I never tire of the modern boho trend. As much as we dream about running away to an island somewhere for half a year or so and diving into the bohemian style full force, I know it's probably never going to happen. So I love to incorporate this relaxed feel into my clothes and home decor, but in a modern way that translates well in Charleston. Here are some modern boho looks I love. 

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bottom sandals: 1  2  3


15 Lights to Love

Because a good light fixture can completely transform a room.... 

Here are 15 I love! 

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5   6   7
8   9   10   11
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watson's nursery reveal

My vision for Watson's nursery was something not too babyish, but still so very sweet and calming. I also thought I'd take advantage of the only time I'll ever be able to have total control of his room decor! Figured I'd decorate with as many bunny stuffed animals and white fabrics as I can for now... because the footballs and toy trucks will arrive soon enough, I'm sure.

I started off with the Bratt Decor Joy Canopy Crib in distressed black cast iron as my inspiration piece. With such a visually strong crib, I knew I wanted the rest of the nursery to be simple with shades of white and grey in various textures like faux fur, seagrass, and linen. 

Way Way Allen, an artist local to Charleston, was so sweet to paint two pieces especially for his nursery, which we hung over the changing table. You may have noticed some of Way Way's work at Serena & Lily. I've been a fan of her artwork for the longest time and was so excited to have two pieces in Watson's room. Had them framed with Framebridge, which, for the record, is an awesome process from the service to the price. I think it's the best way to go about framing. You can use code HOLYCITYCHIC to save 10% off your order, if you'd like.

Two other things I knew I wanted for this nursery were a big Bird of Paradise plant for a pop of color and a big white glider with a washable slipcover, which I found at Celadon. That's my home decor go-to store in Charleston—both their retail store in Mount Pleasant and their warehouse/outlet in North Charleston. Their buyers have a super eye for unique pieces and the classics, too. I just know what I find at Celadon isn't going to be everywhere. Also got the bookshelf and that hand carved wooden fish from there, too. They've also got an online shop

And to sit next to that glider, I found this Robert Abbey Alvin Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp at Lamps Plus. (They are another go-to for me.) The painting behind the light was done a long time ago by Brandon's grandmother. We also added the Etienne Chandelier from RH Baby and Child. Hard to tell from the photos, but it's wooden and I love it.

These photos are by Marni Rothschild. She shot our wedding, so it meant a whole lot to have her catch this milestone, too. There's a bunch more photos she took that I'd love to share with y'all one day soon. It's funny looking at some of them because I can see in our eyes just how sleep deprived we are, but I kind of love that I can see that in the photos at the same time... because that is certainly our life right now!

I've been soaking up every second I possibly can with our baby boy, but once I can get back into the regular blogging routine, I promise to share what I packed and used in my hospital bag, what's in Watson's closet, how I organized his dresser drawers, what I've been storing in my diaper bag, and first month must haves. I always love posts like that, so hopefully you will too! 

artwork over changing table: Way Way Allen
framing by: Framebridge (HOLYCITYCHIC to save 10%)
changing table: Ikea
hardware pulls: Anthropologie
bookshelf: Celadon
"beach baby" sign: mud-pie
glider: Celadon
fish wall hanging: Celadon
gold floor lamp: Lamps Plus
jute rug: Rugs USA
sheepskin rug: Rugs USA
rug pad under bigger rug (It's the best!): Rug Pad USA
baskets: Joss & Main (update - found them here!)
blanket hanging out of basket: Modern Burlap
curtain panels: West Elm
gold curtain rods: Bed Bath & Beyond

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p.s. The winner for the diamond earrings giveaway was randomly chosen... congratulations to Laura Kathryn Cardamone!! 


My Picks from the Saks Friends and Family Sale!

Saks is having their friends & family event right now and I'm loving all of the new spring options that are included in the sale. Here are some of my very favorites. They are all up to 30% off! 


giveaway! diamond earrings + celebrating friendship

Last weekend, Brandon and I went to Surfside Beach to get away from our renovation mess and to be there for the wedding celebration of one of my very best friends. I met Crystal in the 7th grade. She came to my school in the middle of the year and I was asked to "show her around" by our history teacher. I'll never forget that she was wearing a royal blue shirt on her first day and that she was the only girl in our class that wore a purse to school—and I thought that was so cool. At that point, we became attached at the hip and even though we don't get to spend afternoons eating snacks at each other's houses after school anymore, our friendship still has that same youthful, close feeling.

About a month ago, my friends at JTV reached out to me in hopes that I would want to join them in celebrating friendship. They gave me the opportunity to give a best friend a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings, so I immediately thought of Crystal and how her wedding day would be the perfect time for me to give such a gift that I normally wouldn't be able to give. She stopped by to see us (really Watson, let's be serious!) on her way to get ready for her wedding, and that's when I gave her the earrings. I looked like a sleep deprived mess thanks to our 10 day old babe, so I appreciate that Brandon focused the camera on Crystal! 

