate.). This is a buildable foundation that is formulated without ingredients like parabens, PEGs, and fragrance, which are in a lot of foundations and usually are contaminated with carcinogens. It does contain hyaluronic acid, though, which is packed full with skin-plumping and anti-aging properties!

The brush is like the peanut butter to the foundation's jelly. It just makes it apply so much better by going into your pores and airbrushing everything out. Plus it has a lid and it retracts, so it's a great one for travel or for on your vanity so that dust doesn't get in the brush. 

You can see a couple videos where I am showing both the foundation and brush here and here. Also, note that this offer is only good while supplies last... and last week, supplies did not last through the entire day for that Makeup Monday deal. So if you want it, order now! xo


weekly roundup

This image is of Candy Shop Vintage, a shop downtown that's full of vintage jewelry and newer pieces, like their own Charleston Rice Beads. (image via)

We officially have ordered our kitchen cabinets. It took a bit longer than we had hoped because of my measurement goof up—and because I changed the cabinet design a million times, but they are ordered. It takes up to 8 weeks for them to be delivered and the baby should be here in 7ish weeks, so this should be interesting. 

Really love this side table. Would love two for our guest room.

I'm sharing some of my absolute favorites on the Candelabra website. Remember this pendant light? And this pouf? Both are from that store.

GiGi New York's new resort collection is so good. Their fold-over clutches are the best ever and this color is perfect for spring. Y'all know I love a good hobo too.

This girl got her makeup done at five different counters and this is what happened.

Maybe I'm just hungry, but maybe these are just amazing.

Let's hear it for this dress.

Save $50 off every $200 you spend at Serena & Lily right now. Wish I had somewhere to put this  hanging chair right now. I had a hammock chair in my bedroom when I was about 14ish. This chair reminds me of that so much.


3 spring outfits to REALLY love

dress  +   booties  +  crossbody bag (also love this bag and this one for a fun pop of color!)  +  ring  + bangle bracelet trio (I'm wearing these here.)

top  +  trousers  +   jacket (under $150, comes in black too) 
heels (on sale!)  +  necklace

top (also here) +  pants (also available here)  +  clutch  +  heels

shop this post:


5 current favorites + announcement!

1. This Butter & Sugar Set includes two of my all time Beautycounter favorites. The brown sugar scrub really gets all the dead skin off and leaves behind a silky, smooth feeling. It's plenty good on it's own, but if you follow up with the body butter that's included in this set, be ready for the best feeling (and smelling) skin EVER! Not to mention how safe it is to use, compared to other similar products that are made with harmful artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals.

2. I've been living in these Hush Puppies Cyra Catelyn booties. I've worn them with dresses. Worn them with pants. Pretty obsessed with them.

3. I ordered this ASOS Maternity Shift Dress and wish it came in 10 colors because I'd probably order them all. (That's only sort of an exaggeration.) It's a great fit. I love the high neck and 3/4 sleeves. Plus, the fabric is the perfect weight—not heavy and thick, but not t-shirt dress thin either.

4. My brother's girlfriend got me this Stadler Form Diffuser for Christmas and I LOVE it. I bought this lavender essential oil and put in about eight drops each time I refill the diffuser with water. It makes our bedroom smell amazing and it's incredibly relaxing. There are tons of benefits of diffusing lavender. Those of you who diffuse oils—tell me, what are your favorite diffuser concoctions? And is this safe for me to use around our baby as long as it's natural oils? I plan to research this, but thought I'd start with you all first!

5. I was shopping in Celadon recently and came across these Hand Embroidered Jewels of Mumbai Earrings. I ended up buying a different pair, but these are so similar. The best thing about them is how lightweight they are, but they look heavy and substantial. You would never know the beads are embroidered unless you held them. I have sensitive ears, so the lightweight factor is key. Love that they are handmade in India, too.

I will be in Columbia tonight from 5:30pm - 7:00pm at the Copper Penny on Harden Street showing off the Beautycounter line! If you're local and want to come shop for pretty clothes and try some amazing, safe beauty products, then please come and say hello! I would love to meet y'all!


31 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Baby Goods Acquired

Baby boy is growing, growing, growing! I have to say, I'm enjoying this part of pregnancy more than any other part so far. By far. Yes, I sort of feel like a whale and I'm starting to lose the energy I had in the second trimester, but I finally feel pregnant in a good way. I feel like I went the longest time without looking noticeably pregnant in my belly (only expanding everywhere else!) and then once my belly showed up around 26 weeks or so, I felt awful with those side pains/contractions. Now I am feeling good, have the belly to show for it (and then some - I think I've gained the absolute max of what I should or more, but it's ok) and I can finally feel him move all the time which I cannot explain how much I love. It's also so exciting to be nearing the end because it all seems so real—finally. Now if we could only get that nursery completed! 

We went to a breastfeeding class last week and did a maternity tour this past Wednesday. Of course, I pretty much knew where everything was since I spent two evenings at the hospital in Labor & Delivery at 27 weeks. We have a newborn class coming up next week and I'm really excited about that one. 

