weekend getaway essentials

Hi, weekenders! I rarely post on a weekend, but we had such a busy week that I didn't get many posts in and wanted to say hello. Brandon had surgery on Friday and even though it was pretty minor, he can't lift anything for six weeks. So earlier this week, we were on a marathon called "get as many house things done as we can before surgery." Painting, decorating, furniture buying, heavy cleaning, ceiling scraping, furniture rearranging, light fixture installing ...you name it, it probably got done. It's nice to have B's surgery behind us and for him to have at least six weeks of downtime ahead. The kid just doesn't quit! But, our entire house is allllmost all freshly painted now and I can't wait to share pictures!

Today I'm sharing some getaway goodies that I'd love to pop into a duffle for a getaway. We're talking about doing a caribbean trip late fall, but if I could pick a place to take a weekend getaway right now, I would love to go to the mountains! It's so, so hot here right now and some less humid air would really be appreciated!

one: a pair of no-fuss flip flops that will go with anything (or these—they are under $16!)
two: a yoga top that could easily go over a swimsuit, too
three: hard to beat a good white top that can be dressed up with great accessories (like the ones shown around it!)
four: perfect to take along on a trip to dress up a simple outfit
five: one of those lightweight layering necklaces that you never want to take off
six: soft pants that are great for travel and will carry you throughout your trip in a chic, relaxed way
seven: moisture + color in one beautiful tube. tab on a tiny bit and smudge with fingers for a light stain or glide it on for a classic red lip!
eight: love a roomy, wipeable duffle. this one is so classic and I love the color
nine: these will instantly pull together any look. hyla's jewelry never disappoints
ten: favorite jeans. rarely travel without them! 
eleven: these shades are too fun
twelve: a summer read that takes place in three of my favorite places—charleston, NYC, & the BVIs.
thirteen: carry your makeup or baubles in it for the trip, use it as a clutch while there


6 Beauty Favorites

From left to right:

beautycounter wash everyday body wash: This has been my favorite body wash since last fall—I've used it exclusively since then. It's creamy, lathers well, and never strips the skin of natural moisture because it has no sulfates in it. I never tire of the citrus mimosa scent because it's fresh, warm, and crisp at the same time—and never overpowering. Brandon even uses this wash and loves it! Best of all, it's totally nontoxic, which I can't say for the other body washes I used in the past, which have sulfates, fragrance, and sometimes parabens in them (ingredients that are linked to cancer and hormone disruption, among other terrible things). Right now through the 29th, this wash is buy one get one free! Such a good deal.

bareminerals gen nude matte liquid lipcolor in "slay": First, the color is great. It's a very wearable nude color that is perfect for day or night. I have darker pigmented lips, so it's the slightest bit lighter than my natural color. Next, the formula of this is creamy, but dries to a matte that is not drying at all! It wears so long and doesn't run or come off when you take a sip of something to drink. This stuff is so good—and it comes in lots of different shades, too.

cosmedix pure enzymes: I just discovered this mask and fell in love right away. It's made for dull, congested, dry, photo-damaged skin (um, hi!). It has Cranberry Extract and Lactic Acid to slough away dead skin + brighten, D-Glucuronic Acid to hydrate and give that dewy look we all want, and Chirally Correct L-Glutathione and L-Superoxide Dimutase to fight away free radical damage. Just leave it on for 3-10 minutes two to three times a week. I could tell a difference after the very first use. It's a great way to exfoliate without having to use abrasive scrubs!

unwash dry cleanser: hello, new favorite dry shampoo! This one has no harsh chemicals. It has volcanic ash, which is a natural ingredient that absorbs oil, vitamin e to condition the hair, and plant extracts for shine. You all know how I feel about my beloved batiste dry shampoo, but this one doesn't make my hair look as dusty as batiste—it gives my hair more of a "just washed" look. Plus, I don't feel like I have to use as much of it, which is great because the price tag is kind of a killer. (Mine has lasted over a month so far and plenty more to go.) Also, you brunettes will love this because it doesn't make your hair look white! 