JTV was also so kind to send me a pair, as well, and they are giving a pair away to one of you, too! (You can enter at the bottom of this post.) 

The earrings are 1.5ctw diamond studs, set in 14k white gold. I was PUMPED to be able to give a pair to Crystal and equally excited to be able to host this giveaway for y'all! JTV has a huge selection of jewelry and I especially love their diamond collection. I think the best part is how well they price their jewelry. You can never expect to pay retail value, so it's really a great place to pick out a gift for yourself or someone else. 

As for me, I have been wearing these earrings non stop. I wore them when I gave birth to Watson and I've worn them about every day since. I naturally gravitate towards stud earrings anyway, but I also have quickly realized how dangly earrings don't work so well with a grabby baby!

Win a pair of these
1.50ctw Round Diamond, 14K White Gold Stud Earrings! 

(valued at $1,367)

1. Follow @JTV and @holycitychic on Instagram.
2. Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know that you'd like to be entered to win! Please leave your instagram name in the comment, too. :) 

Giveaway ends on Thursday, 4/21 at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on Friday!
Thank you to JTV for partnering on this post!


beauty products I've used up

skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter: I absolutely love this stuff. It's thick and ultra moisturizing, but doesn't feel heavy at all. It's made with natural ingredients, like shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower oil—and it's fragrance and paraben free. I had really dry skin while pregnant, so that coupled with itchy winter skin was no fun. But this product was a big hero for me during that time!

Beautycounter "Wash" Body Wash: By far my favorite body wash—and it's so safe! Soaps and shampoos were some of the big things I wanted to change in my switch to safer products because I didn't want harmful chemicals seeping into my pores when my body is heated up in the shower. (Heat  & steam cause your pores to open up!)  I always feel taken care of with Beautycounter because of all the research they do, the way their safe ingredients are sourced so carefully, and how transparent their ingredient lists are.

Colleen Rothschild Eye Cream: This is something I was using when I originally switched to safer, but I kept using it at night to use it up because Colleen Rothschild products seem to be on the safer end of the spectrum. It's the perfect consistency for an eye cream in my opinion and extremely hydrating. I didn't notice any amazing miracles, but it made my under eye area very soothed and plump! It's also one of the brand's best sellers... and all best sellers are on sale right now!

Charlotte Tilbury "The Retoucher" Conceal & Treat Pen: I didn't really feel that this product was enough to use as a concealer on it's own, so I kept it in my handbag for touchups midday. It's lightweight, doesn't have much coverage, but is brightening. Truthfully, it just wasn't amazing enough for me to consider buying it again, but it was great to have on hand throughout the day to brighten or touchup in certain areas.

Weleda Arnica Muscle Soak: Love, love this! The smell is pretty strong, but it made for an extremely relaxing bath. Weleda makes safe products with sustainable ingredients. I have loved everything I've tried from their line!

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue: Can't say how much I love this product. I reviewed it in great detail here. Someone asked how I think it compares to the Dew Skin. The Complexion Rescue is more of a gel consistency. It's so light. Dew Skin is—well, more dewy! It's a thicker product, so I would recommend it more for people with drier skin. Dew Skin, inevitably, contains safer ingredients, although the Complexion Rescue is fragrance, silicone, oil, and paraben free.

Maybelline Master Conceal: This is one of the only "unsafe" products I've kept in my makeup bag, but I have saved it for just using here and there. I just really love this concealer and didn't want to toss it before running out. I probably won't buy it again, just because I do love the touchup skin concealer pen, but just so you know—it's really good!!

Beautycounter "Hydrate" Body Lotion: The smell of this is incredibly refreshing and it feels great on the skin! Moisturizing without being heavy. Sometimes I would mix in a little of this oil in it for extra hydration at night to soothe my extremely dry skin. Oh, and yes, I would repurchase. Already have a few backups! ;)


Watson's Birth Story

He's here! I can't believe how quickly life can be changed in the biggest way. That's exactly what happened the moment we laid eyes on our baby boy. Leading up to his birth, the house was cleaned, the drawers organized, every sweet baby outfit was washed and hung neatly on the tiniest of hangers—we were ready for our baby. But the truth is, I don't think any mom could possibly be completely prepared for having a baby. Especially a new mom who is in this for the first time and doesn't understand how your heart is completely ripped out of your body and wrapped around that bundle of joy the second he or she is born. I thought I was, but I surely wasn't!

