Fell in love with a new face mask. And yes, here I am putting my dark circles and all on display! Sheesh. Do love the mask a lot. Anything that promises to clear out my pores and make my skin all glowy has me at hello. And this was my first time trying a mask brush—I normally just use my fingers. Well, the verdict is in… the brush is where it’s at, folks. 

Bare Minerals Dirty Detox Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask

& Skinsorials Mask Essentials (kit comes with brush and a special cloth!)

Weekend treats. We were passing the “hot now” sign and made a u-turn at the next light. I mean, sort of hard to resist!!

I just love this boy. Having him in this Solly wrap just feels so right. And, ya know, it allows me to do the dishes and stuff when he just wants to be held.

Solly Baby Natural & Grey Stripe Wrap

Saturday strollin’. I’m wearing The Great Camper dress and it’s on sale in a couple different places: here and here. I got these shoes a couple years ago, but a few that are similar are these, these, and these (love those, actually!!). Carrying my old standby bag and this one is really similar.

Turns out, my Marquin Designs painting was the perfect little piece to fill in that blank space in our dining room. 

Look at this big boy! We got the 4Moms High Chair and finally put it together this weekend. In my opinion, it was a little pricey for something that’s just going to get covered in sweet potatoes, but we love the clip-off tray cover, the magnetic tray, and the sleek design of the whole thing. We figured that a high chair is just as important as any other furniture in our house because it’s going to be out in plain sight for the next 5+ years if we bring other kiddos into the family. So, we went for it. We haven’t started Watson on solids yet, but he’s ready!

Capped the weekend at Jeni’s with my in-laws. The Atlantic Beach Pie was awesome.

Oh, something fun! My friend from middle/high school started a blog and youtube channel where she posts really amazing, fun makeup tutorials. I discovered it last night and watched all three of the videos she has up so far. It makes me laugh to just picture myself doing bold makeup like this. I think I would have eyeshadow and glitter falling down on my cheeks, but she definitely makes it look easy. Anyway, she is super talented, so check it out here!



  1. September 19, 2016 / 12:15 pm

    He is such a little cutie!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. January 10, 2017 / 6:58 pm

    Are you still happy with your high chair? My son is 8 months and I am not happy with the chair I purchased. I am looking for something that looks nice and is easy to clean.

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