our dining room overhaul + mood board

We are giving our dining room a little bit of an overhaul. Brandon scraped the ceilings and painted the room over the weekend, so now the real fun begins. I wanted our dining room in our last house to feel traditional since our house was so new and had a crisp, cookie cutter feel to it. I felt like the formal table gave the house some charm that its bones were lacking. But now that we have a 1940s house, the house itself has tradition and charm all over it, so I want crisp, contemporary furniture and decor. So that's why we are switching it up! 

This was our dining room in our last house.

...and then the same table in our new house on the first day we moved in.

Once we got the furniture in place, we freshened up the look with this Gabby Milly Chandelier from Candelabra. I loved the way it looked in our last house and it definitely brought a little breath of fresh air into this space with minimal effort!

Still wasn't right. Added palm fronds + brightened up the table by setting it with our china on top of some linen placemats. Added a faux fur from Ikea on one of the chair backs.

But, still didn't feel right, so I sold our table one day when Brandon was at work! Now the room is totally barren and I'm really excited to get the perfect table for it. I've wanted a big distressed table for years, so I'll be shopping around at Celadon for that because they have the best options in town. 

Here's a mood board I whipped up showing my ideas. 

The Feiss Yarmouth Lantern Chandelier is from Lamps Plus. I knew I wanted something like that when I saw photos like this.

I could always leave our current chandelier, because I really do love it. But I'm craving a black fixture that you can see through, rather than a drum shade. Our dining room is also a walkway to get from the formal living space to the kitchen, so I'd like to keep it as open as possible. Here's the mood board with our current chandelier. It is pretty!


artwork: left, right  /  blue glasses  /  dinnerware set  /  napkins  /  bamboo chairs


style finds for the 4th

Not just for the 4th of July, though. These finds would be great all summer long. Red, white, and blue are some of my favorite colors to wear anytime. Really thinking this dress might be my favorite. But I'm partial to this dress too because it reminds me of this one, which is one of my all time favorite dresses I've ever owned because the color is so fun. Plus, there's a lot to love about a ruffle hem. Which piece below is your favorite?

top: dress  /  dress  /  dress  /  bag  /  top  /  shirtdress
middle: sandals  /  tote  /  sunglasses
bottom: dress  /  dress  /  wedges  /  dress  /  dress 


monday musings

Hello and good Monday morning! Just a whole bunch of weekend rambles for you today... 

Finally had to cave in and say goodbye to my iPhone 5 and bought the 6+. My phone just never recovered from the baby shampoo debacle. Brandon picked up an iPad while we were setting up the new phone and said, "Oh, here's your new phone, Meg!" Yes. It's big but I really love it. 

I don't know if I'm just searching for a change or if I just genuinely think this would be a good look for me, but I'm considering darkening up my hair color some. Something happened during pregnancy for me. I swear my hair is darker and coarser. I mean, thank goodness for highlights because I really feel a lot better when my hair is lighter, but now the contrast with my roots is so much more intense! What about something like this? Or maybe start off a little more subtle, like this?

Had dinner here. Such a good, casual place to get your sushi fix. 

I am back in the SUV club, by the way. That was another new change this weekend. I whipped around in my little car for almost three years, but we got it for the great gas mileage and we didn't ever want to take it on trips because it was so small! So the whole gas mileage thing didn't mean much. But now with Watson being in the picture, we had a real reason to trade it in because his carseat barely even fit in the back. And there were no rear air vents back there and I was always afraid he was roasting. He's a pretty hot natured babe and it's officially a bajillion degrees in Charleston. I'm happy to be in something big and with a third row for extra space! Let's pray I don't back it into a pole or something. My days of parallel parking downtown are officially done. 

