I’m crazy over blazers (on ladies and the gents, too), but am dying over this particular color.

Emerald green & amethyst are my favorite jewel-tones.

Must own a similar version of this blazer ASAP! 

I’m also obsessed with this watch…

I’m definitely a watch-lover.  Brandon and I both are, actually.  

A great watch can make your overall look appear so much more sophisticated.

I feel absolutely incomplete without a watch on my wrist.  I will never be an “oh, I’ve got my cell phone to check the time” girl. 

This La Mer Vintage Oversized watch is gorgeous in black leather & rose gold.

It can be purchased here for $88. 

I’m loving the truth in this quote…

I adore this sweet children’s book & the concept behind it!

One of my readers let me know about this adorable book that her sister, Yana, wrote.  

Yana is a working mother of three & is contributing all of the book’s proceeds to different children’s charities.

This is very dear to my heart because I work for the development office at a children’s hospital & know first-hand about the power that donations have!

Check out the book here.

You can even view a preview of the first few pages! 

–and to close out this post…

How can you not love this picture?

Ahh! I could just eat them up with a spoon.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


first, third, and fifth photo via pinterest



  1. October 6, 2011 / 4:10 am

    Hi, I'm Michelle.
    I just wanted to stop by and say that I adore your blog!
    Hope you have a fabulous were.
    – Michelle

  2. October 6, 2011 / 1:30 pm

    I am a blazer addict too! That color is gorgeous!

  3. October 6, 2011 / 2:15 pm

    wow..that blazer is gorgeous especially in that color!!

  4. October 6, 2011 / 3:19 pm

    I saw a blazer similiar to the one you love at Anthro and almost bought it…but it was a coral/red color!

  5. October 6, 2011 / 4:46 pm

    That blazer is fabulous! Love the color! And I love that quote, it's perfect!

  6. October 6, 2011 / 6:00 pm

    I love the blazer too! Funny also because I just posted about Poppy Delevigne (the girl wearing it)! -e-

  7. October 6, 2011 / 6:11 pm

    i LOVE all your loves… especially the puppies! hehehe… they are so cute…

  8. October 6, 2011 / 7:27 pm

    Oh I obsess over blazers as well. Zara had some amazing colors before like that pink one that was floating around on Pinterest. I love the emerald one too 🙂

    that pup is adorable and makes me smile!

  9. October 6, 2011 / 7:28 pm

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. October 6, 2011 / 7:42 pm

    I love that quote. It's very true, even if we don't always see it at the time!


  11. October 6, 2011 / 7:48 pm

    OK so I'm commenting again like a dork b/c I'm trying to follow you and the box isn't popping up! 🙁 will try again tomorrow

  12. October 6, 2011 / 11:53 pm

    They had a blazer just like that one in the same color at Nordstrom! It was like $40! So I'd check there 🙂


  13. October 7, 2011 / 5:35 am

    OMG look at that puppy!!!!! I love your blog so much and need to get over here more…maybe you can come by and link up with me for Fashion Friday? Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

  14. October 7, 2011 / 7:14 pm

    Oh I am definitely swooning over that desk! I am in need of a wonderful workstation!

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