arcona triad pads: These little babies really pack a punch. They cleanse, tone, hydrate, and infuse skin with protective antioxidants to leave it glowing and refreshed. It has tons of good-for-your-skin ingredients in it like antimicrobial cranberry (clarifies skin!), vitamins, essential fatty acids, vitamin e, omegas, and rice milk. I really feel refreshed after using these and I love that it's another nontoxic company. I'm sure the directions say to use them morning and night, but I just use them at night. There is a deal going on right now through nordstrom where you can buy a bundle of two tubs at almost $20 off plus free shipping! I think I might load up on more for back stock. 

beautycounter citrus mimosa hand cream: I keep this stuff everywhere—in my bag, on my nightstand, in my car. It is super hydrating, but doesn't feel greasy. There's only one thing I can't stand more than dry hands and it's greasy hands that I feel like I need to wash right after putting lotion on them! Not only is it nontoxic (which is really important in a hand cream because I'm touching my baby all day and putting my hands around my face), but it also has the signature "citrus mimosa" scent that is amazing. Just like the Wash above, this is buy one get one free right now, too!


lake weekend + nordstrom sale PUBLIC ACCESS! (what I bought)

Hello from the lake! Watson and I packed our bags and are at my parents' new house. My poppop, who is Watson's namesake, came to stay a night, too. We hopped on the golf cart and cruised around the neighborhood. How three adults and one baby could fit in a two-seater golf cart is beyond me! We made it work. Got to see the sunset on the lake it was so pretty. These are memories I'll always remember.

Anyway, I wanted to pop in to let you guys know that today is the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale where it's public access for all—no special credit or debit card required. Here's what I bought:

$97, after sale $147
I just had to. This is the best feeling blanket I have ever felt in my entire life!

$219, after sale $329
I've heard really good things about the quality of this jacket. $219 for a leather jacket is a great price. And I love the shape.

$124, after sale $188
AG is my favorite brand for denim! They feel so soft, but sturdy like actual jeans, not jeggings. And they pull you in in all the right places. The high rise would be much appreciated for me this year with my post baby body... but I really have always loved high rise.

$33, after sale $58
These shorts look like the perfect length. When I go outside for walks, leggings just don't work in this heat!

$79, after sale $119
I go through a pair of booties just about every year because I wear them literally almost every day in the fall and winter. These look perfect.
$89, after sale $139
I've wanted some silver oxfords for a while now but was afraid to buy them last year when I was pregnant because I heard that your foot grows after having a baby—mine did not! Sort of glad I waited now, because I really love these. I hope they work out!
$31, after sale $48
Comes in various colors. The price is so good, I'm tempted to get the grey one too.

$52, a $70 value
I love our Beautycounter pads, but these are really good and the deal is awesome.
$49, after sale $78
So cozy, but not bulky!

If you haven't seen my #nsale picks tab, you can do that here. Happy shopping! Prices go back up on August 8 and sizes are selling fast!


a peek inside our guest room

Remember Watson's nursery that never was? (If not, here you go.) It's now our guest room. It's not totally finished, but I don't think I've shared many photos of it before, so I thought I would show you a few peeks today. This is a space I really try to keep as neutral as possible. I'm drawn to white everything anyway—but  especially for a guest room. I want it to be a soothing retreat for our friends and family that stay with us. Nothing too busy, just kind of serene, but cozy. 

I just refreshed the bedding a little bit with some new pillows by Suite 33 and a kantha from Celadon.—Um, a what? I really didn't know what a kantha was before either. It's a hand embroidered quilt that is popular in areas like eastern South Asia (especially Bangladesh) and the Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha. 

They come in a gorgeous variety of colors, but sticking to my true colors (or lack of, I guess), I chose the neutral/grey one. Look how pretty the handmade detail is.

We do have a large chest of drawers on the wall opposite the window and I'm just now seeing that I didn't get any photos of it! But I just added this little console table in there too—it gives guests a place to put keys or small things they packed in their luggage. 

