I have been all about Pinterest lately. I get in bed, wait for Brandon to fall asleep, turn on the ipad, and literally pin until my eyes get so heavy that I can’t hold them open anymore. But one thing I always forget to do is to go back and look at things I’ve already pinned! Does anyone else just keep pinning but forget to look back at your own, too? So I thought I would go back through my recent pins and share the ones I love the most. Random thought, but if someone didn’t know what Pinterest was, then this whole paragraph would make zero sense at all. “I looked back through my recent pins.” “I pin until I go to sleep” People would be like, “What in the world does this girl do with pins!?” Except everyone in this planet probably knows what Pinterest is, so there goes that. Just a thought! 

Follow me on pinterest. You know, if you want. 

Also, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale started today! This is the sale of all sales—and the perfect time to stock up on fall styles, beauty products, and accessories. If you are a Nordstrom Rewards member, you can shop early now! Or you can become one here. If not, totally ok (I’m not either!). The rest of us just have to wait until the 17th to buy, but you can still look now and plan your shopping list! 


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