Here are some things we've gotten for him and for the nursery.

Y'all have seen the following two photos a few times already, but I don't think I've put them in a pregnancy update post. The two rugs below are from Rugs USA. They are so beautiful and well made. I always tend to order my rugs through Rugs USA because the prices are so good and they ship free. The jute rug on the bottom always seems to sell out quickly, but keep an eye on it because I know they get shipments in quite a bit. The sheepskin rug is so incredibly plush. I am in love with it.

Here they are just thrown in the room that was going to be his nursery, and then wasn't.

The next thing is this gorgeous Robert Abbey Alvin Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp from Lamps Plus. I have it shown in our front living room now, but it's going to go next to his glider in the nursery once we get it set up. This lamp is beyond gorgeous. It's heavy and brass—a real showstopper. I stay pretty loyal to the companies I like. Remember I used Lamps Plus for our bedroom lamps? And what do you know... they were Robert Abbey, too! Just really well made products that are made to order in Hickory, NC. 

So this is the coolest thing possibly ever. Have you heard of BinxyBaby? This company was created by a busy mom of three who realized there was just not enough room in her grocery shopping cart when toting all those babes around. So she made this shopping cart hammock. It's pretty genius—just strap it from one side of the cart to the other and you can either put your baby in it or strap the infant car seat in it. I love this blue design because it's perfect for a boy or a girl, but there are three other colors available. This would be an awesome shower gift!

And this rug. I was just introduced to Lorena Canals and I'm so glad that I was because I foresee a long friendship with this children's rugs company. Lorena, the founder and designer, has been in the business for 25 years, but decided to start specializing in rugs about 12 years ago when she realized her own children's rugs at home weren't washable and that wasn't very kid-friendly. This company chooses the best raw materials, only uses natural dyes (which is great since babies crawl all over rugs), and makes sure that no child labor is used in the production process. There are so many cute designs. Like, seriously cute. We decided on the stars rug. I'm not really a stars person to be honest—would have thought polka dots would be the one we were drawn to, but the stars are ADORABLE. Oh, the big thing! All of her rugs are washable! Just throw them into the machine. They are so soft and well made with heavyweight fibers. I'm really excited about this rug, can you tell?

This is it just pulled out of the packaging - the folds have settled out now!

Here's to 32 weeks on Monday! Have a great weekend, everyone. xo

Previous updates: 
pregnancy announcement  |   14 weeks  |   16 weeks  |   18 weeks  |   20 weeks  |  23 weeks  |  27 weeks  |  29 weeks



I literally just had to stop myself from looking through another page of the Shopbop sale. They just added a ton of new items up to 70% off and I think I made it through page 20 before finally being able to step away from the computer. So. Addicting. Here are all of my favorites!


we cancelled our baby's nursery / home updates

The baby's nursery has caused some gray hairs over the past week. Just some of the details this little room has created so far - and this is just to get the ceiling scraped and the walls painted!
  • Oh, about 10 trips to Sherwin Williams and/or Lowes
  • B getting pulled over on the way to said SW (which is maybe a quarter mile away from our house - thank you for the warning, officer!)
  • Two broken caulk guns, which created three trips to SW for returns, which may or may not have resulted in the previous bullet point.
  • Scraping an old ceiling ...and we will just leave it at that because that warrants a whole other blog post that I will never ever write.
  • A ceiling that was accidentally painted with trim paint and not realized until afterwards. (I blame the bullet point above.)
  • A paint gun that malfunctioned due to this mishap.
  • A giant face palm due to this mishap, too.
  • Fresh coats of paint on the wall with a color we loved ...and then hated.
  • (This is all Brandon's list, by the way. Sorry, honey. I am very thankful I can't be around chemicals right now, though we did get VOC free!)
But after all of his hard work in getting the room looking pretty awesome + installing the chandelier we got for the baby, Brandon let me know that he thinks we chose the wrong room for the nursery. Um, what?

I have to say that I agree wholeheartedly. Never in a million years would I have brought that up on my own (or at least not so soon after his battle with the list above), but when the words came out of his mouth, it all made sense to me, too. We would rather the nursery be where the current guest room is. The room we weren't planning on painting anytime soon. The only room in the house where I liked the walls! So even though we now have what we thought to be a completed nursery (except for the decor part), we are starting over at square one. 

The guest room has more windows, a better closet, and all in all is a better looking room in the house. For those reasons, I wanted our guests to have it, but since guests come and go, it only makes sense for us to give our own child the better room. Plus, it's less steps from our bedroom.

So, here's the story in pictures. This is what was to be his nursery. This picture was taken after everything was just piled in there after moving. The walls were this color when we moved in and we knew they would be changing. It's a pretty color, though, and I just found out the name - Sherwin Williams Gray Screen, for those of you who have asked!

We took everything out and were left with the bare bones. This is before taking down the popcorn ceiling, the fan, and changing the paint color.

We moved all the things out of that room and into the guest room - and although you would never be able to tell from this photo below due to all the extra stuff in there, but this room was actually looking good! We were sans our curtain drapes and rods, but otherwise it was the very least of our worries in the house. I liked the color in here and was planning on leaving it (also SW Gray Screen).