I have some ideas in mind for a gallery wall above it, but I just leaned these frames against the wall for now. And I always keep a Nest candle in the room because they fill the space with the yummy scent—even without lighting it! (There are a few of these candles in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)

More about these pillows. If you're local to Charleston or even just a lover of this beautiful place, you're going to want to know about them. I met with Emily, the lovely owner + designer of Suite 33 (she's seriously so sweet!), and she told me how she draws inspiration from various sights around Charleston and then designs a fabric around that particular place. My pillows (the blue ones below) are "Marion Square," and if you're familiar with this landmark, you might notice that the design on the pillows mimics the birds eye view of Marion Square. There are tons of options, like Folly Pier, Sullivan's Light, Rainbow Row, etc.

All of her pillows are hand crafted from printed organic cotton & linen blend fabrics using eco friendly pigments. They all include a locally sourced down insert, too! I love how plump and soft they are. The designs are just a beautiful and subtle nod to Charleston. Love them.

kantha quilt: celadon
blue throw pillows: suite 33
grey lumbar pillow: celadon
console table: safavieh (on super sale!!)
large square frame above console: pottery barn
silver beaded frame above console: target
basket: target
accent chair: homegoods
turkish towel used as an accent blanket over chair: GDC
lamps: homegoods
palm frond + vase: pottery barn
pouf: candelabra (also on big sale!)
mirrors (sunburst and white oval): homegoods


3 Months with Watson + Baby Favorites

I'm writing this over two weeks late, but Watson is three months old! I took the picture above the day he turned three months and it's crazy how much he has even changed since then. Between months two and three, he rolled over for the first time (a day before he turned 3mo old!) and started holding up his head pretty well on his own. He also turned into a talkative little guy and gives a giggly smile every time we make funny sounds or change his diaper. (He loves for his diaper to be changed.) We started putting him to sleep in his own crib the day he turned three months old and he is now sleeping totally through the night... about 10-12 hours straight. But more on that at his 4 month update in a couple weeks! 

Oh, and can we talk about how much hair he has lost this month? Look at his two month update and you'll see! He has really blonde hair starting to come in now.

Bow Swaddle is by the Beaufort Bonnet Company
In these updates, I'm going to share the baby gear that was the most helpful to us that particular month because I know there are a lot of new and expectant mommas reading this. Between months two and three, we got this swing. To be honest, I kind of wrote them off at first because they are so big and we already have the Rockaroo (which he likes, but he won't sit in it for too long at a time) and the Nuna Leaf (returned because he wouldn't even sit in it!), but the swing is a BIG hit! The BabyBjorn Bouncer is still a great portable option, but we were really in need of something that he could really relax in for longer periods of time. This swing has been a lifesaver because Watson will stay totally content in it for about 45 minutes or so a couple times a day, which gives me time to get things done around the house.

We started using his baby play mat a lot between months two and three. We have this one, but here's a mat that our friends have for their baby, which is awesome because the toys hang down in a more reachable distance—and it's on big sale right now, too!
He also started holding onto toys and blankets this month, so "Arnie the Alligator" got a lot of use since it's a mixture of the two. It has a rattle in the head and it's so soft. A friend gave this to us with "Watson" monogrammed on it. When we aren't home, this is in my diaper bag to have on hand. Watson loves to hold onto things and this is the perfect size.

And in case you're wondering, we still love our Dockatot. It's worth every penny. It was the perfect size to fit in our cradle, which was in our room up until 3 months, and it's now in his crib. This is not what it was designed for, but it's what works for us right now. I feel so comfortable keeping him in it because it keeps him from rolling around. It also gives him a snuggled feeling which he loves, especially since we took away the swaddle at three months.

And the sweet footie romper he is wearing above is by Pixie Lily. The trim is hand crocheted here in Charleston. L├ęda, the owner + designer of this line, asked me to come by her studio to pick it up when I was newly pregnant. We had the best, warm conversation and I got to see all of her beautiful line. These pajamas are a treasured item!

