I was at my parents’ house with Watson this day last week (while Brandon worked on a renovation project at home) when we started hearing more and more about Hurricane Matthew. By Tuesday morning, our governor shared that a third of our state would need to evacuate because the storm was going to cross our path over the weekend. So the very next morning, Brandon came to get Watson and me and we headed to the upstate to stay with our friends. Normally we probably would have waited it out a bit to see if we really needed to evacuate, but since we now have Watson, we just wanted to get somewhere safe and take zero chances—so that’s why we left first thing Wednesday morning. We’re thankful for our friends who let us randomly crash with them for four nights!! 

Leading up to Hurricane Matthew’s arrival, we were projected to have 100mph winds, but the storm weakened considerably and we got very lucky. I’m so sad for the areas that have extreme devastation—especially Haiti and so many areas in Cuba, Bahamas, Florida, North Carolina, and my beloved SC. Images I’ve seen of familiar places are unrecognizable and it makes my heart hurt. Our house was spared to say the least and I’m really counting my blessings. My parents are still without power, but it’s been amazing to see how quickly the linemen have gotten our state up and running so quickly. (There were over 800K people without power initially.)

Images of the Hilton Head area and of the Myrtle Beach area are actually much worse than what we’ve seen in Charleston. Again, just got very lucky this time. My thoughts and prayers are with any of you that were effected by this storm! It was a whirlwind.

So back to our evacuation…. We went for walks, went to Clemson, visited Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina, went to a brewery in Travelers Rest, shopped, watched the Clemson game, enjoyed some wine, sat outside in the gorgeous weather… we had a great time! 

Cody & Drew have a baby boy who is one month older than Watson, so it was really fun to see them “play” together.
Watson in his KidCo Go Pod—it’s the greatest thing. Just pop it up anywhere and it has loops to attach toys, too.

Sidewall Pizza Co in Travelers Rest was amazing. I’m really not a huge salad lover, but this may have been the best one I’ve ever had! I mean, candied nuts, goat cheese, and fresh mountain apples? YUM. (Don’t worry, I got pizza too.)
This photo and all below are at Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC.
We had to climb up in the trees to the very top to get the apples!

I’m wearing this J. Crew Jacket (30% off right now), these glasses, a striped top similar to this one , old j. crew pants like these, and old gap loafers similar to these!
 We LOVED Sky Top Orchard, but I think what we loved the most was seeing Watson’s face light up the whole time we were there. 


  1. October 10, 2016 / 4:35 pm

    He can't possibly get any cuter! That face! My grandparents used to live in Flat Rock and it was my favorite place to go this time of year! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. October 11, 2016 / 12:32 am

    So glad you guys were okay!

    Her Heartland Soul

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