Back to the baby's room. We decided to paint it with Sherwin Williams Zurich White, which you may recall was the paint we used in the master bedroom in our old house. A little flashback to that room for reference. There, it was the perfect barely there, almost white grey. It was a breath of fresh air to me - so clean and airy. Not too warm, not too cool. ("All you need is a light jacket" - name that movie.)

So after loving it so much in the last house, we didn't even need to swatch it in this one - we knew we liked it. But after putting it on the walls, I was instantly reminded how paint changes colors based on where you put it. You ALWAYS sample the paint. Here in the nursery, it reads peachy-beige.

We sat on it for a day to observe the color with natural light and put the crib and some furniture in there to see how it would look, but yeah... still beige. 

But still, a pretty beige and a huge difference from where we were before. The ceilings!!!!!!! Did you already forget how ugly they were before? Here you go.

But at the end of the day, we decided to paint over the walls. We want it to be right for our little boy, or for his mama (let's be real). I never thought I would be 31 weeks and not have our nursery all put together. 

Then, we decided why just paint over the walls when we could just move the nursery to the guest room and re-do every single step in that room!? The nursery shouldn't be a nursery at all. It would be a better guest room, so we moved all of the things out of the previous guest room and into this room.

I talked Brandon into leaving the walls in there Zurich White. I don't mind it at all - it just isn't what I wanted in the nursery. He wants to paint them, but I assured him we have bigger fish to fry ...like doing the ceiling and walls of the baby's room first. Not to mention a kitchen renovation and possibly refinishing our wood floors before the baby gets here in um, 61 days. Is that even possible?

Anyway, here is the new guest room.

I then switched up the look with different pillows and a different plant to make it more neutral for guests, which also makes the walls less peachy. I'm almost thinking yes to the coral pillows and yes to the palm, which would be a combination of the photo above and the one below. We may paint the walls eventually, but for now, they stay.

Then we went back to the drawing board and bought a few paint samples and put them on the wall in the new nursery. Let's try this whole paint thing again. We tried out Benjamin Moore Horizon, Benjamin Moore Paper White, and Benjamin Moore White Wisp. I think Paper White might be our winner, which is what Brandon was painting in this picture.

It was a crazy way to realize we had the nursery and guest rooms mixed up, but in the end - we are really happy! Brandon is working on the nursery ceiling + walls this week, so maybe I'll have an update for you on that by this time next week.

On another note, we scored these bar stools from the Celadon Warehouse Sale this past Saturday. We have nowhere to put them just yet because our kitchen doesn't have a bar area, but we will after the renovation - so for now, they are just hangin' in the living room. 


what i wore: WHO WHAT WEAR for Target

I really got lucky the Saturday before last when my local Target had the Who What Wear collection on display about a week earlier than it was supposed to be released. There was no signage, just the collection out on the racks. I kind of thought something must be wrong, but I took full advantage of it being out and scooped up this button up blouse in the best black and white dot print. Sure enough, about three days later (yes, I am at Target that often), it was all gone! Guess they realized they screwed up.

Today I'm 31 weeks pregnant and will post an update later on this week on those details. Clothes are definitely fitting.... well, TIGHT, and so I'm taking full advantage of loose fabrics that are comfortable, but not sloppy. (That's the goal, anyway.) I think this look would work so well for any other pregnant mamas out there, but I will totally be all about this look when he's here and my body returns to normal, too. I got size Medium in the shirt and really—I think I probably would have preferred that size if I weren't pregnant. I like my button downs to fit big and to pair them with skinny jeans like I did in this look.

The jeans are the same old J. Brand Maternity Jeans I've worn all along. I used to think they were black, but now after lots of washes, I can see they are actually navy. That's kind of like two jeans in one, right? The field jacket is a favorite from J. Crew. My glasses aren't prescription, but for $26, they are a fun accessory to throw on. The item number on mine says F040, but these look nearly identical to mine. I picked up that Chanel Wallet on Chain bag over the summer and don't think I've shared it on here at all. It was a splurge, but a bag is my favorite thing to treat myself with after saving up some bucks. This one is great because you can tuck in the chain and use it as a clutch or a wallet. You can double the chain and wear it as a shorter bag, or you can wear it like I have it shown here. It's very versatile and the perfect size for running around town hands-free or for a night out. I mainly use it at night, but thought I'd dress up this outfit with it. Oh and the booties—y'all have seen those a million times because they are big favorites of mine. They are called the Vince Camuto Hame Leather Ankle Boots. These are similar.

p.s. another home update coming tomorrow!

p.p.s. Beautycounter has a great deal today! If you buy any eye shadow duo, you will get a free precision brush ($23 value!). Also, spend over $200 and get a free Rose Neroli Body Oil, which is amazing. It's great to mix in with your body moisturizer for extra hydration, plus it smells great and is sooo soothing.

outfit details & shop this look:
top  |  jacket  |  jeans  |  glasses  |  similar booties  |  earrings  |  rings are j. crew and by boe  |  bag

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