More news on the ranch... my parents moved away from the house I grew up in. Watson and I went up to stay a night with them on Saturday—their first night in the new house. It's a lakefront neighborhood about an hour and a half away, so lots of fun days on the water ahead! They have not one iota of phone service there, which is pretty much my dad's dream. I have to admit, it was really nice to totally unplug for a night. I'm sad they are leaving the house I grew up in, but home is where the heart is I guess... so the show must go on. It's crazy how feelings get attached to objects. Like my car. I literally shed a tear when we traded it in. A tear! Or even two maybe. But it's the car we brought Watson home in! And I cried when we moved out of our last house and I swear I never even truly loved that house, so I wasn't even sure why I was crying. Although that house is looking pretty good now compared to this fixer upper. I'm learning that charm just means old! But we're getting there little by little. I digress....

The weekend ended on a happy note. We celebrated one of my absolute dearest friends at her baby shower yesterday afternoon in Kingstree. Baby Jack is coming soon! Then I came home to Brandon finishing up painting the dining room. YAY! I'll share photos soon because the whole room is getting a makeover. 

Oh, did you hear that Beautycounter acquired NUDE Skin Care, the company founded by Bono and his wife? More here.

One last word. This top is super cute and half off. Stripes and ruffles are always a good combination.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


25% off at shopbop

Pardon the brief interruption, but everything on sale at Shopbop is now an extra 25% off with code 25EXTRA! Here's what caught my eye...

BURU Tastemaker

I am a huge, huge fan of Morgan Hutchinson and her shop, BURU, where high fashion pieces are hand selected for breastfeeding mommas. The great part about it is that everything she curates would be loved by any woman, not just nursing moms. I actually loved BURU before I was even pregnant because Morgan has such an inspiring style and I love everything she stocks! I mean, have you seen her Instagram?

So I was a little giddy to be honest when I was asked to be a BURU Tastemaker. They interviewed me and I got to pick out some of my favorites pieces from the website for a "tastemaker sale" that you all can shop! Pieces like these pants that feel like pajamas, but look high style. And then there's this top—perfect classic that can be worn alone or for layering.

Shop the sale + catch the Q&A here


pretty monday things

So over the weekend, some of Watson's baby shampoo spilled on my iPhone and it immediately stopped working. I still have the 5 and even though I've been due for an upgrade since about February, I've been holding out for the 7 to come out this fall. I was so mad that I was probably going to end up getting the 6 as a replacement since mine stopped working! SO CLOSE to the 7. But I put it in rice for a couple days and now it's working again! Not that well, but it will do. But on the subject of phones... I love this case and probably would have bought it if I had to get a new phone. No one makes cute cases anymore for the 5, ha ha!

Bringing paper plates to a new level one pineapple at a time.

A good piece of stationery makes me so happy. Love these thank you notes.

Next on my coffee table book must-haves.

How perfect would these knobs be in dressing up some furniture?

This book, too! 

Almost bought these curtains for Watson's nursery. I really love them.

Precious cuddly toys for the wee ones. This, too.

A beautiful rattan chair for under $100.


new & on my radar

capri tote   statement earrings    espadrille wedges  (<---on big sale!)

I haven't had much interest in shopping since having Watson, but I'm finally starting to miss it! I think it's just getting easier and easier every day with him, so I'm having more time to flip through my stack of magazines and browse my favorite online shops.

Today I'm sharing some new things that I'm really loving. A lot of things in the slideshow below are under $60! Like these cat eye sunglasses for $59. And these earrings for $50? That's a steal. And of course there are some things that are more splurge-worthy, but I'd wear this bracelet every day! 


beach day

We took Watson to the beach for the first time this past weekend. Well, he has seen Surfside Beach from atop the pier twice before, but we headed out to Folly Beach on Sunday to actually stick those little feet in the water.

Except he really didn't see it happen! The sun was so bright that he kept his eyes closed pretty much the whole time we were outside the tent.

