Dinner and a Video

Quick post while I have the time! 

Last night, I discovered something that I’ve only heard about, but never tasted.

Ground turkey.

I’m not much of a meat purchaser.

This summer, I decided to cut red meat out of my diet.

So when I go to the grocery store, I’m a creature of habit. 

I buy a type of fish that is in season.

I buy boneless skinless chicken breasts.

I buy veggie burgers, sometimes.

I buy Lean Cuisines.

That’s it (as far as my protein sources go).

I don’t know why I never thought to buy ground turkey, but boy is it good.

Dinner last night:

Ground Turkey Taco Salad for me

I have to share the next photo because I thought it was funny that I had a full plate of food & well, you’ll see what Brandon had.

…he’s more of a “meat and cheese” kind of guy.

 Double decker ground tacos

…he did go back and make a few more!

…and for your viewing pleasure:

he’s cute.




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