We’re getting some family photos done next weekend to use for Christmas cards and it got me thinking… it’s hard to come up with the perfect outfits for everybody—especially when you are coordinating with kiddos! I’ve done a lot of searching on Pinterest and have some thoughts about the whole deal. So here goes: How to look awesome in holiday photos without being all cheeseball! (You know the photos I’m talking about.)

*You’ll see in the text, but all three photos are DO’S! *

Don’t be too matchy-matchy. I love, love buffalo check plaid and sequins and know how easy it is to get carried away! I think the way to coordinate without it being over-kill is to share similar colors and prints, but in subtle ways.

This family did it so right! It’s still festive, but not too much. I love how the mom and son coordinate with the buffalo check—and the dad and daughter both share shades of blue and cream. Note: not everyone is wearing the same print and colors.


Here’s another example of a family who did it right. The mom and baby both have shades of cream and blush—and Daddy is in a solid, soft blue chambray with darker blush pants. Each outfit complements the other, but it’s not too much of a good thing.


Wear something “you.” Don’t try out new trends just for photo’s sake. Wear something that reflects your personality and is an outfit you really feel like yourself while wearing. Here’s how it was done right in the photo below: I think her long sequin dress tells us that this couple was going for a “fancier” vibe, but it still looks fairly casual and true to self. I think if he was wearing some sort of tuxedo or suit (something to truly match the sequin gown) it would have a less authentic vibe. But hey, if wearing a suit is something he loves to do and it’s “him,” then wear that suit! But in their case, I love how he is slightly more relaxed, really letting her shine! Even though she’s in sequins, the neutral color keeps it understated. And can we talk about how sweet the baby’s outfit is? Precious.


I love how Emily’s family below is so casual. It’s like, “Hey, this is our life in our typical weekend clothes… but look at us just being all beautiful!” 


Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with wearing what’s authentically “YOU.”

Think props, not totally staged. If there are too many props and “things” around just for the staging, it couullld be borderline cheesy. Hey! Sometimes we all go for cheesy though. I don’t know, I kind of love it, but I really love how this photo below is themed with a simple prop, without looking staged at all.


Here are some great pieces for the whole family from GAP—all 40% off right now with code CHILL, ending tonight! I’m ordering this vest and this sweater! (PS. did you catch weekend style deals over the weekend?)

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  1. November 8, 2016 / 2:44 pm

    I love this!!!! The family with the mom in the sequin dress is definitely my favorite — love that juxtaposition and how it works so well all together without being too fancy. (Next year?!)

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