We got this tent as a gift and it is so awesome. Seriously, give this as a baby gift to anyone who loves the beach and has a baby! Brandon was able to pop it open in about 3 seconds and it's very sturdy. It collapses just as easily. And I've been using this tote bag as a diaper bag lately with my ToteSavvy—it's great for the beach because the sand just wipes right off!

my bathing suit  & sunglasses // watson's bathing suit, shirt, hat  // sunscreen

Finally, although most importantly, my prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the tragic massacre in Orlando. It hurts my heart. I'm praying for peace in our country and government leaders who will urge us in that direction—leaders who won't stand for repeated tragedies like this without taking some sort of action. And for my Watson and all of your children, I hope and pray they grow up in a country that doesn't grow accustomed to shootings and hate crime, but that they live in a country based on equality, peace, and a love of God—fundamentals in which our country was founded.


weekly roundup


TGIF! This has been a busy and emotionally exhausting week, so I'm really looking forward to a little bit of downtime this weekend. We're having a girls night tonight, which will be one of my first nights away from Watson, ah! The rest of the weekend should be pretty low key. Hope y'all have fun plans! Here are this week's worthy links...
Since it gets so hot and humid in Charleston, I'm keeping this bookmarked. 
But these sandals though. 
Love this off the shoulder dress. 
I get questions about my leopard loafers all the time, but they've been sold out forever! Well, these are really similar. 
Pretty sure I need this shirt every day. 
Did y'all catch this precious child on America's Got Talent? I totally requested to follow her on instagram.  
So many times yes. 
If you like Meg Biram's GSD series, then you'll probably love this. This, too!
...because we all need a pineapple sippy cup, right?
This new mask was just introduced into the Beautycounter collection this week and I cannot wait to try it out!


two months with watson + baby favorites

Watson turned two months old about a week ago. We just can't get enough of his sweet smiles and little laughs lately. Every day is more fun than the day before. He is getting so much strength and able to hold up his head on his own for a few seconds at a time. He smiles every time I put his lotion on at night and most every time we change his diaper. It melts my heart. He LOVES baths! We do it every night as a matter of routine. 

Watson's second month was a lot of fun because we got to see so many developments in him. The first month, on the other hand, was really hard and boy do I have an even deeper level of respect and admiration for all of you mommas now! I'm sure every stage has its own obstacles (especially when there is more than one child in the equation!!), but it really was tough learning to be a mommy while not feeling like yourself at ALL—emotionally or physically. And to boot, we didn't have a kitchen for the first 8 weeks of this baby's life. Yeah....really wouldn't recommend renovating your house when bringing home a new baby, by the way. Unless it's a room you don't use often! 

Now that Watson is 9 weeks old, Brandon and I are feeling so much more confident in being parents. Our friends Mike & Mary sent us the Moms on Call book (thank you again, guys!!!) and we immediately started the bedtime routine it suggests. Right away, he started sleeping 7+ hours at night, then I'll feed him, then he'll sleep for another 2-3 hours before waking up for the night. Yay! 

A few other favorites that I loved during month two...

Motherlove Nipple Cream: This was recommended by our lactation consultant and it really is great! It's really soothing and it's all natural and organic, so you don't have to worry about the baby eating it, essentially. 

Manual Breast Pump: I have an electric pump, but just discovered how much more convenient a manual one is for on the go. I just plan on keeping mine in the car because you never know when you might need to make a bottle real quick! 

DockATot: Pretty sure I mentioned this last month, but Watson is still sleeping in this inside his cradle at night and I continue to love it more and more. I carry this thing all over the house. He loves it! It's easily our most used baby item.

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light: This is the perfect travel version of a pack n play. It's super light, folds up into a tiny bag (easily!), and pops open in literally seconds. We've traveled with it quite a few times already and it's been amazing.

Tranquil Turtle: This is a little noise + light machine that we turn on every night after Watson gets his bath. We dim the lights really low in his nursery and listen to the sounds of the ocean. It puts a really pretty light all over the ceiling that looks like water. It's so soothing! We leave this on while I nurse him and we read books. I believe it stays on for about 25 minutes and then automatically shuts off. It's part of our routine and is really relaxing for baby and parents!