His name is Watson Stafford Stokes. He was born at 9:24am on Thursday, March 31st, weighing 8 pounds 7 ounces, 21 inches long. Watson is my mom's maiden name and Stafford is Brandon's mom's maiden name. Whenever I say his name to myself, I think of my grandmother, Pat Watson, who passed away about four years ago. I miss her dearly. 

Watson was born four days early—and I was so ready for him to arrive, so I'm thankful he came when he did! Here's the story of how he got here.

It was Wednesday, March 30th when I went into labor. I felt pretty great that day and got the urge to get some last minute things off of my to do list, like dropping off packages at the UPS store, doing a Target run, and making a return at Marshall's and one at Best Buy. I got home around 4, rested a little, and then went for a walk, just trying to get things moving. I even had a series of exercises I would do about twice per day in that 39th week—5 low impact jumping jacks, 5 lunges, 5 hula hoop motions to the right, 5 squats, and then 5 hula hoop motions to the left! So I came in and did that, too! Brandon was working late (trying to get ahead a little in preparation for baby's arrival), so he didn't get home until about 9pm. We sat at the table eating a late dinner (Taco Bell of all things. Remember we still don't have a kitchen.) and as I was loading the hot sauce on my tacos, we were talking about when we thought Watson would arrive. I hadn't felt any contractions that evening and was feeling a little discouraged that he was waiting another day to meet us. 

Then I got up to put something in the refrigerator and as I did, I felt a contraction! It felt a little different than the others... I felt it much lower in my belly than the braxton hicks I had been having, which were all at the top of my belly. We immediately laid down on the bed and started timing them. They were very mild and not painful at all, but they were coming three and a half minutes apart from one another and lasting between 45 seconds and 1.5 minutes each time. There were no contractions 15 minutes apart or even 10 minutes apart, which I had read would happen as they got started! We let the contractions play out for half an hour and when I saw the consistent pattern, Brandon called the answering service at my doctor's office, who then notified the doctor on call to get in touch with us asap.

I pretty much knew I was in labor, so I did the only thing I knew to do... jump in the shower! I told Brandon, "I'm not having a baby with dirty hair!" The contractions kept getting stronger, but still tolerable. As I was getting out of the shower, the doctor on call called Brandon back and told us to hurry in since my contractions were so close to one another. Of course, Brandon said "Megan says she has to dry her hair first," and the doctor said, "No, you tell her to come in now—she can bring a hair drier and dry her hair when she gets in her room if you end up staying." As they got off the phone, I told Brandon "I'm sorry, but I'm drying my hair!" And you know I did. :)

We got to the hospital around 11:30pm and I was 3cm dilated. The doctor on call wasn't my doctor, but was my other favorite at my OBGYN practice, so I was really happy about that. She let me know we were staying and going to have a baby, then offered an epidural. I went ahead and accepted since they said it would probably be about an hour before that doctor could get to me. I'm thankful I accepted when I did because my contractions were definitely strong at that point! Then, while waiting for the epidural, my water broke, which made me so happy that it happened on it's own.  

I've got to say, epidurals are amazing. I give major props to all of you mommas who go through labor without any drugs. I was maybe at 4cm when I got mine and the pain was already really strong, so I could have hugged the anesthesiologist's neck when he walked in the room! I was terribly afraid of the pain of the needle, but all I felt was a little pressure and that was it. (I'm saying this to ease the minds of any first time pregnant mommies!)   

It was then about 1:30am at this point and our families started arriving. We all hung out in the delivery room until close to 4am, when we decided to try and get a little sleep (I didn't!). But throughout all that time, I was just as smiley as I could be. The epidural kept me from feeling any pain, so I felt absolutely great all during this time and was having the best time knowing we were so close to meeting our baby boy. 

Skip forward to about 7:30am and I was 9cm dilated. The shifts changed at this point and I was greeted by my own doctor. She had been on vacation and this was her first day back at work— guess Watson was waiting for her! We had our families come back in and hang out during that last hour of waiting to get to 10cm. Once I was completely dilated, the nurses got me all ready to push and a quick 24 minutes later, Watson was in my arms! 

My entire labor experience was amazing. I honestly wish I could go back and do it again because I know I will never have a moment in my life quite like it. Even though I know having our next child will be special in it's own incredible ways, it won't be quite the same as becoming a parent for the first time. Experiencing such a special blessing from God... finally seeing our own flesh and blood in real life and holding him in my arms in those first moments. It was so raw and beautiful—and like I mentioned before, something I just couldn't have ever prepared myself for. I just wish I could bottle up that feeling and feel it whenever I want. It's indescribable.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on instagram since having Watson! And thanks for waiting around for me to finally post on this blog again! I don't know if I've ever taken 2 weeks away from posting before, but it was so nice to have a little time away to spend with our little one. Coming up soon... a kitchen renovation update, Watson's nursery reveal, new mommy favorites, and some spring fashion finds!

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