Here's some of my favorite baby things in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The deals are too good not to share. I swear if this stroller deal was going on when I was pregnant, I would have bitten the bullet on it! I had my eye on that stroller and just like the Uppababy (which we got), it never goes on sale. I added all of these things to my #nsale tab for easy access.

All the items below are clickable! Just hover your mouse and click.

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life lately + instagram roundup

Watson's face when we put his feet in the water at the beach. This boy loves a bath, but the ocean may take some getting used to! His little bathing suit is from Cecil & Lou and we got his rashguard from Amazon.

Shared this throwback (original blog post here) on instagram the other day because the top I'm wearing is on sale for $27 right now! I'm wearing a small. It worked for me pre-pregnancy, during, and now after, too. 

You would never know that the dress below is a nursing dress, would you? It's by Loyal Hana and is a new love of mine. Each side has a vertical zipper that is so tiny, you barely can even see it! I will wear this after I stop breastfeeding, for sure. It's such a great dress that comes in tons of prints and colors. Loyal Hana has a whole line of nursing-friendly clothes that are just as fashionable as anything you might want to wear regardless of whether you're a breastfeeding momma or not.

Here it is on. I'm wearing a medium.

An afternoon bite at Zia Taqueria last week. Their queso is the best I've tried in my entire life—it's made with wine, hello!

This dress is under $40 and feels like pajamas. Watson's bubble outfit is from here.

I caved and opened a debit card so that I could shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before everything sells out. I'm funny about opening credit cards, so this was a great option for me and it was all set up in like two minutes flat. It's really easy to do and I love how the money just comes right out of your bank account. I shared my favorites last week, but you can also catch them all on the tab at the top of my blog that says, "#NSALE." 

Last week, Watson and I modeled for the new BURU lookbook. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of the line! It was a great day...and it's always fun to get your makeup done.

Watson's face in this one cracks me up. He loves looking at himself in the mirror! The choker I'm wearing is Jules Smith and the long tassel necklace is called the Crosby Necklace by Sylvia Benson. I LOVE this one!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale snuck up on me this year, but I've already gone through all the sale pages and picked out my very favorites! This sale is so good because it's not things that are a season old and ready to be cleared out of the store. The items in this sale are new and popular, plus the discounts are awesome.

Right now, you can only buy items if you're a cardmember—debit or credit. I know a lot of people will open an account just to shop the sale. Items sell out fast and the sale doesn't open up to the public until July 22, so I'm honestly considering it! (You did not see this, Brandon.)

I love this sweater. It's marked down from $48 to $32. Going into my cart!

And these facial pads are amazing. This is another non-toxic company that I love. This is a $70 value for just $52. Also will be going in my cart.
I felt this robe at a spa recently and y'all, it's the best feeling thing in the whole world. It's marked down from $100 to $65. They had them for sale at the spa and I was so tempted to impulsively splurge on it, so now I'm really glad I waited.

All of my favorites are below, just click "read more" below to see them all! And you can shop the whole sale here.

dresses I love under $100

Here are some dresses I love that are under $100. There is seriously nothing better than a dress in the summer! Also, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access starts today. If you're a cardmember and have early access.... well, I am so jealous! This is my favorite sale of the year.


it's all happening

Excuse the cheesy title, but it really is all happening today. Today is Amazon "prime day" and I, for one, have really been looking forward to this because I have turned into an Amazon maniac ever since having Watson! We order wipes and every other baby "thing" we need from there because you really can't beat the price + two day shipping. We also really love prime pantry (we use all Seventh Generation cleaning products). Not a sponsored post—something about having a newborn has just really really made me thankful for Amazon, haha!

Awesome deals are happening, like this 55" Samsung TV that is on sale from $1,150 to $650! (Tons of TV deals here.) I'll be checking out the clothing and accessories, which is up to 30% off.  (Here's some fun beachwear for summer!) Also, all of those tech-things like the Echo, Fire, and Fire TV are starting at just $33. Oh, and 35% off luxury beauty purchases—plus you can get $25 back when you make a $50+ purchase. They have a great natural beauty section that I like.