Weleda Calendula Face Cream: Yes, there is a such thing as a face cream for babies! Watson's skin on his face gets really dry, so this cream has been a lifesaver. He loves when I put it on—he laughs every time lately! I think he must like the mini facial massage he gets while I rub it in. 

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first meal in our new kitchen: farm-to-front door

I've tried really hard to shape up my diet lately. Eating well is something that I enjoy when I'm doing it and get in a routine of it, but I have a hard time making myself eat well because it's just so much easier to enjoy fries than it is to enjoy veggies! I've always been more into portion control rather than eating "clean." Even before our wedding when I really watched what I ate, I still ate dessert every night almost! But since having Watson, I basically have no choice but to make some changes if I ever want to get back into my skinny jeans! 

This really all came at a perfect time since we just finished our kitchen renovation for the most part. Now I can finally start cooking again and keeping healthy foods around. Another thing about me is that I'm not a big cook at all. Just like eating healthy, it's something that I enjoy while I'm doing it, but I have a hard time getting creative in the kitchen because of the time it takes to find a recipe, go to the store, prep the food, cook it, then clean the kitchen... it all just takes so much time!! And time isn't something I have tons of these days with a little babe who always wants to be held. 

I realized the perfect option for us as I ease back into cooking meals at home and eating healthy would be to try out a meal kit delivery service like Terra's Kitchen. They provide a farm-to-front door delivery of fresh, seasonal ingredients that are already prepped and pre-portioned. To me, prepping the ingredients is one of the worst parts! Being able to go straight into cooking the meal without measuring and chopping makes me feel like I'm on a cooking show. (You know how they just throw all of their pre-measured ingredients into the pot so quickly? Something about not prepping the ingredients makes the meal look so easy to prepare.)

Terra's Kitchen delivers their meal-kit in a vessel—and it's honestly one of the coolest things I've ever seen. The box itself opens on the side to show off all of these little drawers that house the ingredients. If you're particular about organization, then this would probably be a dream for you. It's a really smart delivery with no wasted space or wasted products. The next day, a Fed Ex driver came to the house to pick it up. I didn't even have to arrange that myself. We just peeled off the first delivery label and underneath it was the return label. I didn't have to tape anything—the box just closes with special clamps.

(I have a $50 off promo code at the end of this post if you're interested in ordering a meal kit, too!)

I got three meals in my vessel that serve two people each, but the number of servings is easily adjusted when ordering online. There are tons of menu options, but we had the "Happy Chicken Salad Bowl," the "Big Island Steak Bowl" and "Grilled Lamb with Pan Roasted Tomatoes, Olives, and Asparagus." Each one comes with a recipe card that shows helpful information like the nutritional content, wine pairings, and then a step by step of how to prepare it. 

I made the "Happy Chicken Salad Bowl" first. This is something you could definitely do at home with your own ingredients, but it was so nice to have all the fixings ready to go—especially knowing they are fresh and naturally derived. Since I didn't have to do any prep work at all, this meal took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. This is something they promise for all meals, by the way.

Everything was sooo fresh! 

All I had to do was cook the red quinoa. 

Grill the chicken. I didn't have a clean grill pan out in the new kitchen yet, so I just used my braiser.

Then while that was happening, I made the dressing. It had mint, scallions and lemon in it. It was delicious. I just threw the ingredients in my Nutri Bullet, which I use for a million and one things.

Sliced up that chicken, mixed the dressing in with some spinach leaves, mangos and blueberries, then added the quinoa to it all. That was it!

So flavorful and so healthy! This meal has 468 calories and is packed with Fiber, Iron, Potassium, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C. 

If you're interested in trying a meal-kit delivery service, I'd definitely recommend trying Terra's Kitchen! And you can save $50 off your first box with code CITYCHIC50.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Terra's Kitchen. The opinions and text are all mine.

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