It has been a pretty exciting couple of weeks on the baby front. For one, I finally have a real deal, noticeable baby bump! Pretty pumped about it. It came out of nowhere a day or two before I hit the 17 week mark …and it has not slowed down since. 

How far along? 18 weeks + 2 days

Baby’s size? The size of a sweet potato! 

Total weight gain/loss: About 8 pounds. 

This is at 17 weeks when my baby bump first started showing up!
18 weeks. See how it popped!

Maternity clothes? Got my first maternity item because my jeans aren’t buttoning anymore. These jeans are 

Sleep: Normal, but now that I have a bit of a bump, I can feel a little pressure when I sleep on my side. My sweet friend got me this boppy wedge and it has worked wonders! I just wedge it in between the side of my belly and the bed. 

Best moment since the last update: Our crib came in, our crib came in! Don’t worry, I will share some photos in a second. Y’all I can’t even explain how happy having it here makes me. I knew from the start of my pregnancy that I wanted a crib that was different. Not the typical wooden one, but something that makes a statement. That said, I’m smitten over so many wooden cribs and love them so much… but I just couldn’t let my vision go! 

After hours of pinning and internet searching, I kept stumbling on a company called Bratt Decor. These iron cribs I kept spotting just totally got me and every single one I loved was by this brand. Bratt Decor makes tons of items—basically everything you need for a beautiful nursery from the furniture to the bedding, to the decor. 

A few things I love about this brand:

  • Their website has a free design board you can use to see your nursery vision come to life. 
  • They have free returns on cribs! This is huge because ordering big ticket items online is hard and overwhelming. 
  • Have you looked at their furniture? It’s gorgeous and different. I love that.

So, back to our baby and where he will lay his sweet little head. I knew that boy or girl, I wanted a cast iron crib. I showed a photo to Brandon one night, expecting him to say it was too “frou frou,” but he loved it as much as I did. So that was that. This is it …the Joy Canopy Crib in Distressed Black. 

You can remove the canopy posts off the top to make it look like this:

…or you can remove the four poster sides completely! It also comes in white, gold, and pewter, but I was so drawn to the statement the black makes. I’m going to share a nursery mood board hopefully next week showing how I plan on styling this crib. I know I want to pair it with lots of white, a few hints of coastal decor, and finish it off with some modern touches. It’s of course a work in progress and my eye for the nursery design will probably shift some, but I know this crib will be the central focus for the rest of the room. I am in love! 

More on the crib and nursery soon, but this is where we have it now (in my office). You know how we have our house listed, right? So it’s just kind of in here temporarily. Yes, I made Brandon put it together knowing it will have to be disassembled and re-boxed soon.

Movement: None yet. Random, but did any of you experience a change in your animal’s behavior when you were pregnant? I swear Winston knew from the very beginning. He always has to lay his head on my belly. 

Food cravings: Nothing really, but what I’ve really missed this week is that amazing salad from California Dreaming …the one with the shredded ham and turkey on it. I know I’m not supposed to have deli meat, so I’ve passed on it. But it would be so good right now! 

Feeling? SO much better. Headaches have become farther and fewer between and my energy is finally back up …almost like normal. 

Baby Goodies Acquired: He has his first clothes! I bought the items below from GAP. They are the softest, sweetest things. 

blanket  |  onesies  |  blue pants  |  striped pants

And as for the other items you’re seeing below… my mom and I went a little wild in Janie and Jack. They were having a great end of season sale, so Baby Boy stocked up!

linking what’s still available: khaki shortalls (upper left)  |   striped overall and matching hat (upper right) |   puppy oxford onesie  and matching socks (far bottom right)  

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  1. November 4, 2015 / 1:49 pm

    Yay!!! I love seeing your pregnancy updates here!! And your bump is so tiny and precious!! I hope I look as good preggo as you do someday!

  2. November 4, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    That crib is gorgeous and so gender neutral, I love it! And those sweeeet baby boy clothes! Glad your energy came back around!!

  3. November 4, 2015 / 3:49 pm

    I had that CA Dreaming salad yesterday, it's so great! They have a mini version you can get without the deli meat to satisfy your craving.

  4. November 5, 2015 / 1:09 pm

    I craved California Dreamings salad when I was pregnant too, and non pregnant, it's so good! Order the house salad and ask for no ham. It's basically the same salad without the deli meat. And I too went on a Janie and Jack binge as soon as I found out I was having a boy! I can't wait till he can fit in them, he's still a little too small! You're looking great! Sometimes I miss the early days of pregnancy, it's such a fun exciting time!
    Ally – Life as I know it

  5. November 9, 2015 / 3:34 pm

    You crack me up with your "bump"! You're still so itty-bitty, but it is so exciting to start showing — yay!! I was looking through my TimeHop from 2014 a couple days ago and how I thought my 14-week pregnant bump was so enormous. I used to stick my stomach out as far as I possibly could to look more pregnant than "I just ate a burrito!". And then 22 – 24 weeks happened and I didn't have to stick it out anymore, haha.
    My animals (two cats) definitely sensed when I was pregnant from Day One! They used to constantly curl up by the bump and always had to be near me. Then when I had Lilly, they kept their distance and pretty much ignored me & the baby for close to 5 – 6 months. They're finally starting to be more friendly and sniff the baby / rub up against her. But it definitely threw me off considering how much they adored her in utero!
    I love love love that crib!! So unique and beautiful. I love the four posters and canopy — are you planning to keep them up? I also ADORE Janie & Jack — good Lord. I need to find some consigned pieces or a good sale — their stuff is so gorgeous and high-quality. Maybe if I resign myself to just do a lot of laundry I can invest in a couple of pieces per size and have my little girl look darling in a just-J&J wardrobe:) Can you get the deli meat heated up and put back on the salad so you can have it?

    Love the updates!!

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