And what I mean by the cheesy "it's all happening" post title is that there's another big sale going on today, too! Why is it that sales all have to happen at the same time? Wish they could space them out a little, gah.  

Shopbop is offering 25% off designer sale items today only! Everything is in the "summer sale" already, so an extra 25% off is a nice treat. I always use sales like this as a good opportunity to buy handbags and other investment pieces for a steal. Here's a shoe obsession that is already 50% off before the extra 25% sale. Seriously love those!


getting to know me

These questions have been floating around the internets lately and I thought it would be fun to share, especially for those of you who are newer readers and don't really know who I am! I always love reading "get to know me" things like this on other blogs. Stole this from Christina, by the way. (Thanks for the fun idea, friend!)

1. What brings you the greatest joy? Being around my family, hands down. Also when I'm with my best friends. But I'm not going to lie, a good shopping day or a new handbag brings me a good bit of joy, too.

2. What are your vices? Chocolate. I have a huge sweet tooth and love things that are a little salty, a little sweet. Like chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate croissants.

3. What is on your nightstand? It's not pretty, but currently: this lamp from lamps plus, a baby monitor, a blue gatorade, a picture of my parents, an engagement picture, an empty bag of chocolate covered morsels (there were only a few left, so I stole them as a snack!), a Baies candle, an antique blue & white coaster, a Willow Tree Angel my mom gave me, and two favorite perfumes, even though I rarely ever wear it anymore—Chanel Coco Noir and Tom Ford Soleil Blanc.

4. Do you have a secret talent? Not even close, but I do love to paint and draw, which is something most people probably don't know.

5. What is your greatest indulgence? Picking out a new handbag (allow myself one per year!), a Friday night on the couch with a glass of wine and my laptop all loaded up with my favorite online shopping websites and/or pinterest.

6. What should everyone try at least once in their life? Traveling to another country! The first time I went out of the country was when I was a senior in high school and went to Mexico. It was fun and beautiful (most parts that we saw, anyway), but nothing makes you appreciate your country more than being outside of it! I would love to really experience this contrast even more and to lend a hand by going on a mission trip one day.

7. What makes you laugh? When Watson laughs. It is the best feeling to see/hear your baby laugh! 

8. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I crave alone time. Just feel like I have to have it sometimes to re-charge. Love being in social settings with friends, but I always want "me time" after that to spend quietly.

9. What is on your bucket list?
All the time, Brandon and I talk about moving to the Caribbean somewhere—just for about a year. It's a huge dream of ours! 

10. What is on your feet right now? Nothing. I'm snuggled in this blanket.

11. How did you make your first dollar? First dollars were from babysitting. But I surely didn't charge what babysitters charge these days! $15/hr—say what!? I used to make about $10 for four hours of work. But my first "real job" was as a hostess at a family-run restaurant when I was 15, where I proudly logged my $5/hr on an index card.

12. What superstition do you believe in?
 I am not superstitious at.all! #openumbrellasinsideallday

13. What items in your closet do you wear the most?
Basics. A good pair of jeans, a favorite white or black top, a tan pair of sandals (current favorites) in the summer and a pair of tan booties in the winter. I like to mix it up with jewelry, but love wearing basics the most.

14. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
My push present from Brandon ranks pretty high. Also, a cookbook Ryan put together for me when I got married that is filled with recipes from special women in my life—friends and family members.

15. What is on your liquor shelf? Several unopened bottles! Our liquor pretty much is just decoration on our bar because we never drink it. I think we have a Tito's Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, and a Blanton's Bourbon.

16. What is on your kitchen counter?John Boos cutting board, a knife set, this bottle drying rack, one of my favorite candles, and a toaster—it's the only appliance I will allow on the counters! Our coffee maker broke, so it's back to the french press for now.

17. What would you never leave home without? My phone. I went about a week without a phone recently and it was kind of miserable. (Isn't that sad!?)

Your turn! 

What's the best gift you've ever received?

What brings you the greatest joy?

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